Sewer Camera HATHORN M7 Full Set
A sewer camera is one of the most versatile inspection devices used for survey, evaluation, and documenting the sewer pipe condition. It consists of a camera head, a push rod, and a monitor.

Sewer Inspection Cameras

When you choose a sewer camera for your application, take into consideration a few of the most essential things (our technical salesperson will ask these if you contact us):
  • Do you need to see straight forward down the pipe, or do you also need to inspect the walls and joints closely?
  • Do you need to pass through some elbows, bends, and/or traps?
  • What are the minimum and maximum diameters of sewer pipes you're inspecting?
  • How often will you use this, and how harsh is the environment?
  • What is the maximum length of the lines it will be used in?
  • Should it be portable, or do you always have access to a power supply?
  • What is your budget?
Based on your answers, the most suitable inspection system can be suggested for your application.

Industrial Grade Sewer Cameras

Commercial Grade Economy Sewer Cameras

Need advice? Ask our technical consultants who know the subject. They will answer your questions and help scout out the best custom inspection solution for your needs.
Sewer Pipe Camera HATHORN M7

Looking for a device to inspect distances?


to inspect pipes up to 4900 feet length

Sewer Cameras

Sewer systems, whether in small residential buildings or extensive industrial facilities, can tackle many different problems easily if you have the proper sewer camera. Getting straight to the root of the issue, they provide all the information you need to fix the problem once and for all. Fiberscope.net offers a full range of devices for sewer inspections that will make the work of exploring pipelines easier, efficient and will take a lot of guessing out of it. Besides, a sewer camera can be used for preventative inspections to eliminate problems with plumbing systems in the future. Here you will find the equipment that will best suit your needs, whether it is an easy-to-use portable device for "home" use or heavy-duty professional unit for businesses and industries. The sewer inspection systems we offer combine innovative technologies in image capture with user-friendly features and applications.