Pipe Camera ANACONDA
The ANACONDA pipe camera can be used to thoroughly inspect ducts, sewer networks, and other pipelines with diameters from 3" to 20" in diameter. The system provides HD image quality and great observations of the inspection area with Pan-and-Tilt or Dual View camera heads and flexible drop or push style insertion probes


Good for

3"-20" pipes
Up to 394ft. (120m)
Vertical and horizontal
Direct and sideways

Control Unit

Pipe Camera ANACONDA Control Box
  • 8'' HD IPS LCD Color Display
  • 1280x720 Resolution
  • Image / Video capture
  • On-screen Footage Counter
+ Full Specifications
— Size of the screen: 8'' HD IPS LCD
— Display Resolution: 1280x720, 16:9
— Image / Video capture
— On-screen meter/footage counter
— USB memory stick to capture files
— WiFi keyboard
— Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
— Working time: 4 Hrs (approx)

Interchangeable Camera Heads

Dual View Camera
Dual View Camera
• Built-in Straight View, and Side View Cameras
• 1024x768 Resolution
• Superbright LED Illumination
• 360° Endless Panning
Pan-and-Tilt Camera
• Pan: 360°, Tilt: 160° Camera Rotation
• Advanced CMOS Image Sensor
• 1024x768 Resolution
• Superbright LED Illumination
+ Full Specifications
Dual View Camera
— Camera Head Diameter: 45mm (1.77")
— Camera Head Length: 107mm (4.2")
— Dual Camera Heads: Straight View, and Permanent 90° Side View
— Pan: 360° Endless
— Field of View: 90°
— Resolution: 1024x768
— Camera head Housing: Aluminum/Stainless steel
— Illumination: 6 Superbright LEDs (Straight) and 6 White LEDs (Side)
— The brightness of the LEDs: Adjustable
— Remote Transmitter (512 Hz Sonde)
— Waterproof, IP68

Pan-and-Tilt Camera
— Camera Head Diameter: 50mm (2")
— Camera Head Length: 154mm (6")
— Rotation: Pan: 360°, Tilt: 160°
— Image sensor: 1/3" CMOS HD, 1.3Mp
— Video system: AHD PAL, AHD NTSC(Support CVBS signal)
— Camera head Housing: Stainless steel
— Illumination: White LEDs
— Brightness of the LEDs: Adjustable
— View Angle: 120°
— Focus: Auto
— 512Hz Built-in sonde
— Waterproof: IP68
—Operating temperature: 5°C - 50°C

Compatible Cable Reels

Mid Reel with Push Cable
• Working Length up to 197 ft.
• Compatible with Both ANACONDA Cameras
• Built-in Meter/Footage Counter
• Fiberglass push cable, Ø 7mm
• Waterproof, IP68
Large Reel with Push Cable
• Working Length up to 394 ft.
• Compatible with Both ANACONDA's Cameras
• Built-in Footage Counter
• Fiberglass push cable, Ø 11mm
• Waterproof, IP68
Downhole Reel with Flexible Cable
• Working Length up to 360 ft.
• Compatible with Both ANACONDA Cameras
• Built-in Footage Counter
• Reinforced Flexible Cable, Ø 6.5mm
• Waterproof, IP68
+ Full Specifications
Mid and Large Reels
— Industrial Grade Steel Frame
— Fiberglass push rod cable
— Footage counter with "feet/meter" switch
— Push Cable diameter ø7mm / ø11mm
— Push Cable Length: 60m (196.8ft) / 120m (393.7ft)
— Mechanical brake
— Reel dimensions: 51x25x64cm / 70x28x84cm
— Centering Skid
— Optional Roller Skid for large diameter pipes

Downhole Reel
— Cable diameter: 6.5mm
— Working length: 110m (360')
— Extension arm and digital meter/footage counter
— Mechanical brake
— Centering Skid

In the Box

Control Box
User's manual
Battery Charger
USB Flash drive
Patch Cables
Reel with Cable
Camera Head
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ANACONDA HD Pipe Inspection Footage
ANACONDA HD Duct Inspections Footage


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The System Full Description

The ANACONDA HD Pipe Camera is one of the most affordable and versatile pipe inspection systems on the market today. It's great for inspection areas, where customers need to inspect both straight down the line and sideways to inspect the side walls. The pipe camera features a modular design and can be supplied with either a pan-and-tilt or dual-view camera head, both of which are well-suited for inspecting sewers, drains, ducts, manholes, culverts, wells, and tanks. These will give you the best image quality at a reasonable price.

The pan-and-tilt function of the camera head means the head will pan side to side, at least 80⁰ in each direction, to better view the side walls or around corners, and you can also rotate the camera head in a full 360⁰ circle, enabling you to fully survey the entire surface of the inspection area. The high-resolution color 1/3" CMOS sensor is protected by a durable, scratch-proof, sapphire lens and aluminum and stainless steel construction, which is IP68 waterproof. The 6 white LEDs are great at illuminating large-diameter areas and providing consistent light dispersion over the entire surface. There is also a built-in 512Hz sonde to locate the camera head underground. Camera heads are also interchangeable, which is great for areas that require spare parts or backup units due to damage or contamination.
The dual view camera head is smaller and has a built-in frontal axial and a side view camera which pans around in a 360-degree circle to view and capture every detail of the inspection area in HD resolution. The camera head is waterproof and has 6 super bright LED lights around the straight view camera and an additional 6 super bright LEDs around the side view camera, to provide consistent illumination. The pan feature is controlled through an easy-to-use control panel, which switches the camera signal, rotates the camera head, and controls the direction of the rotation, to ensure that you can fully inspect the inner side walls for damage, cracks or weld joints.
Depending on the application the ANACONDA HD Pipe Camera can be supplied either with a push rod or a flexible drop cable for downhole inspections.

The fiberglass push cable is waterproof, and available in either 60 meters (197') or 120 meters (394') lengths built onto a standalone steel reel, with a built-in on-screen meter/footage counter, with controls, and a locking mechanism.
The winch with the soft drop cable comes with a meter/footage counter, mechanical lock and an extension arm. The standard length is 110 meters (360 feet).

The control box is weatherproof and has a protective sunshield over an 8.0" color HD IPS LSD monitor. Pre-installed options include video and image capture directly to a USB memory stick, a WiFi keyboard to add text to files, a microphone, and a rechargeable battery for portable use. Switching between the camera signals is controlled via a simple dial, and the image can be switched during live video recording as well.

A centering bracket/skid is included in the set to ensure that the camera is sitting above ground and has room to pan or tilt.

This system is a portable, compact device that runs on a rechargeable battery pack, but can be supplied by extension cables or a generator too.

ANACONDA Pipe Camera is a great viewing solution that combines precision, portability, ease of use, and breakthrough affordability.