Professional Video Borescopes for Aviation and Helicopter Maintenance

Few industries have such stringent safety requirements as aviation.
Timely, precise, and thorough inspections at all stages of the aircraft's lifetime are crucially important. Downtime and repair in the aviation industry are likewise extremely costly.

An accurate inspection can also help save considerable amounts of money when an aircraft changes hands, for any defect and evidence of an excessive tear and wear and any other imperfections influence the end of life date of an aircraft and directly affect its price.

We offer a number of aviation-ready visual inspection solutions. Depending on particular needs, they may range from sophisticated industrial-grade videoscopes with full 4-way tip articulation, advanced high definition camera chips, and insertion probes of different lengths and diameters to simple optical borescopes.
Borescoping of Helicopter Turbine Engine
Suggested Products
VIDEOSCOPE-XT Explosion Proof Camera Snapshot
Working length up to 10 meters (33 ft), Diameter: 4.0 mm (0.16”) - 8mm (0.314"), MIL STD 810G tested, UL Certified
IRIS PRO Industrial Videoscope Snapshot
Industrial Grade CCD Image Sensor, The 7-inch Touch Display, 4-way Tip Articulation, The Probe is Heat Resistant up to 140 °C
Digital Micro Borescope Image Capture
USB Micro Borescope, Outer Diameter from 1.0mm (0.04"), Working Length up to 2000mm (6.56 ft.)
IRIS PRO Industrial Videoscope | Metal Part Inspection
Digital Micro Borescope MICRON | Small Part Inspection
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Aircraft Engine Borescopes for Inspection | Aviation Quality Control

Video Borescopes aircraft (jet) engine inspections

Get the best borescopes for aircraft engine inspection and aviation quality control. We offer a range of borescopes for sale, including jet engine borescopes and aviation borescopes. Contact us for more information.

A selection of specialized tools has been engineered to meet the demand of the aviation industry with its strict quality and precision standards. The most sensitive part of the aircraft, its true heart, is the engine. Modern airplane and helicopter engines are now built with endoscope bores which allow for easier non-destructive inspections. Those bores tend to have relatively small diameters, so an inspector needs to use a specialized aviation borescope to access the engine.

Other parts of an airplane that are in need of regular check-ups include turbines, combustion chambers, low/high-pressure compressors, wings, and foils. If documenting the inspection is necessary, a videoscope with a built-in recording capability will be the best option. Captured files are usually saved onto removable memory storage for further review, editing, or sharing. Some of our videoscope probes for aviation purposes have narrow diameters which run from 2mm or .078''.

Sometimes, a need to retrieve or remove a metal object arises during the inspection. A specialized video borescope with a working channel and a retrieval kit (a magnet, a hook, and an alligator jaw) is able to solve this issue. All the videoscope probes are waterproof, while many are also kerosene-, diesel- and oil-resistant, and only a least are explosion-proof rated.

Sometimes, a microborescope may be required to inspect a tiny part or to access a very narrow bore or passage within the aircraft. For such applications, we offer micro borescopes with working probe diameters starting from 0.37mm (0.014'') capable of navigating even the narrowest passages.

Using professional video borescopes for aviation and helicopter maintenance provides a range of benefits for technicians and maintenance crews. These borescopes offer a non-invasive way to inspect aircraft engines and other components, reducing the need for disassembly and minimizing downtime. Quality video borescopes also provide high-resolution images and video, allowing for detailed analysis and documentation of any issues that may be found.

What are the uses for a Professional Video Borescopes in Aviation and Helicopter Maintenance?

Professional video borescopes are an essential tool for aviation and helicopter maintenance, particularly during regular inspections and when troubleshooting issues need to be resolved. These borescopes can be used to inspect a wide range of aircraft components, including engines, gearboxes, and hydraulic systems. They can also be used to inspect helicopters and other rotorcraft.

How borescope inspection aircraft engine help with work?

Aircraft engine inspection borescope provides an efficient and effective way to inspect aircraft components, helping technicians and maintenance crews to identify and resolve issues quickly and accurately. By using borescopes, technicians can easily access hard-to-reach areas and view components without the need for disassembly, saving time and reducing downtime.

What should be considered when buying an aviation quality control videoscope?

When purchasing video borescopes for aviation and helicopter maintenance, it's important to consider factors such as the borescope's compatibility with your aircraft, the length and diameter of the insertion tube, and the image quality. You should also consider the overall durability and reliability of the borescope, as well as any additional features that may be useful, such as built-in lighting or the ability to record video and images.

Why should you choose for aircraft inspection equipment? is a dependable supplier of professional video borescopes for aviation and helicopter maintenance. Our borescopes are designed for use in the demanding aviation industry, offering high image quality and reliable performance.

If you want to know more about the price or details of our aircraft borescopes and jet engine borescopes, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you find the best solution for your maintenance needs.
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