Articulating Borescope in a Process of a Chamber Inspection


A flexible borescope is an industrial device used for remote visual inspection that utilizes a flexible insertion shaft with- or without articulation to reach the inspection area. They represent the biggest and most diverse family of industrial borescopes. Due to their design, flexible borescopes can be manufactured in smaller working diameters and much longer working lengths than rigid borescopes, or fiberscopes

Flexible Video Borescopes

These borescopes are available in lengths up to 30m and with diameters starting at 1mm. No-, 2-way, or 4-way tip articulation is also available. These units are equipped with advanced CMOS or industrial grade CCD sensors to get the most from your inspections, and the lighting options are white LED, IR black and white, IR thermal and UV. We offer both budget and professional models of flexible videoscopes for non-direct inspection visualization via a monitor.

Flexible Optical Borescopes

This group of flexible borescopes is represented by all kinds of fiberscopes. Thanks to the extra-small diameter of the optical fibers that make up the image bundle, they are available in thin diameters starting from 0.35mm. Fiberscopes should be handled with extra care due to the fragile nature of the fiber optics. These flexible optical borescopes are used for direct (open eye) visualization via an eyepiece
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What flexible borescope should I choose for my application?

The rule of thumb is that until you need a scope with an insertion probe diameter below 1mm, a videoscope will be the preferable option. Generally, fiberscopes are more fragile, and the image quality is lower (with a "honeycomb" effect) compared to videoscopes. For long-term inspections flexible video borescopes will also be a better choice since you avoid eye fatigue viewing inspections on a monitor, versus through an eyepiece

What should I take into account when choosing a flexible borescope?

  • Working length
  • How hazardous is the environment
  • Working diameter
  • How long and how often you're going to use it
  • Direction of View
    (articulation necessity)
  • Need to capture inspections (images/videos)?
  • Distance to the inspection
  • Handheld or stand alone unit
  • How harsh is the
  • Necessity of portability (autonomous work)
Need a flexible borescope to match your inspection needs? Spend a few minutes with our technical sales specialists: their years of experience finding solutions can help you find the most efficient inspection tool to achieve the results you want, for the budget you need

Looking for an artulating borescope to use in potentially explosive atmospheres?

Explosion Proof Borescope VIDEOSCOPE XT
A wide spectrum of flexible non- and articulating borescopes including devices of various lengths and diameters.
Depending on your particular task you can select a working length ranging from 305mm (12") up to 30 meters (98 ft.), while probe diameters vary between 0.35mm (0.013'') and 8mm (1/3''). This diversity of parameters covers most imaginable inspections, including ultra-narrow passages and bores, sinuous bores, spots with extremely limited accessibility and/or visibility.
Flexible borescopes feature interchangeable probes of various lengths and diameters compatible with a single base unit/imaging hub. Depending on the type and brand, flexible borescopes and fiberscopes are equipped with a number of useful features including; recording capabilities, sound recording (some models), integrated and detachable light sources, straight view, and articulating probe tips. Among our flexible inspection devices, you will find a solution that fits any particular task and any budget.
All our flexible borescopes include a manufacturer's warranty.