Well Inspection Camera with Downhole Cable Reel and Waterproof Camera head
Well cameras are the tool of choice to perform remote visual inspection and downhole surveys of vertical bores, shafts, and water wells. These are commonly used for routine or post-service assessments, conditions evaluation and monitoring.

Well Inspection Cameras (Borehole and Downhole)

Maximize your productivity with the right well camera. Our technical sales specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the system that will be a proper fit for your application and budget.
Waterproof Borehole Camera Head

The typical well camera consists of a camera head, a winch with a flexible cable, and a control unit.

Well Camera head
The camera head has to be fully waterproof and metal housed. Extra bright LED illumination is a must since inspections are performed without access to a lot of ambient light. The well camera can have either one axial view imaging sensor, or two: with another chip for panning observation of the side walls
Well Camera Winch
The winch can be either manual, or motorized with a footage counter. The cable is reinforced with a high breaking strength, waterproof and flexible
Well Camera Control Box
The control unit provides you with a live color view of the inspection area, and the ability to capture and save data for further analysis. Additional features may include a keyboard to add comments to captured files, wifi function, temperature and direction readings, etc

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Pipe Crawlers
• To Inspect Pipes Ranging from Ø4" to 120"
• Cable Length up to 4900 feet
• AC or Battery driven
• Industrial grade


Well cameras are advanced, robust video devices engineered specifically to face severe mechanical and chemical challenges of bore inspections. They are high-pressure and watertight inspection devices, featuring innovative image sensors, high-output LED illumination, durable insertion cables, and intuitive interfaces, capable of conducting inspections in wells up to 1000 meters (3,200 ft.) deep in very poor light conditions.
Well camera applications are numerous due to their robustness and innovative image capturing capabilities and include: inspecting the existing condition, preventative maintenance, and quality check inspections, casing damage exploration, gas and water entries, monitoring corrosion and erosion, perforation inspections, tubing problems, and many more.
We offer a selection of well downhole cameras to help users obtain critical data important for making informative decisions, saving a significant amount of time, money and effort for them and their clients, while keeping their operators safe. These are convenient and highly productive even in the most challenging conditions.