Robotic Pipe Crawler with Lifted Camera head and Extension Wheels
Remotely operated robotic pipe crawlers are mostly used in lines starting with 4 inch diameters and more than 500 feet in length. Designed with performance and reliability in mind, these robotic cameras can operate in the world's toughest environments. As a result, we supply these to a wide variety of industries throughout the world, where human access is hazardous or impossible, due to confined entry, or spaces.

Long Range Pipe Cameras (Robotic Crawlers)

Pipe Robots Comparison Chart

We understand that choosing the right robotic pipe crawler for your application is a complex decision that depends on your goals, needs and budget. Get in touch with our team and we help you to find the best solution that will meet your requirements and expectations.
Portable Pipe Inspection Robot
Heavy-duty pipe crawlers preloaded with advanced features including Full HD cameras with optical zoom and image stabilization, pressure sensors, Inclinometer, gyroscope ability to plot the pipe and measure damages, ability to inspect extra-long distances and
Everything you need to perform a basic visual inspection of your infrastructure without spending big bucks. Commercial grade quality with valuable features including fully portable designs and the ability to navigate pipes as small as 4 inches.

Features of robotic pipe inspection

Get an access to confined spaces and hazardous areas
Ready in minutes. No need for dedicated truck
Modular design for easy maintenance and repair

Looking for a manhole camera to inspect a mainline?

Looking for a downhole well camera?

Downhole Well Cameras


Inspect pipelines with breathtaking precision at double the speed of a regular push camera, using one of the pipe robots. These remotely operated robotic inspection systems run further and navigate debris a lot better than standard sewer cameras in a variety of pipe diameters.
Interchangeable wheels and camera head risers make it possible to inspect pipes as small as 4" up to 120", with cable lengths that start at 820 feet. Much longer than any push camera. These inspection crawlers will breeze through your lines, delivering well-rounded, clear-cut images of objects of interest, featuring innovative optics and electronics, highly adjustable designs, and user-friendly software. You can examine these on-site or save them to review later.
All of the pipe robots have a monitor hub to view and document inspections, the ability to drive forward and backward, and a pan and tilt camera head to look side to side, up and down. Some units have advanced features including; steering, for large diameter pipes, a backup camera, to safely remove the tractor and navigate debris, HD camera chips with optical zoom, digital measurement, with the ability to plot the pipeline, and advanced battery cells for extremely remote inspection sites without access to power or generators.
All of these units are designed with performance and reliability in mind, to operate in some of the world's toughest environments.