We offer the best borescope, videoscopes, pipe cameras, crawlers, and confined space inspection equipment at good prices.

Pipe and Duct Cameras

Our company supplies two main product groups in this category:
1) Industrial-grade pipe inspection equipment and tools for professionals.
2) A line of pipe inspection cameras for consumers.
Pipe Inspection Camera Head

Borescope cameras

Remote visual inspection requires a wide variety of equipment with different specifications. If your work requires one of these and you are serious about performing your inspections, you should really consider a professional borescope camera
Borescope Camera with Measurement and HD Image Resolution


Our rigid borescopes are computer designed and they use rod lens optics to achieve crystal clear image quality. Available in diameters from 1.8mm, lengths up to 60 cm and 0, 30, 70, 90 and 110 degrees directions of view.
Borescope with LED Light Source

Pipe robots and Drones

Designed with performance and reliability in mind, these robotic cameras can operate in the world's toughest environments. As a result, we supply these to a wide variety of industries throughout the world, where human access is hazardous or impossible, due to confined entry, or spaces.
Industrial Pipe Crawler for Robotic Inspections

Pole cameras

Pole-mounted cameras are an indispensable tool used in many areas of remote visual inspections. They typically consist of a camera head, an extendable pole and an imaging hub. We offer a range of portable systems to help personnel safely and effectively inspect confined spaces without physically entering the area.
Inspection Pole Camera with Zoom and Remote Angulation

Industrial videoscopes

The most significant difference between professional industrial video borescopes and any of the cheap inspection cameras is that the professional industrial systems are built to use in harsh environments on a regular basis.
Industrial Videoscope with a High Resolution Camera and High Definition Monitor
Need an industrial video borescope to match your inspection needs? Spend a few minutes with our technical sales specialists: their years of experience finding solutions can help you find the most efficient inspection tool to achieve the results you want, for the budget you need.
Industrial Videoscope Handle with Insertion Probe
Looking for a camera to inspect large-diameter pipes and confined spaces?
Confined Space Inspection Drone
Cost-effective, industry-leading drone helps you conduct the same inspections of confined spaces for less money and time. Suitable for visual inspections of tanks, vessels, building structures, and large diameter gas, oil, storm and sewer pipes.