Small Diameter Optical Borescope
Ultra-thin, small diameter borescopes utilizing either micro video chips, rod lens optic, or coherent fibers for image transmission. Depending on the used technology the smallest borescopes are available in diameter as small as 0.37mm for fiberscopes, and 1.18mm for videoscopes. The smallest option for a system with a tip articulation would be a 2.1mm insertion probe diameter.


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Need a small diameter borescope to match your inspection needs? Spend a few minutes with our technical sales specialists: their years of experience finding solutions can help you find the most efficient inspection tool to achieve the desired results and fit your budget.

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Small Diameter Borescope

Some types of industrial applications may require an extremely narrow passage or a bore. For this purpose, we carry a few products that can do the job.

Optical borescopes have flexible and semi-rigid fiberoptic and stainless steel probes in our inventory, starting from as little as 0.37mm in diameter. The smallest diameter borescopes are fiber optic and come with a detachable light source of your choice.
If you need to take photos or make recordings, the systems are fully compatible with a selection of detachable video cameras.
Besides, small-diameter video borescopes are available with 2-way or all-way articulation. The probe diameter starts from 2mm. Videoscopes are equipped with waterproof metal-braided probes for increased durability, built-in LED illumination, image enhanced control, among many other features. Inspection results may be optionally recorded onto a TV/Monitor/USB memory in addition to the standard SD card.

All our small-diameter borescopes carry a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.


What is the difference between a borescope and an endoscope?

A borescope is a type of inspection camera that is used to examine the inside of an object or area that is not easily accessible. It typically consists of a long, flexible probe with a camera at the end, which is inserted into the object or area being inspected. An endoscope is a similar type of inspection camera, but it is usually used for medical purposes, such as examining the inside of the human body.

What is the purpose of a Small Diameter Borescopes?

Small diameter borescopes are specifically designed for use in applications where access is limited to small or narrow openings. They are often used in industrial inspection tasks, such as examining the inside of pipes, engines, or other machinery. They are also used in scientific research and other fields where it is necessary to examine small or hard-to-reach areas.

What should I look for when buying a Small Diameter Borescopes?

When shopping for a small diameter borescope, there are a few key factors to consider. These include the probe diameter, the type of camera (such as fiber optic or video), the length of the probe, and any additional features or capabilities that the borescope may have. It is also important to consider the overall durability and reliability of the borescope, as well as its compatibility with any other equipment or tools you may be using.

Is it possible to rent a Small Diameter Borescopes?

The cost of renting an industrial video borescope can vary depending on the model, length, and features of the camera, as well as the duration of the rental period. You can rent a video borescope instead of buying one. This can be a good option if you only need the unit for a short period of time or if you're not sure which model is best suited to your needs.To find the best deal, leave a request or give us a call. We will find the best solution for your needs and budget.

Micro borescope cameras

Mini borescopes, also known as micro borescopes, are specialized inspection cameras designed for use in narrow or hard-to-reach spaces. These compact and ultra-thin borescopes are typically equipped with either micro video chips, rod lens optics, or coherent fibers for image transmission, allowing them to access tight spaces with ease.

Microborescope cameras are an essential tool for inspecting narrow passages or bores. These ultra-thin borescopes utilize different technologies, such as micro video chips, rod lens optics, or coherent fibers, to provide high-quality images for inspection. The smallest available borescopes have a diameter as small as 0.37mm for fiberscopes and 1.18mm for videoscopes, making them suitable for inspecting extremely narrow passages.

At Fiberscope.net, we offer a range of small diameter borescopes, including both fiber optic and video options. Our fiber optic borescopes have flexible and semi-rigid probes starting at 0.37mm in diameter, and they come with a detachable light source for improved illumination. Our video borescopes, on the other hand, start form 1.3 mm probe diameters and come equipped with waterproof metal-braided probes, built-in LED illumination, and image-enhanced control, among other features.

If you need to take photos or make recordings during your inspection, our small diameter borescopes are fully compatible with a selection of detachable video cameras. All of our small diameter borescopes come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, ensuring that you can trust in the quality and reliability of our products. If you have any questions or want to know more about our small diameter borescopes, don't hesitate to write or call us.
How small borescopes can help your work
Small diameter borescopes are an essential tool for a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and energy. They are particularly useful for tasks such as:

  • Inspecting machinery and equipment: Small diameter borescopes allow you to inspect the interior of machinery and equipment, identifying any issues or defects that may be causing problems. This can help you to prevent downtime, improve efficiency, and extend the life of your equipment.
  • Performing non-destructive testing (NDT): Small diameter borescopes are ideal for NDT tasks, allowing you to inspect components and structures without causing any damage. This is particularly useful for tasks such as weld inspection, where it is important to preserve the integrity of the component being inspected.
  • Conducting research and development: Small diameter borescopes can be used to conduct research and development tasks, helping you to gain a better understanding of the materials, components, and processes involved in your work.

Advantages of inspection with mini borescopes

  • safety contractor worker
    Image quality
    Small-diameter borescopes are designed to deliver quality images even in the most challenging inspection environments. They use advanced imaging technology to provide clear images that allow you to identify any issues or defects.
  • Fast inspection
    Small diameter borescopes are incredibly versatile, with a range of probes and accessories available to meet different inspection needs. Whether you need to access tight corners, hard-to-reach spaces, or curved surfaces, there is a small diameter borescope to suit your needs.
  • Cost-effective inspection
    Ease of use
    These inspection cameras are simple to use, with intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces. They are also lightweight and easy to handle, making them ideal for use in confined spaces or over extended periods.

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