Borescopes for Turbine Component Inspections

Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine, and Wind Turbine Non-Destructive Testing with Videoscope.
Turbines and generators are essential pieces of machinery that need to be adequately maintained and repaired to ensure maximum service life and safety. Non-destructive remote visual inspection with a video borescope is a cost-effective and efficient way to inspect without having to disassemble a turbine. Steam and gas turbines run at extremely high pressures, and they need to be kept in good mechanical shape to do their jobs efficiently.

Not only is efficiency a concern, no one wants to learn there is a problem with the gas turbine in their engine while in use. Proper maintenance checks can also play a huge role in ensuring the functionality and safety of these engines. Safety is also a concern when working with steam-powered turbines. Finding mechanical shifts before they become problems allows repairs to be made before there are losses in productivity due to unexpected shutdowns for repair.

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Gas Turbine Parts Inspection with Videoscope IRIS
Suggested Products
IRIS PRO Industrial Videoscope Snapshot
Working length up to 10 meters (33 ft), Diameter: 4.0 mm (0.16”) - 8mm (0.314")
USB Micro Borescope Inspection Snapshot
Outer diameter: 0.0464" / 0.0748”, Working length: 1,500mm (4.92 ft.) / 2000mm (6.56 ft.), 40K / 160K CIS CMOS Sensor
Pipe Inspection Camera MiniFlex Snapshot
Specially designed for extremely tight bends and traps, Patented Flexi-tube Neck capable of P-trap in 1¼” pipe
USB Micro Borescope | Suction Channel Inspection Footage
IRIS PRO Wind Turbine Gearbox Inspection
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Steam, gas and wind turbine borescope

Borescopes are commonly used in the visual inspection of steam, gas, and wind turbines. They allow for safe inspections without the turbine disassembly and teardown, visualization of hard-to-reach places, location of foreign objects, and recording inspections for future reference and monitoring potentially troublesome changes over time.

Our flexible borescopes, video borescopes, and rigid borescopes allow hard-to-reach places to be visualized and include a light source to illuminate the area under inspection. This allows gas or steam turbines to be monitored for wear and tear, and problem areas to be identified, without having to dismantle the whole unit.

The portable nature of videoscopes means they can be used virtually anywhere turbines are located. Video of the inspection process can also be recorded and stored for future reference. You can keep a record of past inspections to identify possible future problems before they affect the efficiency of your system. Proper use of video borescopes to inspect turbines will save you time and money and help ensure the ongoing safety of the equipment.

What is a turbine borescope

Turbine Borescopes are specialized inspection tools that are commonly used for examining the inner components of gas and steam turbines. It allows technicians to remotely visualize and inspect the internal components of the turbine, such as blades, combustion chambers, and other parts. They allow non-destructive testing using a camera and light, improving safety and saving time during equipment inspection and maintenance.

How they help the work

Turbine Borescopes are non-destructive tools for inspecting hard-to-reach and difficult-to-see areas, such as cavities inside engines and pipes. They allow you to save time and money on checking and maintaining equipment, as well as improve safety by preventing possible accidents and damage.

When to use

Borescopes are used in the following areas:
  1. Power industry: Visual inspection of engines using borescopes allows you to identify faulty areas and prevent the need for their replacement.
  2. Wind Energy Industry: Inspection cameras allow visual inspection of fans and other components of wind power turbines
  3. Industry: Borescopes and fiberscopes are used to inspect and maintain steam, gas turbines, and industrial gas tanks, as well as to diagnose problems in pipe systems.

Benefits of using video borescopes to inspect turbines

  • Conduct inspections without having to dismantle the turbine,
  • Record inspections for future reference (monitor small changes over time)
  • Visualize hard to reach places
  • Locate foreign objects
  • Find a problem and know what to expect before turbines are taken apart
Depending on the nature of the inspection and type of turbine, you can find a wide selection of videoscopes. To inspect extra small bores and cavities from 0.4mm diameter, a micro borescope will be the best choice.

If inspection should be done remotely at a distance of up to 10 meters, check the iRIS PRO industrial videoscope. Inspection systems with remote measuring capability are also available.

Gas turbine borescope

One of the main advantages of using a gas turbine borescope is that it allows technicians to perform inspections without having to disassemble the turbine. This not only saves time and labor, but also minimizes the risk of damage to the turbine during the inspection process.

A gas turbine inspection cameras should be used whenever there is a need to inspect the internal components of a gas turbine. This may include routine maintenance inspections, performance evaluations, or troubleshooting tasks.

The gas turbine borescope helps clients by providing a fast and non-invasive way to inspect the internal components of their gas turbines. It allows them to identify any issues or problems that may be present, and take the necessary steps to address them.

When buying a gas turbine borescope, it is important to pay attention to the quality and durability of the device. The endoscope must be able to withstand the harsh conditions in which it can be used and must be equipped with high-quality optics to obtain clear and accurate examination results. You will find the best gas turbine inspection borescopes in our company.

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