Pipe Cameras

Straight-view camera chip, either fixed in position or self-leveling (internal rotation ensures the image is always right side up)
Pan and Tilt Cameras
Motorized camera head that rotates to look in different directions. Designed to complete a full survey of the line, especially in larger pipes
Pan-and-Tilt Pipe Camera head
Straight-view Pipe Camera Head
We carry many different types of pipe cameras, depending on your application and budget. We offer two major groups of products: Heavy-duty tools, built to handle the most challenging jobs, with increased performance and enhanced productivity, ideal for everyday use in harsh environments. Prosumer line of cameras featuring good image quality, easy-to-use design, ideal for medium-duty applications, or infrequent inspections.

Straight-view Pipe Cameras

Professional Grade

Pan-and-Tilt Pipe Cameras


Comparison of pipe cameras

Miniflex Push Camera
Viper Push Camera
Anaconda Push Camera
Hathorn Push camera
Trogloprobe Push Camera

Looking for a super maneuverable camera system?

Need advice? Ask our technical consultants who know the subject. They will answer your questions and help scout out the best custom inspection solution for your needs.
Industrial Grade Pipe Camera M7

Looking for a long-range robotic camera system?

Pipe Crawlers
• To Inspect Pipes Ranging from Ø4" to 120"
• Cable Length up to 4900 feet
• AC or Battery driven
• Industrial grade


Pipe Camera can reach and explore difficult spots in wastewater systems, storm water systems, pipelines of different kinds, drains, ducts and other hard-to-see areas. That's why having a pipe inspection system at your disposal can save you a lot of time, money and effort as you won't have to spend time guessing where the problem lies. It gets right to the spot, inspects it and provides you with a clear idea of what needs to be done.
At fiberscope.net you can find a Pipe Camera that will fit your needs and budget perfectly. Whether it is for residential or industrial use, we have it all: pipeline cameras of different sizes with different cable lengths, basic inspection devices that can be operated even by amateur users or heavy-duty equipment to explore municipal waste water systems. And in case you may need any help operating your Pipe Camera, we are fast to respond and provide you with any type of professional assistance.