The VOYAGER C68 video borescope has been designed for industrial applications where you need an insertion probe with Ultra HD camera resolution and a larger stand-alone monitor to get the best visualization possible. These inspection devices feature motorized, joystick-controlled, omnidirectional tip articulation and various insertion probes with different lengths and diameters. In addition, these units can be upgraded to include precise 3-D measurement.

Industrial Video Borescope VOYAGER C68HD


Probes from Ø2.0mm in diameter with Working length up to 32.8ft. (10.0m)
Motorized precise articulation control with an 8" Touch-screen HD Monitor.

Control Unit

Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD Control Unit with Two LCD Screens and Dual Joysticks Controlled Operation
  • 8" IPS HD Touchscreen Display
  • Powerful Software Functionality
  • Optional 3-D Measurement Software
  • WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G Data Transfer
  • Shock-proof Design
  • Image, Video Capture, and Storage
  • Intelligent x5 Digital Zoom
  • VGA/HDMI Output
+ Full Specifications
– Display size: 8-inch (non-reflecting)
– Display resolution: 1024x768
– Display type: IPS LCD Full-view Touchscreen
– Display backlight: Yes, 3-level adjustment
– Digital Zoom: Yes, Real-time 5x zoom
– Virtual Joystick-controlled Articulation: Yes
– WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G Data transmission: Yes
– Audio in/out: Yes
– HDMI, VGA out: Yes
– LED Output Adjustment: 9 levels
– File management: Image and video playback, delete, format
– Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese
– Image control: Flip, Freeze, Zoom in/out
– Text annotations: Yes
– Video format: MP4 with time and date stamp
– Video resolution: Optional 640x360, 640x480, 1280x720(Subject to the actual parameters of the camera)
– Image format: JPEG with time, date, location stamp
– Image comparison: Yes
– Storage: 16Gb internal + USB stick interface
– Optional 3-D measurement: Yes
– Optional WiFi live streaming: Yes
– Battery: Rechargeable
– Monitor weight: 1.45kg (7"), 2.9kg (12")

Insertion Probes

Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD Control Unit with Two LCD Screens and Dual Joysticks Controlled Operation
  • Ø 2.0mm - 8.0mm Insertion Probes
  • Up to 32.8ft. (10.0m) Effective Length
  • 1,000,000 Pixels Super HD CMOS Camera (Ø 3.9" and Up)
  • Front and Side View Models Available
  • Powerful LED Illumination
  • Motorized, Multidirectional Tip Articulation
  • Ergonomic Handle Design
  • Tungsten Braided Probes with Titanium Alloy Tip
+ Full Specifications
– Image sensor: Advanced CMOS chip
– Resolution: 2.0mm and 2.8mm: 640x480 / 160,000 pix; 3.9mm - 8mm: 1280x720 / 1,000,000 pix
–Depth of Field: 2.0mm and 2.8mm: 5-50mm, 3.9mm: 5-100mm, 4.8mm, 6.0mm: 8-80mm, 8.0mm: 8-250mm
– Field of View: 70°/80°/100°/120°, respectively
– Direction of View: Straight View (Permanent Side View available in 2.8mm, 3.9mm, and 6mm diameters)


– Type: Adjustable, High-intensity white LEDs (tip or body integrated)
– Average lamp lifetime: approx. 5.000h
– Light intensity: 8,000 - 60,000 lux

– Diameter: 2.0±0.1mm, 2.8±0.1mm, 3.9±0.1mm, 4.8±0.1mm, 6.0±0.1mm, 8.0±0.1mm
– Working length: 3.2 - 32.8ft (depending on the probe diameter)
– Articulation type: all-way / 360°, Joystick with Motorised Mechanism
– Articulation angle (bending neck): 160° ± 10°
– Braid: Tungsten braided (Stainless steel spring for 2.0mm probe)

– Tip operating temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
– Monitor operating temperature: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
– Relative humidity: 90% max. - non condensing
– Waterproof: IP67 (Probe and distal end), IP55 (Main body)

In the Box

Control Unit
Insertion Probe
Patch Cable
USB stick
HDMI Cable
Power Adapter
Battery charger
User's manual
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Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD In Ready-to-go Position

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Full Description

The VOYAGER C68 HD Industrial video borescope is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, portable inspection system that features a large touchscreen monitor, separate, narrow-diameter insertion probes with motorized, joystick-controlled tip articulation, and an industry-leading selection of insertion probe options. A number of innovative features make these new video borescopes the perfect device for many jobs. The VOYAGER C68 can be utilized for various industrial applications where exceptionally high-definition image quality, robustness, and portability are essential. These applications include but are not limited to automotive and aircraft engine inspections, metal casting and welding quality assurance procedures, heat exchangers, power generation components check-ups, etc..

The VOYAGER C68 HD features an Ultra HD CMOS image sensor with a dedicated straight or side angle of view or an optional dual-view camera.

The insertion probes are available in diameters from 2mm to 8mm and lengths up to 32.8ft, protected by a wear-resistant tungsten mesh.

The tip of the video probes is made of titanium, IP67 waterproof rated and can be articulated omnidirectionally. An easy-to-use ergonomic pistol with a joystick controls the 160-degree articulation in each direction.

The live image is displayed on a high resolution (1024x768) 8" IPS LCD industrial HD touchscreen monitor. It restores accurate colors and presents more vivid images. A larger visual angle, and good image quality in all directions, reduce visual fatigue and improves observation comfort over lengthy inspections. In addition, the touchscreen is sensitive and easy to operate.

The monitor has a stand to position it on a nearby surface and view the live image while inserting and articulating the probe. Simple image/video capture is done using a trigger on the joystick or the touchscreen for one-finger file capture.

The monitor also has a convenient option for virtual remote articulation, mimicking and matching the joystick.

The C68 HD Video borescope menu is intuitive, and you can browse through it with either the touchscreen display or the multifunctional key knob.

The live image can be also transferred via HDMI or VGA (optional) interface to a larger screen. WiFi live streaming to a mobile device is also available.

Captured files are saved to a 16GB built-in memory or external USB drive and can be easily transferred via WiFi, Bluetooth, or 4G network. The files can be annotated, date, time, and location stamped, and saved with audio comments. Text and graphic notes can be added to images, such as full-screen text marks, graffiti overlay, handwritten lines, arrows, boxes, circular signs, text notes, etc..

The HD video borescope runs off an AC power adapter or, for inspections that last up to 4 hrs, off a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, providing fully autonomous work.

An advanced configuration with 3-D measurement is also available. The binocular stereo imaging system can measure the distance from point to point, point to line, and point to a surface (depth), as well as the length of multi-line segments or an area of closed graphics. The measurement accuracy can be within 0.01mm, with an error ≤ 5%.

The VOYAGER C68 HD industrial video borescope is a robust, cutting-edge device that can withstand harsh environments and does not require any additional equipment to operate.

Product Highlights:

Wear-resistant Tungsten Braided Insertion Probe with Titanium Tip
Convenient Joystick for One Hand Articulation control and File Capture
Omnidirectional Motorized Articulation - 160 Degrees in Each Direction, with Position Lock
Optional 3D measurement software
High-Intensity LED Illumination with Gradual Adjustment
8" HD Touch Screen LCD Monitor, with Built-in Stand
"One Touch" File Capture via Touchscreen or Trigger on the Joystick
Insertion Probes of Different Lengths and Diameters
Short Rigid End with Straight- , Side- or Dual View Camera Heads Available
Battery-Powered Operation for Portable Use
Data Storage and Transfer via Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G
Insertion Probe Water and Dustproof (IP67)
Built-in Zoom, Flip, and Image Editing
Robust and Durable, Supplied Ready to Work
Peli Type Case for Transportation