Micro Borescope with a Focusable Eyepiece and Micro Diameter Inspection Shaft
Micro Borescopes are optical devices used to inspect the smallest bores with super-thin insertion probes as small as 0.35mm in diameter. Thanks to high-tech achievements, the modern micro borescopes we offer deliver the highest image quality possible for these small-diameter devices. Our digital micro borescopes are equipped with an image sensor smaller than a pinhole, which allows you to perform inspections of the thinnest areas

Micro Borescopes (Cameras)

Optical Micro Borescopes

We supply micro borescopes from American manufacturers that feature Fujikura quartz fibers for the best image quality. These scopes come with 32mm standard eyepieces and ACMI light post connectors

Digital Micro Borescopes

Utilizing cutting edge technology and the world's smallest video sensors our micro video borescopes are available in diameters as small as 1mm. The thinnest video probe with tip articulation is 2mm in diameter
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MICRON USB Micro Borescope with Embedded LED, HDMI and Tablet
0.5mm Micro Fiberscope with ED-Cam Camera Test Video
Small Diameter Micro Videoscope VOYAGER C40 Test Video
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Micro Optic Cameras

Micro borescopes are devices used to inspect areas that are difficult to reach due to very narrow openings. The insertion probe diameter can be as small as 0.35 mm, allowing for access into the smallest cavities.

Micro borescopes are irreplaceable tools to examine manufactured parts for tiny defects, debris, corrosion, or blockages during quality control procedures, repair, or as a preventative measure. A simple inspection with a micro fiber optic scope can save a great deal of money, which would otherwise be spent on costly repairs and long equipment downtime.

Browse our collection of rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible micro borescopes. All quality-built, most of our mini scopes are produced by US manufacturers with extensive experience in RVI equipment production. All the devices we offer are equipped with the latest quartz image bundles made in Japan, delivering high-resolution images of exceptional clarity even in the smallest diameters. We offer probes of different diameters and lengths to fit your specific applications.

The micro borescopes we carry are made durable enough to withstand challenging environments of industrial inspections. To enhance the performance of optical micro borescopes, browse the accessories, including monitors, light sources, recording devices, and more.


What is a micro borescope?

Micro borescopes are optical devices used to inspect narrow bores and cavities, allowing access to the smallest areas. Thanks to high-tech achievements, modern micro borescopes deliver the highest image quality possible. Digital micro borescopes can be equipped with an image sensor smaller than a pinhole, allowing for inspections of the thinnest areas. We supply micro borescopes from American manufacturers with Fujikura quartz fibers, 32mm standard eyepieces, and ACMI light post connectors. Micro borescopes can be used to examine manufactured parts for defects, debris, corrosion, or blockages during quality control and repair. They can save a great deal of money on costly repairs and extended equipment downtime. We carry rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible micro borescopes with quartz image bundles from Japan for high-resolution images of exceptional clarity. Accessories such as monitors, light sources, and recording devices are also available to enhance performance.

What should I pay attention to when buying small diameter borescopes?

When buying a small diameter borescope, you should consider factors such as the probe diameter, length, and flexibility, as well as the type of optics used (such as rod lens or fiber optic). Also, consider the type of image sensor used (such as CMOS or CCD) and whether the borescope has any additional features, such as image or video capture, measurement tools, or tip articulation.

Is it possible to rent a Micro Borescopes?

The cost of renting a micro borescope can vary depending on the model, length, and features of the camera, as well as the duration of the rental period. You can rent a video borescope instead of buying one. This can be a good option if you only need the unit for a short period of time or if you're not sure which model is best suited to your needs. To find the best deal, leave a request or give us a call. We will find the best solution for your needs and budget.

Micro Borescopes

Micro borescopes are a type of borescope that have a small diameter of 0.5 mm or less. These devices feature ultra-thin insertion tubes and articulate camera heads that make it possible to inspect even the smallest spaces.

Articulating micro borescopes are a type of micro borescope that have a tiny diameter probe(from 2mm). These borescopes feature a highly flexible insertion tube that allows the camera head to be articulated in order to get a better view of the inspection area. They also have a built-in light source, such as an LED, which provides excellent image quality.
In addition to providing visual inspection of small diameter openings, these borescopes can be used for industrial inspection, such as inspecting cooling holes inside turbine blades, valves in medical devices, and measuring instruments. They are usually waterproof and can be used for inspection in difficult environments. With the help of the c-mount camera, the borescopes can be used for different remote visual inspection and maintenance purposes.

Micro borescopes are available in different sizes and types, including small-diameter articulating borescopes, which have a diameter as small as 2 mm. An array of models and configurations is available, such as simple optic image transmission or video transmission, rigid probe or flexible probe, and so on.

Micro borescopes are a cost-effective solution for inspecting small spaces and hard-to-reach areas. With the help of their small diameter, flexible insertion tube, articulating camera head, and built-in light source, they provide excellent image quality and make it possible to access even the smallest spaces. They are used in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, and many other micro manufactured parts. They have different diameters that can range from 0.5mm to 4.0 mm which depends on the size of the cavity or opening that needs to be inspected.
Digital micro borescopes offer an additional layer of convenience and functionality, with features such as image and video capture, built-in LED illumination, and the ability to connect to a TV/monitor or USB capture box for easy viewing. These devices are also often equipped with intelligent image enhancement control, allowing for clearer and more detailed images in difficult inspection environments.

At Fiberscope.net, we have a wide selection of micro borescopes to choose from, ensuring that you can find the right tool for your specific inspection needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your inspection tasks, and above that, we offer a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on all of our micro borescopes. If you have any questions about pricing or details, don't hesitate to write or call us.

Micro Borescopes (Cameras) - High Quality and Affordable

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