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Miniature Drain Camera with Smartphone Monitor
Drain cameras are easy-to-use systems that are suitable for inspecting smaller pipes and laterals. Our thoroughly selected range of drain inspection devices is designed to cover as many applications as possible, thanks to a variety of features and an extensive line of accessories. When you're looking to purchase a proper drain camera, consider these essential specifications; working length, range of pipe diameters, presence of bends and traps, inspection demands (wifi, sonde, suitable for harsh environments, type of camera head (straight or rotatable/pan-tilt)..

Drain Pipe Cameras

Portable systems to perform an inspection of smaller drains and ducts. Typically suitable for pipes 1.5" - 6" in diameter. Everything you need to inspect residential infrastructure.
Cost-effective drain cameras to cover long range inspections without using an expensive robotic crawler. These systems feature a thicker, stiffer push rod to ensure that they can cover longer distances. Typically suitable for pipes 4" - 12" in diameter.
Sometimes, a drain camera has to be able to navigate through multiple bends or tricky traps. We offer two systems that will do this better than any others in their class. Due to patented technologies, these will access areas that are inaccessible to regular cameras. Typically suitable for pipes 1.1" - 4" in diameter, with multiple bends.
We understand that choosing the right drain camera for your application is a complex decision that depends on your goals, needs and budget. Get in touch with our team, and we will help you to find the best solution that will meet your requirements and expectations.
Sewer Pipe Camera HATHORN to Inspect Smaller Drains
Drainage Snake Cameras to Inspect Sewer and Wastewater Lines for Sale

General Information About Drain Pipe Cameras

Drainage cameras are special equipment that plumbers and utilities use to inspect and clean pipes. A drain system is a long, thin cable with a small camera on the end that can be inserted into a pipe for its condition assessment and to find such problems as clogs or leaks, as well as for pipe cleaning and other types of maintenance.

Drain sewer camera give plumbers a clear view of issues inside pipelines, so they don't have to do unnecessary excavation and disassembly to fix them. These cameras are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to use and save time and money by avoiding costly repairs or digging up pipes.

Drain cams have different features such as different types of cable reels, different cable lengths for different distances, different types of lights and camera heads. In addition, more advanced systems may have additional features such as advanced reporting software, rotating/tilting camera head, robotic crawler platform, etc.

FAQ about drain pipe cameras

Are wastewater cameras worth buying?

Yes, they can help you see the insides of your sewer pipe and drain to detect problems such as clogs and cracks.
Drain cameras can be handy for those who work with plumbing or need to inspect drain pipes internally. They can help you see a pipe's issue without having to dig them out, which can save a lot of time and money. So if you need to inspect your sewer pipes, it's worth buying a drain camera.

Which drain inspection camera is the best?

There are many different brands and models of plumbing video inspection cameras, so it's hard to say which is best. It may depend on your budget, the type of pipes you need to inspect, and the features you want to see in the camera. But many of our customers like the VIPER, HATHORN, and ANACONDA sewer inspection camera models.

How do you use a drain camera?

You lower and insert a push cable with a camera head into a pipe or drain. Then you can see what's inside the pipe on a monitor connected to the insertion probe. You need to carefully guide the camera through the pipe, watching the screen. The inspection process can be recorded, and in some models supported with text or voice notes. You may also need to use special tools to remove clogs and debris you find.

How much does it cost to buy a drain camera?

The cost of a drain camera can vary greatly depending on the brand and features you choose. Some basic models can cost a few hundred dollars, while more advanced models can cost several thousand dollars. Again, it depends on the brand and features, but they can cost anywhere from $900 to over $15,000.

How much does it cost to rent a camera?

The cost of renting a drain inspection camera can vary depending on the specific camera you want to rent and the length of the rental period. To find the best deal, leave a request or give us a call. We will find the best solution for your needs and budget.
Remember, renting a drain camera may be more cost-effective in the short term, but buying a camera may be more cost-effective in the long run if you plan to use it frequently.

Looking for an extra long-range robotic camera system?

Pipe Crawlers
Pipe Crawler for Long Range Pipeline Inspection
• To Inspect Pipes Ranging from Ø4" to 120"
• Cable Length up to 4900 feet
• AC or Battery driven
• Industrial grade

Drainage Snake Cameras to Inspect Sewer and Wastewater Lines

Drainage pipe cameras are tools used for remote visual inspections in the plumbing industry. They can be equipped with cables of different lengths, diameters, and stiffness that can be moved around the bends of the pipe, allowing the operator to view and record the inside of the pipeline.

Drain pipe cameras or drain snake cameras are essential for inspecting sewer and drain lines. These cameras are a valuable tool for identifying potential problems in pipes, allowing for preventive maintenance and repairs.
The camera head is connected to a long cable, up to 500 feet long, which can be inserted into a drain or sewer pipe. The waterproof camera head is pushed through the line to observe a pipe condition. Additional skids of different diameters allow the camera to move around the pipe more easily and stay above the pipe bottom to get a better view of the inside.

The inspection cameras are available with a straight-view (axial) camera head, a self-leveling head designed to provide an always upright view, and a pan/tilt camera head for a maximized observation inside a pipeline. They also can feature many options, such as footage (meter) counter, a built-in sonde transmitter, data recording and storage, text and voice-over notes, and defect measurement.

The inspection camera should have a rugged and robust design suited for industrial applications.
The modern drainage inspection camera is equipped with color and high-resolution monitors. The large LCD screen allows the customer to view the live video in detail and check the condition of the pipes. More advanced systems have their displays protected with a clear plexiglass. In addition, some models have their monitors and keyboards sealed against heavy moisture or precipitations. For maximum portability, systems can be powered by a rechargeable battery with an option to be operated from a wall outlet.

The Drain Pipe Camera is a powerful and reliable tool for inspecting and maintaining sewer and drain lines. Purchasing a high-quality, waterproof, and heavy-duty drain pipe inspection camera with a 100-foot cable and up can be a valuable investment for industrial and municipal services and plumbers who work alone or for home use.
Drain Pipe Inspection Camera VIPER ADV review

Advantages of drainage pipe cameras

Drainage pipe cameras are a great way to assess the condition of a pipe quickly and can be used to diagnose blockages and other problems. They can also be used to detect pipe damage or obstruction, helping you identify potential repair needs before they become serious problems.
  • Drain Camera Screen
    Real-time video footage
    Providing a real-time video image of the inside of the pipe allows the operator to identify and diagnose any drainage and pipe problems accurately and timely. This is especially useful in cases where there are hidden or hard-to-reach areas of the drainage system, as the camera can provide a clear view without needing physical access.
  • Data Capture
    Record and save the inspection data
    Another advantage of drain inspection cameras is their ability to record and save the footage for later review. This is especially useful for documenting the condition of a sewer system for insurance purposes or for identifying the root cause of ongoing problems.
  • Contractor Worker Safety
    Drainage cameras are much safer than traditional pipe inspection methods because they eliminate the need for workers to penetrate the pipes physically. This reduces the risk of injury or accident and can improve overall safety at the job site.

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