Pipe Robot in Rental Configuration for Sewer Inspection
We ship across North America. Get your job completed on time and on budget. We carry a full lineup of the industry's most demanded borescopes and sewer cameras for rental.

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Rental Questions and Answers

What borescope and pipe camera do you offer for rent?

There is a list of the available rental equipment, including sewer cameras, pole-mounted zoom cameras, videosopes, and pipe crawlers on our website, if you have any questions about our equipment feel free to contact one of our product specialists at 1-800-239-9934, and they can help you find the right product for your needs.

When is the beginning and end of the rental period?

The rental period begins the day you receive the equipment and ends the day you ship it back to us.

Can I reserve equipment for rental ahead of time?

Please contact us and one of our customer service reps will be happy to help you get the equipment that you need when you need it.

Do you require that someone sign for the package when it is delivered?

Yes, we ship via courier and someone should be available to receive the package when it arrives.

When shipping rental equipment which carrier do you use?

We use UPS and FedEx but we can ship through a courier that you have an account with if you would prefer. Please let us know if you have a shipping preference when placing a rental order.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Typically it takes 1-2 business days for orders to be delivered if the requested equipment is in stock. You can contact our customer service dept and they can give you a specific estimate on the shipping time of the product you are interested in renting.

Do you ship outside of Canada, or the United States?

At this time we Do Not ship rental equipment outside of Canada or the United States, we do offer international shipping on purchase orders and we are working on a rental program for international customers.

How much will it cost to ship my rental order?

The shipping costs are dependent on the size of the package being shipped and where it is being shipped to; please contact a Customer Service rep to get a quote for the price to ship to your location.

Who covers the cost of shipping?

The cost of shipping is covered by the customer. If you have an account with a carrier we can ship using your account. We will work with you to ensure you get the best shipping rate when renting equipment from us.

Is there a security deposit required when renting?

We do not require a deposit on rental equipment, there is just the predetermined rental fee. We do ask you to sign an agreement stating that if the equipment is damaged or broken during the rental period you will cover the repair costs.

What condition will the equipment I rent arrive in?

You will receive the equipment in good working condition. We test each unit we ship before we ship it and immediately after we receive it from you.

What comes with the equipment I rent?

Usually, all accessories that would be sold with a unit regularly will be included with the rental unit. If you have any questions about what comes with equipment you are renting please contact our Customer Service Reps.

When will I see charges on my credit card?

Your credit card will be charged the day the unit is shipped out to you.

When I am done with the equipment how do I return it to Medit Inc./Strahl LLC?

Please ship the equipment back to us via a courier service, preferably an express service, of your choice. We also need a tracking number to ensure the rental equipment has been returned on time.

What if I need the equipment longer than I expected?

Please call us and we can discuss extending the length of the rental service to best meet your needs.

What is any of the equipment is damaged while I am using it?

Unfortunately, accidents do happen; if any equipment is damaged during the rental period you are responsible for covering the repair costs.

Do you have a protection or insurance plan?

We do not have an insurance program at this time. Please be careful when using any rental equipment, and be aware you are responsible for any damage to the units during the rental period. However, you can use any third-party insurance company for your rental period.
Need advice? Talk to our technical consultants, who are well versed in this subject. They will answer your questions about rental equipment and help you find the best solution for your needs.
Sewer Pipe Camera HATHORN M7