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We show you how to use different video scopes for different applications and do equipment reviews. We provide a wide variety of instructional videos on all types of remote visual inspection (NDT) scopes including video scopes, pipe cameras, sewer and drainage cameras, fiberscopes, and micro boroscopes.

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Pipe Camera ANACONDA
The ANACONDA pipe camera can be used to thoroughly inspect ducts, sewer networks, and other pipelines with diameters from 3" to 20" in diameter. The system provides HD image quality and great observations of the inspection area with Pan-and-Tilt or Dual View camera heads and flexible drop or push style insertion probes


Anaconda Pan and Tilt Camera Duct Inspection
Anaconda Pipe Camera Duct Inspection Footage
Quick Guide to Anaconda Pan and Tilt Camera
HVAC Inspection with a Rotatable Camera Anaconda
Sewer Camera HATHORN Full Set
Hathorn® Sewer Cameras are Municipal Grade, proudly designed and manufactured in North America. They have butt-welded steel frame construction, stainless steel camera heads and your choice of push rod cable which allows you to push up to 500ft / 150m and remain in the field longer with its legendary reliability. The DuraSCOPE™ camera reels are trusted by plumbers, municipalities, general contractors, home inspectors, petrochemical companies, and mining engineers to deliver a high definition, recordable video inspection every time these sewer line cameras are used


Drain Scope Camera Passing Through 90-degrees Elbow in 1.5" PVC Pipe
HATHORN Sewer Camera with 1.4" Head Inspection Footage
HATHORN Drain Scope Sample Video Footage
HATHORN Sewer Camera with 1.68" Camera head: A Lateral Inspection
WiFi Sewer Camera HATHORN Full Set with a Tablet
Hathorn® WiFi DuraSCOPE™ Sewer Cameras are designed and manufactured in North America and are suitable for the toughest applications in the industry. Butt-welded steel frame construction, stainless steel camera heads and your choice of push rod size allow you to push up to 400ft / 120m while remaining in the field longer with their legendary reliability. The Wi-Fi DuraSCOPE™ sewer camera reels offer the convenience of streaming video inspections to your Apple or Android mobile device using the PipeSTREAM™ app! Take screenshots, overlay voice commentary and share videos with up to four devices.


HATHORN WiFi Sewer Camera Tutorial
HATHORN Sewer Camera with 1.4" Head Inspection Footage
Drain Camera with Portable Monitor and Stand-alone Push Cable Reel
DRAIN CAMERA VIPER portable drain camera is a cost-effective set designed to deliver high-quality inspections of sewers, building ducts/piping, wells, chimneys, and power plants


Pipe Camera VIPER On-site footage from Colombia
Clogged Weeping Tile Inspection: VIPER Push Camera
How To Set Up the VIPER-ADV Inspection Camera Push Cable
How To Inspect a Sewer with A Viper Drain Camera
Toilet Inspection with A Viper Push Camera
Viper Drain Camera Quick Guide
Image Capture Sample: Clogged Weeping Tile
Image Capture Sample: Weeping Tile to Clay Pipe Connection
Image Capture Sample: Weeping Tile
Plumbing Camera MiniFlex From Camtronics Portable Set
The MiniFlex Plumbing Camera is the best and only device you will ever need for small diameter pipe inspections. This is an all-in-one inspection system that is specially designed for extremely tight bends and traps.


Plumbing Camera MiniFlex Passing Through Multiple Bends in PVC Pipes
Plumber's Camera MiniFlex Introduction at the WWETT Show
The New Version of MiniFlex Plumbing Camera VS the Older Version Pros and Cons
Trial Run with a MiniFlex Plumbing Camera | Flexible Push Camera
MiniFlex Plumbing Camera from Camtronics in a 3" Pipes | Field Test
Passing Ability of the MiniFlex Plumbing Camera
Well Camera with Waterproof HD Camera Head
The STRAHL HD Downhole Well Camera is a great combination of modern technology and affordable pricing. Designed for a wide range of underground and underwater applications, this camera allows users to expand the range of their inspections with minimal investment. The borehole camera permits confirmation of stratigraphy, groundwater inflow zones, assessment of conditions of the well bore, casing, pumping system, presence or absence of corrosion, bacterial growths or foreign objects, and influx of gases.


Shaft Inspection with a STRAHL HD Well Inspection Camera
Full Introduction to STRAHL HD Well Inspection Camera
The TROGLOPROBE PRO pipe inspection camera features an industrial-grade design suitable for tough environments. These units are the best solution to inspect wet areas since the complete system is waterproof and can work in torrential rain. With a range of interchangeable camera heads (1", 2" and 2.4" Pan & Tilt) the TROGLOPROBE PRO pipe camera is an ideal choice for municipalities, inspections of sewer and duct lines, oil rigs, dam inspections, bridge or boat inspections.


Trogloprobe Push Camera Introduction
Maintaining a Pipe Camera Trogloprobe
Inspection Footage with a Trogloprobe Pan and Tilt Camera
Trogloprobe Pan and Tilt Camera Full Introduction
This cost-effective, industry-leading drone will help you to perform the same confined space inspections for less money. It can be successfully used for visual inspections of tanks, vessels, building structures, large-diameter gas, oil, storm, and wastewater sewer pipes.

Built on the trusted DJI platform, the LUMICOPTER provides an unparalleled 150-degree wide-angle view, 4K image resolution, and superb 4000 Lumens LED illumination.

The circular protective cage is made of carbon fiber and nylon and enables the drone to roll around tight corners and absorb excess energy in the case of side collisions.

LUMICOPTER Confined Space Inspection Drone

The STORMER S3000 Pipe Crawler is an all-in-one device used to inspect pipelines in diameters from 150 to 1000 mm (6" - 40"). It is manufactured in England and features a dependable, sturdy design offering users the ultimate inspection experience and true portability. As of today, this unit is one of the most efficient, easy-to-use and affordable pipe crawlers on the market.


Pipe Inspection Footage with a Stormer Robot Crawler
Pipe Crawler Stormer S3000 Inspection Footage
Pipe Crawler Stormer Inspection of a 12 Inch Cast Iron Pipe
Stormer Pipe Crawler Inspection Footage
Advanced Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD with a Control Post, Electric Winch and Tractor
The SIGMA HD advanced pipe crawler is an extremely reliable, expertly designed, steerable pipe inspection robot that is loaded with great features. These units are one of the most advanced and affordable crawlers which can be used to inspect stormwater lines, sewer drainage and construction areas, duct work, pipe/gas lines, and industrial sites. This is perfectly suited to use in straight runs from 8" up to full inspections in 9.8 ft diameters, and lengths up to 1640 ft. thanks to their modular design


Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD Test Drive
Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD Test Drive 2
Sewer Crawler TROGLOTREK Portable Set
Welcome to the future with this steerable, zero-emissions, portable, battery-powered TROGLOTREK Sewer Crawler. This robot is one of the smallest options on the market, able to inspect straight 4" (100mm) pipes, and light enough for a single operator to pick it up, transfer it to a jobsite, run the inspection on battery power with no additional cables, generators or inverters, and carry it back. This crawler can be efficiently used in pipes up to 39" (1,000mm) in diameter.


Troglotrek Pipe Crawler Full Introduction
Special Add-ons for Troglotrek Pipe Crawler
Quick Assembly of the Troglotrek Portable Sewer Crawler
Inspection Footage from Troglotrek Pipe Crawler
Culvert Inspection with a Troglotrek Portable Pipe Crawler
Introduction to Troglotrek Pipe Crawler
Handheld Industrial Videoscope IRIS PRO
The IRIS PRO Video Borescopes are made in the US and encompass all the advantages of the best videoscopes in the industry. These were designed by professionals for professionals, with all the features of their class. They are specially designed to allow for quick inspections of turbines (compressor and hot section), pipes and tubes (welds, food processing, pharmaceutical), metal castings (blockages and cross holes), and many others.


Iris 7 Pro Inspection of a Engine Block
Iris Pro Videoscope Inspection Footage
The XLED PRO digital borescopes are professional inspection devices, with micro diameter camera heads, 2- or 4-way tip movement, clear high-resolution images, and multiple connection options. These units are designed to offer great value with a perfect price to performance ratio.


Explosion Proof Borescope Camera in Ready-to-Use Setup
The VIDEOSCOPE XT is a truly industrial-grade borescope camera that has been designed for hazardous environments. This US-made inspection system has been tested and certified under MIL-STD 810G method 511.6 (explosive atmosphere) in accordance with UL standards for NFPA 70: class 1 division 2 requirements for hazardous locations. This borescope camera is also UL certified for Class I Division 2 hazardous locations. The system is Factory Mutual (FM) Compliant, CE Compliant, and built according to ISO 9001 standard.
This explosion-proof borescope camera is great for fuel tank inspections, police and military applications, customs and border protection, aviation and gas turbine, NDT, and power generation inspections.


Explosion Proof Borescope with 4mm Insertion Probe Inspection Video Sample
UL Class 1 Division 2 Certified Borescope Camera VIDEOSCOPE-XT Video Sample
Inspection Footage with a IRIS Explosion-Proof Videoscope
Weld Inspection with a IRIS DVRX Videoscope
Video Borescope ORION with Interchangeable Insertion Probes
The ORION portable video borescope is small in size, ergonomic and features a wide scope of advanced imaging characteristics. Thanks to its modular design depending on your application the handheld monitor can be coupled with a variety of interchangeable video insertion probes which include extra flexible, long range, flexible with tip articulation and rigid with tip articulation


Borescope Camera ORION: Small Pipe Inspection Footage
Video Borescope ORION with 2.8mm Probe Inspection Footage
ORION Borescope Camera : Inspection Footage
Metal Block Inspection with ORION Borescope Camera
Borescope Camera VOYAGER C40 with Joystick-type Articulation
The VOYAGER C40 Borescope Camera is one of the most affordable and versatile videoscopes you can get in the market these days. These units feature a joystick-controlled omnidirectional articulation and HD image quality.


Introduction to Voyager C40 Borescope Camera
Inspection Footage with a Voyager C40 Borescope Camera
Multi-purpose Borescope Camera Voyager C40
Voyager C40 Borescope Camera | Introduction
Weld Inspection with a Borescope Camera Voyager C40
Machined Tube Inspection with a Voyager C40 Borescope Camera
The VOYAGER C50 HD Videoscope is a high-end, easy-to-use, portable device with motorized joystick tip articulation, high definition image quality, and a large color monitor. These units are designed to offer great image resolution and longer probe lengths for a wide range of applications.


Pole Camera CYCLOPZ with HD Camera Head
These American-made industrial grade pole-mounted inspection cameras help personnel safely and effectively inspect confined spaces, or areas that are too dangerous for workers to physically enter. Inspections can be safely conducted in underground vaults, truck and rail tankers, manholes, and storage vessels – from outside the space, avoiding direct entry. These can also be used for tactical and customs inspections, as well as law enforcement


CYCLOPZ HD Pole-mounted Inspection Camera Intro
Tank Inspection with CYCLOPZ HD Pole Camera | Live Footage
Pole Camera CYCLOPZ with Standard Definition Zoom Camera Head
These American-made industrial grade pole-mounted inspection cameras help personnel safely and effectively inspect confined areas or areas that are too dangerous for workers to physically enter. Inspections can be safely conducted in underground vaults, truck and rail tankers, manholes, and storage vessels – from outside the space, avoiding direct entry.


CYCLOPZ SD Manhole Camera with 40x Optical Zoom | Intro
Articulating Pole Camera CYCLOPZ SD | Intro
Telescopic Pole Camera CYCLOPZ with 30x Optical Zoom | Quick Overview
CYCLOPZ Pole Camera Zoom Feature | Test Run
Rigid Borescope with Stainless Steel Body and High Resolution Optic
Our Rigid Borescopes are computer designed and manufactured to comply with up-to-date standards for a wide range of industrial applications. They are a cost-efficient tool of choice for inspections with a straight entry path that is not longer than 24 inches.


Borescope Camera ImagePRO-USB with 4mm Rigid Borescope Inspection Footage
Waterproof Borescope Light Source for Rigid Borescopes | Intro
Using a Rigid Borescope with a USB camera for Casting Inspection
Rigid Borescope Inspection Footage Sample of a Metal Block
The Super Thin Mini Borescopes are highly demanded devices used to inspect small openings and machined parts. Thanks to their German optics and fused pixels in the image bundle, these mini borescopes create a high-resolution image, which is bright, with sharp detail.


The UF Micro Borescopes are manufactured in the US, using densely-packed Japanese quartz fibres to compose the image bundle. They represent a premium line of super-thin flexible fiberscopes designed to access extremely small inspection areas, with diameters starting at just 0.37mm (0.0146").


The SPARK LED light sources are specially designed for growing demands in the NDT industry. They utilize a newly designed LED chip that is combined with a specialized focal lens to produce 15% more light intensity than the most powerful light sources in the class.


The ImagePRO USB and TV cameras are professional high-resolution video capturing devices that were specially designed to work perfectly with any optical borescope. The cameras are completely portable and ready-to-use, with an optical focusing coupler included. Both ImagePRO USB and TV cameras are made by MEDIT in Canada.


USB Micro Borescope Camera MICRON
The smallest videoscope, with a diameter from only 1.0mm (0.0394"), this micro video borescope has a flexible insertion tube, and is ideal to reach inside any extremely narrow or difficult to access areas.


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