The QUASAR V+ industrial-grade videoscope is the perfect solution for professionals performing fast and precise remote visual inspections of turbines, engines, and other critical components. With its advanced features, such as 3D stereo measurement, high-resolution image capture, and interchangeable video probes, this videoscope is designed to help you quickly identify defects and prevent costly downtime.

3D Measurement
videoscope QUASAR v+

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Affordable Vide Borescope with 3D Stereo Measurement


Precise 3D stereo measurement
Motorized tip articulation and HD image resolution
Interchangeable video probes (front- and side view)
The most affordable scope in its class

Control Unit

Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD Control Unit with Two LCD Screens and Dual Joysticks Controlled Operation
  • 6.5" HD LCD Touch-screen Display
  • Powerful Software Functionality
  • 3-D Stereo Measurement Software
  • 4G Data Transfer
  • Shock-proof Design
  • Image, Video Capture
  • Real-Time Digital Zoom
  • USB/HDMI Output
+ Full Specifications
– Display size: 6.5-inch (non-reflecting)
– Display resolution: 1024x768
– Display Type: HD LCD Touchscreen
– Digital Zoom: Yes, Real-time
– Joystick-controlled Articulation: Yes, Multidirectional
– Articulation type: Motorized with lock
– 4G Data transmission: Yes
– HDMI out: Yes
– LED Output Adjustment: 10 levels
– File management: Image and video playback, delete, format
– Image control: Negative, Flip, Freeze, Zoom in/out
– Video format: AVI, ASF
– Video resolution: 1280x720
– Image format: JPEG, BMP
– Image resolution: 1280x720
– Image comparison: Yes
– Storage: 4Gb internal + USB stick interface
– 3-D Stereo Measurement: Yes
– Probe overheating alarm: Yes
– Battery: Rechargeable

Insertion Probes

Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD Control Unit with Two LCD Screens and Dual Joysticks Controlled Operation
  • Ø 4.5mm / 6.0mm Interchangeable Insertion Probes
  • Up to 9.8ft. (3.0m) Effective Length
  • 1,000,000 Pixels Super HD CMOS Camera
  • Front and Side View Models Available
  • Powerful LED Illumination
  • Motorized, Multidirectional Tip Articulation
  • Ergonomic Handle Design
  • Tungsten Braided Probes with Titanium Alloy Tip
+ Full Specifications
– Image sensor: Advanced CMOS chip
– Resolution: 1280x720 / 1,000,000 pix
– Depth of Field: 6.0mm: 8-80mm
– Field of View: 120°, respectively
– Direction of View: Straight View or Permanent Side View

– Type: Adjustable, High-intensity white LEDs (tip or body integrated)
– Average lamp lifetime: approx. 100,000h
– Light intensity: 40,000 lux

– Diameter: 4.5±0.1mm, 6.0±0.1mm
– Working length: 1.5m (4.9ft.), 2.0m (6.5ft.), 3.0m (9.8ft.)
– Articulation type: all-way / 360°, Joystick with Motorised Mechanism
– Articulation angle (bending neck): 120° ± 10°
– Braid: Tungsten braided
– Interchangeable: Yes
– Tip operating temperature: -4°F to 200°F (-20°C to +95°C)
– Monitor operating temperature: -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to +45°C)
– Relative humidity: 95% max. - non-condensing
– Waterproof: IP67 (Probe and distal end), IP65 (Main body)

In the Box

Control Unit
Insertion Probe
USB stick
HDMI Cable
Battery charger
User's manual
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Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD In Ready-to-go Position

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Full Description

The QUASAR V+ is the ultimate industrial videoscope with measurement for professionals who demand accuracy, convenience, and affordability.
This portable system is designed to deliver high-performance inspection for various industries, including aviation, automotive, and quality control.

Equipped with a 3D stereo measurement system, QUASAR V+ videoscope lets you get precise and accurate measurements of your inspection areas. The all-way motorized tip articulation ensures easy navigation and quick adjustment to any angle. With the optional direct view and side view video probes, you can inspect any object, no matter how complex or hard to reach.

One of the key benefits of the interchangeable probes is that you no longer need to have multiple videoscopes with different probe diameters and directions of view, making it a savvy and cost-effective investment. Additionally, in case of damage to one of the probes, your downtime won't be affected as you can quickly switch to an optional probe.
Insertion probes are titanium braided to withstand challenging environments better. They come in 6mm and 4.5mm sizes and offer up to 3m of working length, making them ideal for any inspection task, big or small. In addition, the advanced image sensor with 1Mpix resolution ensures you get high-quality images and videos of your inspection area. Finally, the built-in temperature sensor prevents overheating if you're inspecting in a hot environment.

The 3D Measurement Videoscope QUASAR V+ features powerful LED illumination, providing bright and clear images even in complete darkness.

The large 6.5" LCD with HD resolution provides a clear view of your inspection area. In addition, you can easily review your inspection later with the scope ability to capture images and videos in high-definition resolution on the internal 4Gb storage or a memory stick.
With over two hours of uninterrupted operation from the rechargeable battery, you can conduct inspections without worrying about running out of power.

The QUASAR V+ industrial videoscope stereo measurement is highly precise (0.1-0.2mm accuracy) and one of the most affordable options on the market. You won't have to sacrifice affordability for quality when choosing this inspection device.
With its advanced features and precise measurements, this videoscope is the perfect investment for professionals looking for the best value for their money.
Invest in the best, and improve your inspection process today.