Miniature Drain Camera with Smartphone Monitor
Drain cameras are easy-to-use systems that are suitable for inspecting smaller pipes and laterals. Our thoroughly selected range of drain inspection devices is designed to cover as many applications as possible, thanks to a variety of features and an extensive line of accessories. When you're looking to purchase a proper drain camera, consider these essential specifications; working length, range of pipe diameters, presence of bends and traps, inspection demands (wifi, sonde, suitable for harsh environments, type of camera head (straight or rotatable/pan-tilt)..

Drain Pipe Cameras

Short-range (up to 200ft.)
Long-range (up to 500ft.)
Super maneuverable
Portable systems to perform an inspection of smaller drains and ducts. Typically suitable for pipes 1.5" - 6" in diameter. Everything you need to inspect residential infrastructure.
Cost-effective drain cameras to cover long range inspections without using an expensive robotic crawler. These systems feature a thicker, stiffer push rod to ensure that they can cover longer distances. Typically suitable for pipes 4" - 12" in diameter.
Sometimes a drain camera has to be able to navigate through multiple bends or tricky traps. We offer two systems that will do this better than any others in their class. Due to patented technologies these will access areas that are inaccessible for regular cameras. Typically suitable for pipes 1.1" - 4" in diameter, with multiple bends.
We understand that choosing the right drain camera for your application is a complex decision that depends on your goals, needs and budget. Get in touch with our team, and we will help you to find the best solution that will meet your requirements and expectations.
Sewer Pipe Camera HATHORN M7 to Inspect Smaller Drains

Drain cameras

Due to their performance and affordability, drain cameras have recently moved from being a luxury to being a necessity for plumbers.

First, because they give operators a complete, clear picture of the problem area, eliminating the need for unnecessary costly excavating jobs or repairs.
Secondly, their applications are virtually limitless and include drains and pipes problems location and identification, such as blockages, leakages or tree roots; inspection and cleaning pipes in swimming pools; before and after pipe relining; preventative maintenance of pipes, drains and sewer lines and many more.

Lately, modern technology has made drain cameras even more versatile and lightweight. Even professional heavy-duty video devices are now highly portable and easy to use.
The drain camera's basic set of features includes a cable reel, a push rod (available in different lengths and diameters), and a camera at the tip of the insertion rod with integrated lights to illuminate the area of interest. More sophisticated models feature self-leveling or pan-and-tilt cameras, locating sondes, high-resolution cameras and monitors, rechargeable batteries, superb illumination, reporting software and many other options.

Looking for an extra long-range robotic camera system?

Pipe Crawlers
• To Inspect Pipes Ranging from Ø4" to 120"
• Cable Length up to 4900 feet
• AC or Battery driven
• Industrial grade