Drain Inspection Camera iSnake
The iSnake Pan and Tilt Drain Camera is a portable drain inspection unit with a full-rotating camera head and a one-button manual focus. With exceptionally high-quality image and a manual focus function the iSnake gives you a real time view of what's happening in the pipe with out the pain in the neck to get the camera focused on the object examined.

Pan and Tilt
Drain Camera iSnake


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1.3" Pan and Tilt Camera Head with a 30M(98ft) cable length

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Good for

2"- 12" pipes
Up to 98ft
Vertical and horizontal
Direct and sideways

Control Unit

Drain Camera iSnake Control Box
  • 8'' HD IPS LCD Color Display
  • 1280x720 Resolution
  • Image / Video / Audio Capture
  • On-screen Footage Counter
+ Full Specifications
— Size of the screen: 8'' HD IPS LCD
— Display Resolution: 1280x720, 16:9
— Image / Video / Audio Capture
— On-Screen Meter/Footage counter
— USB memory stick to capture files
— WiFi Keyboard
— Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
— Working time: 4 Hrs (approx)

Camera Head

Pan and Tilt Camera
iSnake Pan and Tilt Camera Head
  • 33mm(1.3") Diameter
  • Manual Focus Function
  • Rotation: Pan: 360°, Tilt: 160°
  • Extra-Bright LED Illumination
+ Full Specifications
Pan-and-Tilt Camera
— Camera Head Diameter: 33mm (1.3")
— Camera Head Length: 225mm (8.9")
— Rotation: Pan: 360°, Tilt: 180°
— Image sensor: 1/3" CMOS HD, 1.3Mp
— Video system: AHD PAL, AHD NTSC(Support CVBS signal)
— Camera head Housing: Stainless steel
— Illumination: White LEDs
— Brightness of the LEDs: Adjustable
— View Angle: 120°
— Focus: Manual
— Flexible Spring Neck
— 512Hz Built-in sonde
— Waterproof: IP68

Cable Reel

iSnake Drain Camera Reel with 98ft length
  • 30M(98ft) Cable Length
  • Footage/Meter Counter
  • 7mm Cable Diameter
  • Reel Stopper
+ Full Specifications
Cable Reel
— Cable diameter: 7mm
— Soft Flexible Cable
— Working length: 30M(98ft)
— Digital Footage/Meter Counter
— Weight: Full Unit 26lbs
— Reel Stopper

In the Box

Control Box
User's manual
Battery Charger
USB Flash drive
Reel with Cable
Camera Head
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Micro Pan and Tilt Camera Head from iSnake Drain Camera

The System Full Description

See It Clear the First Time with the iSnake Drain Camera

iSnake Drain Camera is an inspection device that combines enhanced technology into one portable inspection tool that enables you to examine pipes and secondary drain lines with even more accuracy. Three main features that make the iSnake Drain Camera stand out among other short-range drain inspection cameras are its micro rotatable camera head, one-button manual focus, and exceptional image quality.

Currently, there are only a few cameras available on the market with such a small-diameter PT camera head, such as the camera head of the iSnake. The iSnake Drain Inspection Camera utilizes a 1.3" rotating camera head with a complete 360° spin and a 180° side tilt, giving a much broader composition of what's happening in the pipe. The next valuable feature of the iSnake that further enhances the inspectional output is the one-button manual focus function. When inside the drain pipe, the manual focus enables you to focus on objects further or closer to the camera head. This really benefits the inspection and helps to take off the pain in the neck to get the proper position of the camera to see the object clearly. Finally, the iSnake Drain Inspection Camera offers an unparalleled image quality made possible by a proper camera chip and strong LED illumination. With these three features that are in one portable drain camera, the iSnake makes a difference to the plumber, contractor, or pipe inspector who is using it by its ability to enter small pipes, look sideways into laterals, inspect pipe joints, deliver exceptionally high image quality and focus precisely on the object desired.

Overall, the iSnake Drain Camera uses a portable, battery-operated design that combines all the parts into itself and protects the components with a lid and a metal frame. As mentioned earlier, the iSnake Camera is suitable for short-range drains and secondary laterals with its 30M(98ft) flexible push cable and 2" to 12" pipe diameter inspection size. When inspecting these drainage pipes, the iSnake provides valuable information with its on-screen meter/footage counter, which gives you the approximate disposition of the damage or blockage in the pipe.

Even remote areas can be inspected with the iSnake because it has a battery-operated control box that powers the whole unit and combines the controls and buttons into its interface. The screen of the monitor is 8" in size with a 1280x720 resolution quality and has all the needed information on the screen, such as the time, date, text, and counter measurement. During inspections, it's quite easy to capture images and videos, overlay text on the screen, and add an audio voice-over when necessary with the buttons and keyboard conveniently situated in the unit.

For small pipe diameter inspections and examination of the side laterals and side walls, the iSnake Drain Inspection Camera is the answer with its micro pan and tilt camera head, manual focus, and high-quality image.