Video Borescope ORION with Interchangeable Insertion Probes
The ORION portable video borescope is small in size, ergonomic and features a wide scope of advanced imaging characteristics. Thanks to its modular design depending on your application the handheld monitor can be coupled with a variety of interchangeable video insertion probes which include extra flexible, long range, flexible with tip articulation and rigid with tip articulation


Handheld X56 Monitor

X56 Video Borescope Monitor with 3.5" Color LCD Display
  • 3.5" Color LCD Display: 720x640 pixels
  • Grid, Mirror Options
  • Digital Zoom In/Out
  • Image(JPEG) /Video (MPEG4) File Capture to an SD Card
  • AV output (PAL/NTSC selectable)
  • Microphone
  • USB port (1.1/20.) to transfer data to PC
+ Full Specifications
— LCD Display Size: 3.5"
— LCD Display Resolution: 720(H)x640(V)
— Interface: Mini USB 1.1/ TV out/ Built-in Mic
— Video: MPG4 (saved as AVI)
— Still Images: JPEG
— TV System: NTSC & PAL
— Power:DC5V
— Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (3.7V)
— Languages: 17
— Mini tripod and magnet for the base

Compatible Video Insertion Probes

Flexible (No Articulation)
  • Ø 2.8mm (0.110") to 16mm (0.629")
  • Working Lengths from 1 meter (3.3') up to 30 meters (98')
  • Super Flexible Version Available
  • Variable Intensity LED Illumination
Flex-and-Stay (No Articulation)
  • Ø 5.8mm (0.230") to 16mm (0.629")
  • Working Lengths from 1 meter (3.3') up to 10 meters (33')
  • Flexible Gooseneck Manually Positional Probe
  • Variable Intensity LED Illumination
Flexible 2-way Articulating
  • Ø 2.8mm (0.110") to 5.5mm (0.22")
  • Working Lengths from 1 meter (3.3') up to 10 meters (33')
  • 2-way Tip Articulation
  • Super Flexible Version Available
Rigid 2-way Articulating
  • Ø 3.9mm (0.15") to 5.5mm (0.22")
  • Working Lengths from 0.3 meters (11.8") to 0.7 meters (27.5")
  • 2-way Articulation Tip
  • Side View Version Available
+ Full Specifications
– Insertion probes
– Diameter: 2.8mm (0.11") to 16mm (0.629")
– Length: 300 mm (11.8") to 30 meters (98.4 ft)
– No articulation / 2-way articulating
– CMOS Resolution: 400,000 for 3.5mm / 450,000 pixels for 5.5mm
– Field of View (FOV) : 90°
– Direction of view (DOV): 0°, 90°, 0° with tip articulation
– Focal range: 10mm-50mm / 7mm (for side view probes)
– Ingress Protection: IP 67
– Light Source: LED lights adjustable
– Probe Working Temperature: -20° to 60° C

In the Box

Videoscope Unit
Battery Charger
USB cable
Insertion Probe
SD card
User's manual
Tell us about your application and we will recommend you the right tool to do the job!
Video Borescope ORION Different Types of Imaging Tips


Borescope Camera ORION: Small Pipe Inspection Footage
Video Borescope ORION with 2.8mm Probe Inspection Footage

Questions and Answers

If the probe tip gets scratched (small glass lens in front camera) during normal use, is it possible to simply change the tip, or do we have to buy a complete cable kit?
Written by Olivier Jacob
It's a great question Olivier, thank you! Unfortunately, if you happen to scratch or break the lens tip you will need to replace a whole probe. Good news though they are not expensive. Please contact our sales team if you need further assistance with your order.

What is the hottest and highest pressure environment the probe tip can be subjected to? For example, steam pressure at 120°C.
Written by Dan
This particular unit video borescope Orion|Strahl line can withstand up to 50°C heat.
And it can not go higher than IP67.
We also have professional video scopes you can use on higher temperatures up to 80°C.
You can go even higher provided it's exposed to heat for no longer than 5 minutes.
Those are iRis 7 and iLED industrial videoscopes.
I was wondering if I can demo your ORION video borescope 5.5mm with a 90* mirror tip? Thank you for your help.
Written by J.R. Martin
Hi Jason, we thank you for your question.

Yes, absolutely, we have a 90° screw-on mirrors for 5.5 ORION tips and this product is available for immediate demo. One of our sales reps will be in contact with you shortly with terms and paperwork
Do you have a demo program?
Written by L Lares
Yes, you can demo our products provided they are in stock. One of our sales reps. will contact you shortly to assist you with that.
What is the repair policy? What if I break the tip?
Written by C. A. Parker
All our products come with at least one year of limited warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, not misuse.

All warranty claims are assessed on a case by case basis, but physical damage (such as breaking the tip) is, generally speaking, not covered by the warranty.
Does the ORION-R 360 degree 2-way Articulating Video borescope come with a rigid storage case, and what type of warranty comes with this unit??

Written by Bill
Our 360 degree 2-way Articulating Video borescope as all our other products comes with a one year limited warranty.

Rigel is shipped in a hard plastic storage/carrying case.
I need a probe similar to the ORION 360 degree 2-way Articulating Video borescope that can extend to 20 '. Can you recommend a model..
Written by Fred
We would recommend one of our VOYAGER articulating videoscopes.

The probe length is up to 32.8'.
Is the articulating portion of the insertion probe 5.5 mm in diameter or is it slightly larger? Also are there any other tip configurations available that will fit the monitor, in addition to the one supplied?
Written by John
The articulation portion of the probe is 5.5mm in diameter.

There's a TV Out port on the handheld monitor so you can hook it up to a bigger screen if needed.
Can you buy the replacement cable for the ORION 360 borescope?
Written by SUSAN
Certainly. You can buy replacement probes of different lengths and diameters for all configurations of ORION video borescope.

Do you have any questions?

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The System Full Description

The ORION Video Borescope is a multi-purpose, portable, handheld device built to meet harsh requirements of everyday modern visual inspections. It is durable enough to withstand the rigors and bumps of routine operations, yet light and portable, making it easy for operators to work with, in most confined spaces.

These video borescopes are available with articulating and non-articulating flexible, flex-and-stay and rigid configurations of various diameters, lengths, and directions of view (DOF) to help you reach difficult spots or navigate bends and obstacles in the various pipes. The insertion probes range from 2.8mm (0.110") to 16mm (0.629") in diameter, and are all water-, oil-, diesel-, gasoline- proof (IP 67). The CMOS camera chips are faster and more sensitive than any current generic products on the market. Insertion probes with 2-way tip articulation in each direction allow thorough examinations of areas of interest. Angulation lock helps to hold the tip in a desirable position up to 180 degrees in each direction.

Super bright LED lights provide brilliant illumination, virtually eliminating glare when inspecting reflective or metallic surfaces. Light intensity can be manually adjusted depending on the lighting conditions.

The new X56 video borescope monitor base features a 3.5" color LCD monitor with 720x640 pixel resolution and a compact, light weight, easy to hold design. These monitors are ergonomic, and come with a tripod and magnet attachment to make positioning on different job sites incredibly easy. The monitor also features digital enhancements like a grid, mirror image, brightness and contrast control, and an 8x zoom, to inspect problem areas in greater detail. There is also an SD memory card included to capture images and video, this is hidden behind protective rubber bumpers of the monitor. The right side of the monitor also houses the power connection, USB connection to transfer files, and TV output, to view live images on a larger monitor, so clients or colleagues can review and discuss. With the protective bumper in place this monitor is splash proof. The X56 offers intuitive operation regardless of the operator's level of expertise, with large buttons, and user-friendly menus.

Optional accessories include mirror tips for different angles of view, and various probe lengths up to 30 meters (98').
A rechargeable LI-polymer battery provides up to 3 hours of continuous video capture on a full charge, and requires only 2 hours to fully charge. With such a compact, portable design, ergonomic rubber handle, and anti-slip grip, the ORION Video Borescope ensures safe and intuitive inspections.