Push Camera with Open Control Box and Partially Uncoiled Push Cable
Push cameras are versatile inspection devices that can be pushed into a pipe to inspect it for structural damages or blockages. In comparison to the pull inspection systems (e.g. robotic pipe crawlers) push cameras are commonly more compact, portable and they have limited working lengths of up to 150 meters (500 ft) maximum.


Push Cameras Comparison Chart

Miniflex Push Camera
Viper Push Camera
Anaconda Push Camera
Hathorn Push camera
Trogloprobe Push Camera
* depending on the selected camera head
We understand that choosing the right push camera for your application is a complex decision that depends on your goals, needs and budget. Get in touch with our team and we help you to find the best solution that will meet your requirements and expectations.
Pipe Camera HATHORN M7 with Kevlar Braided Push Cable

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Looking for a long-range robotic camera system?

Pipe Crawlers
• To Inspect Pipes Ranging from Ø4" to 120"
• Cable Length up to 4900 feet
• AC or Battery driven
• Industrial grade
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Push cameras for pipe inspection

Push cameras are essential for various industrial and commercial inspections to identify structural damage or pipe blockages. They are a more compact and portable option than pulling inspection systems such as robotic pipe crawlers and can reach lengths of up to 490 feet.

They are usually equipped with a camera head attached to a push cable and a DVR (digital video recorder) monitor, allowing users to record still and video images of the inside of the pipe for later use. This equipment is used in various industrial and commercial applications, including the oil and gas industry, HVAC systems, municipal sewer and drainage inspections, and food processing.

These cameras can be standard, swivel self-leveling, or pan-and-tilt, depending on the needs of the inspection and the nature of the problem in the pipeline.


What is a push camera?

Push cameras are small, handheld devices that are designed to inspect hard-to-reach or confined spaces. They are equipped with a semi-rigid cable that can be pushed into a pipe, duct, or other tight space to capture images or video of the interior. The camera at the end of the cable has LED lights to illuminate the area being inspected, and the captured images or video can be viewed in real-time on a screen attached to the device.

How does a push cam work in a sewer line?

For sewer inspections, cameras are used to diagnose blockages, identify cracks and corrosion, and check the overall condition of the pipes.

Push Rod Cameras are typically used to inspect the inside of pipes, sewer lines, and other hard-to-reach areas. In the case of sewers, the device is inserted into the pipeline through an access point, such as a manhole, and then pushed through the pipe with a semi-flexible rod. The equipment allows the operator to see the sewer line's condition, including any blockages, cracks, or other damage.

How much does a push camera for sewer inspection typically cost?

The cost can vary greatly depending on the features and capabilities of the device. Basic models can cost around one thousand dollars. In comparison, more advanced models with additional features like pan-and-tilt camera heads or Kevlar-reinforced push rods can cost several thousand dollars.

How to choose a push camera for your application?

Factors to consider when choosing a push sewer camera include the diameter of the pipes you need to inspect, the length of the lines, the presence of bends and traps, the type of environment you will be working in (such as wet or dry), and any specific features you may need (such as the ability to record HD video, side-view observation, portable design, locating sonde, measurement, etc.).

Is it possible to rent equipment?

Yes, you can rent a push camera instead of buying one. This can be a good option if you only need the unit for a short period of time or if you're not sure which model is best suited to your needs. You can find different rental options at our company. To find the best deal, leave a request or give us a call. We will find the best solution for your needs and budget.

Push cctv camera for sewer pipe inspection

Push cameras are a powerful and indispensable tool for professionals using pipe, duct, sewer, and CCTV inspections in their jobs. These systems allow you to inspect and evaluate pipes and sewers non-invasive and efficiently, without the need for costly and time-consuming excavation work.
Push cameras come in different sizes and configurations to meet different needs. Some systems are equipped with additional features like distance counters that allow the operator to measure the length of the pipe being inspected. Others come with wireless capabilities that enable the operator to remotely control the camera and receive real-time footage on a separate display device.
The recorded footage obtained from push cameras can be stored and analyzed later, providing valuable insights into the condition of the pipes and sewers.

One of the critical features of these systems is their ability to adapt to pipes and sewers of various diameters. Many options come with interchangeable heads and push rods, allowing the operator to choose the best size and configuration for their particular application. In addition, some models feature a self-leveling camera that automatically adjusts to maintain a stable, upright always image, or a pan-and-tilt camera, that can rotate and tilt to obtain as much visual information as possible. The high-definition pictures and videos captured by push cameras enable accurate diagnosis and quick identification of problems, helping to minimize downtime and reduce repair costs.
Another vital aspect of push-through camera systems is the ease of use. Many models feature a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, allowing operators to set up the system and begin an inspection quickly.
An operator can use push-style cameras without specific training or licensing.
Some systems allow live viewing of footage via WiFi, USB, or other recording options and allow customers to customize the system according to their preferences.

Push camera systems can be used for various applications, including drain and sewer inspections, pipeline inspections, and CCTV at industrial and construction sites. They provide a cost-effective and efficient way to identify problems and assess the condition of pipes and sewers without needing costly and time-consuming excavation.

Push camera systems are versatile and essential equipment for pipe, sewer, and CCTV inspection professionals. With their advanced capabilities, high-definition video, and easy-to-use interface, they provide a comprehensive view of the inside of pipes and sewers, making it easy to identify problems and assess the condition of infrastructure.
Waterproof Pipe Push Camera TROGLOPROBE PRO | Hands-on Introduction. All-in-One Inspection System for professionals.It offers superior performance and multiple patented features including fully waterproof design, digital crack-width measurement, on-site interchangeable camera heads, and many more.

Advantages of pipe inspection with CCTV push cameras

  • safety contractor worker
    Safety and efficiency
    Ability to access pipes and drains that are difficult to reach using traditional methods. This reduces the risk of accidents and makes the process faster and more efficient.
  • Fast inspection
    Find problems in pipes quickly
    Able to inspect and diagnose pipe and plumbing problems faster and more accurately than traditional methods. This allows technicians to identify problems more accurately and make better repair recommendations.
  • Cost-effective inspection
    Using a push camera sewer system for inspection can be cost-effective, especially when compared to traditional methods such as excavation or manual inspection.

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On our website, you can find a CCTV push sewer camera designed to meet your needs and budget. These cameras are built to withstand even the most challenging environments and are equipped with advanced features such as measurement, wifi video sharing, and innovative technology to capture and process inspection data. As a result, our customers have seen increased productivity and value in their work after purchasing our products.

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