General Terms

A list of the available rental equipment, including fiberscopes, videosopes, snake cameras, and sewer cameras is available at the Medit website or by phone at 1-800-239-9934. Customers are encouraged to contact one of our Sales Representatives to discuss their rental needs.
Equipment rental is available for customers from Canada and the USA only. Upon request, Medit Inc. / Strahl LLC salesperson will e-mail or fax our Rental Terms, Rental Agreement, and a credit card authorization form. Customers must fill out the forms and return them to the salesperson.
Rental equipment remains the property of Medit Inc. / Strahl LLC. The customer shall not remove, deface, or obscure ownership labels.
The customer pays for the entire rental period including weekends and holidays. The day the equipment is received and the day it is shipped back, are considered one day for billing purposes.
The customer may use the equipment for a longer time than initially approved. In such cases, the customer must notify Medit Inc. / Strahl LLC salesperson about the extension of the rental period and pay for additional time in advance.
All the equipment must be returned in the same condition it left Medit's / Strahl's facility. Any damage to the rented equipment will be billed accordingly.


Medit warrants to the Customer that rental equipment is in good working condition as of the moment of shipping. Customers must contact the salesperson immediately if rental equipment is not in working order. Depending on the available rental units may be new, in "like new" condition, or slightly used.
Any accessories that are sold with a unit regularly will be included with the rental unit. Our Sales Representatives will be happy to answer any questions about what comes with the equipment you are renting.

Payment Terms

Please refer to our Payment Policy for a complete list of available payment methods.
Delinquent payments overdue more than 30 days are subject to interest charges at the rate of 18% per annum.
All shipping costs, including the cost of insurance, are payable by the customer.
Medit Inc. service center is located in Winnipeg, Canada. All quoted prices are F.O.B. Winnipeg, Canada, or Woburn, USA, unless specified otherwise by the salesperson.


Medit Inc. / Strahl LLC shall not be responsible for loss or damage to Customer's business or property or for injury or death to persons; and the customer shall indemnify Medit / Strahl and hold it harmless for claims for any of the foregoing, including associated legal fees and expenses. Medit / Strahl shall not be liable for delays in performance hereunder due to causes beyond its control such as delays in delivery or non-delivery.
Medit Inc. / Strahl LLC does not have an insurance program at this time. Customers are advised to be careful when using any rental equipment, and be aware that they are responsible for any damage to the units during the rental period.

Rent to Own Option

We offer a rent-to-own option on all its rental units. A customer wishing to purchase any rental borescope, fiberscope, or drain camera can do so with the rental fee already paid counted towards the purchase price of the unit. Please contact us for further information on this program.

Shipping and Delivery

The customer pays for shipping both ways.
The shipping costs depend on the size of the package being shipped and where it is being shipped to; Our Customer Service representatives are able to prepare a shipping quote for your location. Customers are welcome to use their accounts with a shipping carrier of their choice. Medit Inc. / Strahl LLC always strives to ensure our customers get the best shipping rate when renting equipment from us.
Typically rental orders ship the same day or the following business day if the requested equipment is in stock. Customers are welcome to contact our Customer Service department for an exact delivery time estimate.
We will always try to accommodate customers' shipping preferences whenever possible.
The customer is responsible for any customs fees, duties, and charges. We ship via courier services only and someone should be available to receive and sign for the package when it arrives.
Please refer to "Return shipping instructions" at the end of this document.

Demonstration Products

Demonstration products are available for customers from Canada and USA only. Shipping products for demo purposes is governed by the same rules and conditions as rentals.
The customer pays for shipping both ways.
The customer is responsible for any customs fees and charges.
A Demo agreement must be filled out along with the credit card authorization form.
Please refer to "Return shipping instructions" at the end of this document.

Return Shipping Instructions

All shipping costs are payable by the Customer. Equipment will not be sent nor returned by U.S. or Canadian Mail. We will attempt to ship in accordance with the Customer's shipping instructions. In the absence of specific instructions, or if the Customer's instructions are deemed unsuitable, we reserve the right to ship by the most appropriate method. ALL RISKS OF LOSS AND DAMAGE SHALL PASS TO THE CUSTOMER AT THE FOB SHIPPING POINT.

Shipping guidelines for ALL returns:

Indicate "RETURN of GOODS" for the shipment's description of the items.

Our Shipping addresses (USA and Canada):

Return and Repair Dept.
Strahl LLC
76 Winn street, suite 2B
Woburn, MA, 01801, USA


Return and Repair Dept.
1-1599 Dugald Rd
Winnipeg, MB R2J 0H3, Canada