Small Diameter Optical Borescope
Ultra-thin, small diameter borescopes utilizing either micro video chips, rod lens optic, or coherent fibers for image transmission. Depending on the used technology the smallest borescopes are available in diameter as small as 0.37mm for fiberscopes, and 1.18mm for videoscopes. The smallest option for a system with a tip articulation would be a 2.1mm insertion probe diameter.


Fiber Optic Borescopes

Small Diameter Video Borescopes with CMOS Sensor

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Small Diameter Borescopes

Some types of industrial applications may require an extremely narrow passage or a bore. For this purpose, we carry a few products that can do the job.
Optical borescopes have flexible and semi-rigid fiberoptic and stainless steel probes in our inventory, starting from as little as 0.37mm in diameter. The smallest diameter borescopes are fiber optic and come with a detachable light source of your choice.
If you need to take photos or make recordings, the systems are fully compatible with a selection of detachable video cameras.
Besides, you will find small diameter video borescopes with 2-way and all-way articulation. The probe diameter starts from 2mm. Videoscopes are equipped with waterproof metal-braided probes for increased durability, built-in LED illumination, intelligent image enhanced control, among many other features. Inspection results may be optionally recorded onto a TV/Monitor/USB capture box in addition to the standard SD card.
All our small diameter borescopes carry a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.