Drain Camera with Portable Monitor and Stand-alone Push Cable Reel
DRAIN CAMERA VIPER portable drain camera is a cost-effective set designed to deliver high-quality inspections of sewers, building ducts/piping, wells, chimneys, and power plants



Drain Camera Portable Control Box with Monitor and Keyboard
+ Full Specifications
9" Color LCD monitor with Video output, file playback
Monitor Picture Resolution: 800x480 pixels
SD memory card slot
USB memory stick slot
Recording format - AVI / JPEG (720x576 pixels)
Power adaptor: 110~240VAC, 12VDC/1800mA
Rechargeable battery for portable use up to 3.5 hours
Li-ion battery box (4400mAh)
System Operating Temperature: -20°to 120°F
Operating temperature - 20°F~ 120°F (- 28C°~ 50°C)

Interchangeable Camera Heads

Ø7mm (0.27") Micro Camera Head
  • Not Interchangeable
  • No sonde, No spring neck
  • Straight view
  • 4 built-in LED lights
  • Waterproof IP67
Ø 17mm (0.67") Mini Camera Head
  • Interchangeable
  • No sonde
  • Straight view
  • 6 built-in LED lights
  • Waterproof IP67
Ø 23mm (1.0") Standard Camera Head
  • Interchangeable
  • 512Hz sonde available
  • Straight view or Self-levelling
  • 12 built-in LED lights
  • Waterproof IP67
+ Full Specifications
Camera Head Diameter: 7mm (0.27"), 17mm (0.67"), 23mm (1.0") Straight view or Side view, 28mm (1.1") Self-levelling
Hi-resolution Color 1/4" CCD sensor with Sapphire glass lens
No articulation
Fiberglass cable
120° Field of View (FOV)
0° Direction of view (DOV)
IP68 Waterproof design of push probe and camera head
Illumination: white LEDs
Special point touch connector to the camera
Two protective/centering skids (not available for 0.67" (17mm) head and 1" side view head)

Compatible Cable Reels

Micro Cam Reel
  • Working length up to 164.0 ft.
  • Built-in camera with LEDs
  • No sonde, No spring section
  • Fiberglass push cable, Ø 5.5mm
  • Waterproof, IP68
Handheld Mini Reel
  • Interchangeable
  • No sonde
  • Straight view
  • 6 built-in LED lights
  • Waterproof IP67
Mid Reel
  • Working length up to 196.8 ft.
  • Compatible with all VIPER's cameras
  • Built-in footage counter
  • Fiberglass push cable, Ø 6.5mm
  • Waterproof, IP68
+ Full Specifications
Special gold point touch connector to the camera
5.5 and 6.5mm Diameter Fiberglass cable

Working length :
  • Micro Cam reel: 20 meter(65.6'), 30 meter (98.4 foot), and 50 meter(164.0')
  • Handheld Mini reel: 20 meter(65.6'), 30 meter (98.4'), 40 meter (131.2')
  • Mid Reel: 40 meter (131.2') and 60 meter (196.8')

Footage (meter) Counter:
  • Micro Cam reel: No
  • Handheld Mini reel: Optional
  • Mid Reel: Yes

What in the box

Control unit with monitor
SD card
Card reader
Connection cable
Two centring skids (not available for 0.67'' / 17mm camera head)
Power adapter 12V
Selected pushrod on the reel
The camera head
Spare O-rings
Write us about your application
and we will recommend the right tool to do the job without spending a fortune!
Drain Camera VIPER Full Set

Questions and Answers

I have one of those, but I would like to replace the connection cable between the image hub and the insertion probe. What are the specs of the connection cable?
Antoine they came in 4.9 ft or 9.8 ft, it's a 4-pin cable. The price for replacement is $70. please contact our sales team to proceed.
If purchased I would be sticking the camera down oil and steam piping. 3 questions:
1. How is this unit it a moist environment (are the seals capable of being in a 99% humid environment?
2. Does the unit have any oil/chemical resistance ratings?
3. Some of the piping I will be viewing has diameters up to 40" after necking down to 12 inch headers. Would the camera's depth of field be adequate for this size pipe?
This camera can be submerged into water for up to 3 ft. So humid air is not a problem. No, this camera does not have any chemical resistance rating, it was designed for use on plumbing and sewer applications. No, this camera will not have enough light to illuminate 12" or 40" pipes. You may look at a different option - we have an Anaconda Sewer camera with a Pan-and-tilt head, Magnum and Trogloprobe camera systems as well as a few pipe crawler models.
One of your sales rep will send you a quote and a brochure for this camera shortly.
Can I get a much longer cable with this head?
Yes, we can make custom a Viper push camera much longer but due to force of friction you will not be able to push it through a pipe, it will go snaking in there.

The longer you need to go with your push camera, the stiffer the pushrod should be. Usually, the maximum length with push cameras is 400 ft. Our sales rep. will be contacting you shortly.
How much will it cost to ship my rental order?
The shipping costs are dependent on the size of the package being shipped and where it is being shipped to; please contact a Customer Service rep to get a quote for the price to ship to your location.
I m looking for a camera to check swimming pool piping. Most of the time 1 and1/2 or 2". What kind of model would you recommend to me? it has to turn through elbow 90°
Our Viper Push Camera would be an adequate solution. Its head is slightly less than 1 inch (after you remove the protector off the camera head). It is able to take one 90 degrees turn in 2" pipe, but not multiple turns. We'd suggest you to look into more maneuverable inspection systems: Magnum Drain Scope and MiniFlex plumbing cameras.
What type of warranty With the Viper ADV?
Hi Michael, this camera comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. It covers any defects you may come across

Do you have any questions?

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Pipe Camera VIPER On-site footage from Colombia
Clogged Weeping Tile Inspection: VIPER Push Camera
How To Set Up the VIPER-ADV Inspection Camera Push Cable
Image Capture Sample: Clogged Weeping Tile
Image Capture Sample: Weeping Tile to Clay Pipe Connection
Image Capture Sample: Weeping Tile


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Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

The System Full Description

The VIPER portable drain camera is a cost-effective set designed to deliver high-quality inspections of sewers, building ducts/piping, wells, chimneys, and power plants. These sets feature small portable handheld probes coiled on a steel reel, with all of the accessories stored in one durable hard plastic carrying case, which takes up very little space and can easily travel to different job sites.
The VIPER drain cameras have three main parts; the camera head, the push cable on the reel, and the monitor set up in the carrying case.
The camera head houses a high-resolution CCD camera chip with a wide-angle 120-degree field of view, designed to capture bright, crisp, color images and video of your inspections. There are also 12 adjustable LED lights to illuminate the inspection area, a flexible spring to navigate corners, and a scratch-resistant sapphire lens.
The PVC coated fiberglass push cable is 5mm (0.20") in diameter, waterproof, and available in either 20 meters (65.6'), 30 meters (98.4 foot), or 40 meters (131.2') lengths built onto a steel handheld reel, with a convenient rubber handle, which does not slip even with gloves on or wet hands.
The waterproof and lightweight plastic carrying case houses a 9' TFT color LCD screen and additional controls, including the DVR box, to capture images and uncompressed video directly to an SD memory card or an external USB storage, a rechargeable battery for portable use, a microphone, and a couple of skids for the camera head.
The VIPER drain camera is the optimal solution when portability and maneuverability are extremely important. For this push camera set, there are four additional interchangeable camera heads available for different applications. These include 1", 0.67", 0.27" diameter straight view, 1" diameter side view, and 1" diameter self-leveling camera heads. The 1" diameter camera head can be combined with a 512Hz frequency sonde. This allows the operator to locate the camera head underground or behind walls, and to determine its exact depth up to 5 to 8 feet (1.5 - 2.5 meters) depending on the strength of the signal, and the pipe material. This is done using the Snaptrack Locator, or any locator that picks up a 512Hz signal.
The 0.67" camera head is more maneuverable for quick and efficient inspections of drain pipes, small ducts, boiler pipes, and straight run lines with diameters less than 1.5". This head is great for hard-to-reach, tight inspection areas, as it will make a 90-degree bend in a 1.5" PVC pipe.
The 0.27" (7mm) camera head is not interchangeable and doesn't have a spring section. It is suitable for inspection of the smallest pipelines that don't have sharp bends and elbows.