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We publish rating and customer reviews of video endoscopes and cameras for sewers: users who have had the experience to assess the pros and cons of a particular model, share with you their own opinion about the products and interaction with our company. We hope that their comments will be useful to you.
  • James Staten
    Explosion Proof Videoscope XT Evaluation
    This purchase has been very benefical in many ways.
    Being able to use this device in Hazardous locations.
    The functionality of the Device. Capturing Video and Photos to SD storage card
    The durability of the camera lens.
    Reducing Downtime on meter run inspections.
    Documenting capabilities of Inspections for reports.

    The Videoscope XT gives us the ability to quickly inspect orifice and ultrasonic meter tubes to determine if we have possible debris causing flow issues. This process before would require substantial downtime to pull apart flanges and/or remove inspection caps now we can open a ¾ to 1" ball valve snake the camera in and inspect those runs with little downtime and also have inspections documented by photos and or video docs.
  • Laura Clem
    Drain Camera VIPER
    I would definitely rent this camera again
    Roman, thank you for your help with renting the camera for our water line. It worked wonderfully.
  • William A. Landefelb
    Drain Camera VIPER
    Totally satisfied
    The camera system is working great for our purpose of pipe inspections. Very clear picture, plenty of light and we like the ability to record video to a SD card.
  • Kevin McIntyre
    Sewer Camera ANACONDA
    very helpful
    Recently I had a situation where I needed to figure out why an existing duct shaft was not getting enough air to pass thru it and we contacted your company for options.

    Rather than opening up the walls on each of the 8 floors to gain access to this duct shaft( which would have been very costly).
    Roman advised us that you had camera's with video capability that could be rented and dropped into the ducting to look for the blockage. He was very knowledgeable about the equipment and very understanding with our situation.
    I found the customer satisfaction to be very positive working with this company.
  • Vince Corbin
    The best option for our application
    I work for a mechanical contractor and recently we ran into an issue trying to find a scope that would be able to navigate an old Rickwell steam system. 3 inch buttweld steam, and 2 inch buttweld condensate. We knew the condensate was filling up and when drained there was sediment in the red rusty water. Find the leak we needed to run a scope in either end of the 2 inch pipe with a 200 foot scope. The total length of the pipe was somewhere around 323 feet. One end consisted one elbow 70 foot in followed by a second elbow 75 foot thereafter. The other end had two immediate back to back elbows followed by a third elbow within the first 29 feet. We own our own Rigid Seesnake for 2 inch pipe and above. The Rigid was not able to navigate any of the elbows. It consisted of a metal head slightly longer in length and the spring coil behind the head was a little wider that the 1.36" Drain Scope Triton we received from Fiberscope.

    With the awesome help from the fiberscope.net service they provided us with the best option for our application. I highly suggest talking to these guys before ordering or Renting because they really know each scopes capability. The Drain Scope arrived on time and ready to go. It was easy to use and it was able to navigate all three 90 degree elbows on one end plus an addition 40 feet. On the other end it was able to navigate 70 feet and one elbow plus an additional 20 feet, which is really good considering the distance. Although we were not able to find the leak we were able to narrow it down to 40 feet that the leak was at which was fine in this application because we had quoted a customer to replace 60 feet. Given that the pipe was so rusted and rough the skid plate on the Drain Scope Triton and the flexibility truly holds an advantage over the Rigid. We did not expect any scope to be able to navigate the entire pipe. It's nearly impossible to reach 200 foot and still get a solid push behind a camera considering the circumstances. Truly a huge help in an area where we couldn't even use thermal testing.
  • Jim Ayrheart
    Works well for the application
    The sales person was very good, he supported us extremely well. He helped research the proper borescope and arranged for expedited shipping. Goods arrived on time and worked well for the application, all in all excellent service.
  • Kenton H
    Demo option was helpful!
    I was extremely satisfied with the service from Medit. The ability to use a trial borescope identical to the unit I intended to purchase was ideal because it confirmed that the device would work for our intended purpose. The end result being we had no reservations about purchasing the unit when it came time to buy one. Everyone at Medit was very quick to respond to inquiries and helped answer questions. It was a very positive experience and I would recommend Fiberscope.net if anyone was asking me about where to purchase a similar piece of equipment.
  • Guest
    We purchased BORESCOPE LED lights and have been satisfied with them so far. One out of the 10 quit working and was sent back to Medit for repair. Roman Pushkar was able to quickly take care of the situation and get the functioning unit returned to us in a timely fashion. Hopefully the units continue to function as they do now – our operators really like them
  • Guest
    Great value and construction
    Well built, great price, easy to use. No unnecessary bells or whistles - performs as advertised.
  • Mark
    Rigid Borescope
    Liked Rigid Borescope
    Q: Do you like the Rigid Borescope you bought from Fiberscope.net? Why?
    A: We do like our Borescope. It functions just the way we want it to and at a reasonable cost.

    Q: What kind of application you use it for?
    A: Precision machine

    Q: How product help you finish your tasks or help in job?
    A: We use the borescope during manufacturing and QA functions to make sure bores are free of burrs and debris.
  • Joel
    Rigid Borescope
    Great value for small diameter
    I use the 2.7mm OD borescope for checking the inside of solitary bee nest tunnels, which sometimes requires a very small diameter. Other borescopes of similar size I looked at ran upwards of $2,000. If you are looking for a larger borescope, there are more economical options, but the 2.7mm OD scope is about the best value out there. Excellent quality too.
    Word of warning if ordering from the US though, there might be extra shipping/tax charges upon receipt of the item.
  • Jeremy
    We Liked ImagePro USB Camera
    Q; Do you like the ImagePRO-USB you bought from Fiberscope.net? Why?
    A; We do like it. The only problem is it doesn't stay centered and/or straight on our eyepiece, so one side of the picture/video is round. Maybe that's just because we have a different borescope than indended for? We have a Hawkeye borescope that we use it with. Other than that, it is very easy to use, it focuses well and takes good video/pics.

    Q: What kind of application you use it for?
    A: We connect the camera to our borescope to record what we are seeing. Our field of work deals with automobile product liability cases. So far we have used the borescope to look inside seat belt buckles, but possibly intend to use it for seat recliners as well. It is good to record what we see to use as evidence.

    Q: How product help you finish yout tasks or help in job?
    A: It helps us record what we see to use in later circumstances.
  • JJ
    Great Product
    Works great for seeing inside hard to get areas. Battery last long enough.
  • Andy
    Likes Voyager snakescope
    Q: Do you like the Voyager snake scope you bought from Fiberscope.net? Why?
    A: Yes. Very helpful tool. Allows investigative work with minimal effort.

    Q; What kind of application you use it for?
    A: Investigating conditions behind existing wall assemblies.

    Q: How does this product help you finish your tasks or job?
    A: Most accurate results and least invasive to existing assembly conditions.
    very good
    Excellent price value, good competition for established , big, expensive companies. Good communication and service, super fast delivery.

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