Industrial Videoscope with Stand-alone Monitor and Hand-held Probe
The most significant difference between professional industrial video borescopes and any of the cheap inspection cameras is that the professional industrial systems are built to use in harsh environments on a regular basis. You can be confident your inspection results will be thorough and accurate each time.

Industrial video borescopes' particular strength is their ability to deliver the highest image quality to maximize the probability of detection (POD).


Tip Articulation: 2-way or All-way Tip Articulation
Tip articulation plays an essential role in increasing the quality and value of inspection. You can observe objects in front of the camera and turn the tip sideways to better see the walls, caveats, or navigate through bends.
Sensor Type: CCD or CMOS, Color or IR
Nowadays, most industrial video borescopes utilize hi-resolution CMOS sensors; however, CCD-type sensors are still a gold standard in the industry. Besides color camera chips, we also offer scopes with IR black and white or thermal video sensor
Temperature Resistance
Industrial videscopes equipped with CCD sensors are naturally more temperature resistant and withstand short-term applications up to 185F. However, for some harsher environments, we can offer systems with external cooling features and resistance up to 390F.
Dual-view / Dual Focus Cameras
Suppose you need to inspect both: front and side walls simultaneously, or your objects are located at different distances. For these cases, we offer dual view videoscopes with two cameras built into the tip.
For applications that require visual assessment and exact data about the size of the findings, e.g. length of a crack or fissure, industrial video borescopes will deliver. The basic method is a comparative measurement, while more advanced systems are equipped with higher-end, precise, stereo measurement.
Extra-long Working Length
Sometimes, an inspection camera has to travel a significant distance to perform a full-length inspection. Thanks to their special designs, which allow you to obtain the best possible picture without losing the image signal, our industrial videoscopes are available in lengths up to 98ft
Explosion-proof Option
For hazardous applications in a potentially explosive atmosphere, you will need an inspection system with special protection utilizing technology that allows you to perform an inspection without the risk of explosion. These systems require special certifications that can include UL and Military Standard.
Need an industrial video borescope to match your inspection needs? Spend a few minutes with our technical sales specialists: their years of experience finding solutions can help you find the most efficient inspection tool to achieve the results you want, for the budget you need.
Industrial Videoscope Handle with Insertion Probe

Need a videoscope for inspection of extra small bores?

Micro borescopes

Need an explosion-proof industrial videoscope?

Explosion Proof Borescope VIDEOSCOPE XT
In this section, you will find high-end industrial videoscope systems designed for daily heavy-duty visual inspections. These professional devices combine advanced features with ease of use and supreme portability with durability.
All our PRO line inspection systems can perform multiple applications in various industries like aviation (aircraft and turbines inspection), gas and oil (tank, tubes inspection), law enforcement, automotive, food processing, etc. They are all quality-made by the best manufacturers in the industry to meet the demands of the most challenging environments, to make your work easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective.
An industrial videoscope, featuring the latest, innovative RVI technology can save you and your clients a lot of time, money, and energy.
The systems we offer are all made of high-quality materials for extra ruggedness, portability, and prolonged inspections. They provide high-resolution bright color images of the inspection area, intense illumination, powerful zooms, two- or four-way tip articulation, multiple image capture and documenting options, and many additional features for detailed and informative data collection.
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