Fiber Optic Borescope with Stand-alone LED Light Source
А fiber optic borescope uses a structured high-density fiber bundle and a group of lenses to transmit the image. Because of the small diameter of the fibers, these devices can come in the smallest diameters, with the best possible image quality due to specialized video and optical technologies


Super Thin Fiber Optic Borescopes

The smallest diameter fiberscopes are available in diameters as small as 0.35 mm. They can be used to inspect miniaturized components with bores in the lower millimeter range or for curved tubes and channels. The systems are primarily used for direct, open-eye visualization; however, special video cameras can be attached to transmit the image to a computer or monitor

Articulating Fiberscopes

These types of fiber optic borescopes are well suited to inspecting tight, narrow passages with some turns and bends or areas with enough space to articulate the tip of the scope. These are available in probe diameters from 2.4mm and lengths up to 3m with 2- and 4-way angulation. Featuring durable tungsten braided sheathing, these probes have several times the wear resistance of stainless steel, water-tight insertion tubes for operations in water, mineral and synthetic oils, hydraulic fluids, aviation fuel, kerosene, gasoline and diesel fuel
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Fiberscope Articulating Tip


1mm Micro Fiberscope Inspection
1.9mm Super-thin Fiberscope Suction Channel Inspection
Videoscope vs. Fiberscopes | Understanding the Difference

Looking for a borescope camera to inspect pipes and ducts smaller than 0.5" in diameter?

Borescope Camera with Articulating Insertion Probe
Borescope cameras
A fiber optic borescope is a Remote Visual Inspection device that consists of a flexible fiber optic bundle with an objective lens at one end and an eyepiece on the other.
They are used to explore inaccessible areas or to access inspection areas with bends around corners or deeper bores than a rigid scope can reach. They come with probes of different diameters, lengths, and functionality that can feature an articulating tip for extra maneuverability.
We offer a variety of high-resolution, robust, flexible fiberscopes for different applications and budgets. Some models are densely packed with twice as many image fibers as similar scopes from other manufacturers, for better image quality and more precise inspections in different settings.
Our fiber optic borescopes are designed specifically to withstand aggressive industrial environments. They are water-, oil proof and well-built to be used in different inspection settings. All our fiberscopes can be easily connected to different light sources and cameras.
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