Borescope Applications

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Plumbing Inspection
Duct and HVAC Inspection
Engine Inspection
Plumbing Cameras in Drain and Sewage Maintenance
Cameras for Plumbers to Inspect Sewage Components as Drains, Manholes, Storm Overflows
Specific job environments, such as toilets, drain manholes and storm overflows need specialized inspection tools to be taken care of properly. Digital plumbing cameras with insertion push rods and other highly precise equipment make sewage routine or emergency maintenance a lot easier and help you save money. ())

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Cameras in HVAC Inspections
Inspection Cameras for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System
Cleaning air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems of dust and particles is a necessary part of their upkeep and maintenance. Proper cleaning of the air ducts is often impossible without their visual inspection with a professional tool. Our HVAC cameras feature flexible, semi-rigid or rigid push rods of various lengths, bright LED illumination and recording capabilities.
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Borescopes in the Visual Inspections of Engines
Visual inspections of Engine and Other Car Components with Borescope
Using a borescope for an engine inspection has a number of advantages. One of them is that non-destructive visual inspection allows you to find and solve the issue without having to disassemble the engine.
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Tank & Vessel Inspection
Chimney Inspection
Pipeline Maintenance
Tank & Vessel Inspection Cameras
Visual inspection solutions for man less entry and visualization of confined spaces.

The visual inspection of confined spaces is a crucially important and growing segment of many industrial processes and safety procedures. Confined spaces are common in many industrial settings and range from vaults, manholes and tunnels to tanks, vessels, cisterns, and silos. Usually, the confined spaces need to be inspected periodically in order to ensure safety, cleanliness, and the absence of foreign objects, contaminants, corrosion, or residue from previous use.

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Chimney Inspection Camera
CCTV Inspection –°ameras for Chimney, Fireplaces, Lined flue.

Timely, regular and thorough inspection of you chimney is a necessary measure in fire prevention and overall safety of your home or other fireplace equipped building. Whether in a residential or commercial setting, a professional inspection with the help of a specialized chimney inspection camera may spare you from safety issues and save you money.

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Sewer Scope in Pipeline Maintenance
Sewer Scope Cameras for pipe inspections

Pipelines, whether mainlines or laterals require unceasing attention in order to prevent costly and frustrating plumbing troubles. Sewer scopes with various probe lengths, self-levelling and pan-and-tilt camera heads and built-in beacons are indispensable for plumbing companies, independent contractors, or municipal services in charge of sewer line maintenance and repair.

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Inspection of Wastewater Lines
Rifle and Shotgun Inspection
Metal Casting Inspection
Drain Cameras to Inspect Water and Wastewater Lines
Drain Inspection Cameras for Pipelines

Issues with clogged water and wastewater pipes, just as any similar plumbing problems, always need to be addressed immediately and in the best manner possible. Our inspection cameras featuring long insertion probes, "goose-neck" heads and bright LED illumination which will allow you to solve all drain-related complications seamlessly and in the most cost-effective way.

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Borescope for Rifle and Shotgun Inspections
Rifle and Shotgun inspection with Borescope and Inspection Cameras

Regular visual inspection of rifle and other firearm barrels is needed to avoid oxidation and build-ups. Taking timely care of these issues will increase the lifetime of your gun and ensure its safe use. Rigid endoscopes and other inspection tools for firearms are intended for professional and amateur hunters, military forces, security agencies, firearm collectors and sellers.

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Borescope for Casting Inspections
Borescopes for Quality Metal Casting Inspections

Utmost precision is absolutely necessary in metal casting. Visual inspection of such metal objects as engine or turbine parts, as well as medical and other high precision devices with the help of borescope equipment is the best way to ensure quality control.

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Power Generation
Military and Police
Visual Inspections in NDT
Borescope for Power Generation and Turbine Components Inspection
Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine and Wind Turbine Inspection and Maintenance

Power plants of different types possess a number of components (such as generators, pressure vessels, pipes of heat exchanger and steam pipes) that need to be routinely inspected from the inside. Borescopes will detect wear and tear as well as other potential defects at an early stage helping you to avoid high costs for replacement and repair.

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Borescopes for Military and Law Enforcement
Videoscopes, Borescopes and Inspection Cameras are Great Tools for Police, SWAT teams, and Military

Security concerns are currently on the rise around the globe. Borescopes can help to carry out such tasks as to find drugs, smuggled goods, weapons, or identify stolen cars in a fast and cost-efficient manner.

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Boroscope for Remote Visual Inspections in NDT
Boroscopes for NDT

Remote visual inspection is an integral component of maintenance, upkeep and repair in a great variety of industries from automotive to space and aircraft to power generation, to name just a few. RVI equipment will help to reveal defects and prevent equipment failure, financial losses, and other unwanted consequences.

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Choosing the Right Camera
RIDGID SeeSnake Alternatives
Video Borescope vs Fiberscope
Tips on Choosing a Sewer Drain Camera
Learn More About How to Choose a Proper Sewer Drain Camera.

To choose a drain camera that is right for you it is crucial to define your requirements in a very precise fashion. This refers to such important parameters as the push rod length, camera diameter, water resistance, illumination, among others.

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SeeSnake Alternatives
Pipe inspection Cameras that Can be an Alternative for the RIDGID SeeSnake

Medit offers a product line that matches or exceeds the popular SeeSnake products in terms of quality and technical characteristics at more competitive prices. This product line includes both basic and entry-level inspection cameras with a full range of functions such as recording and a built-in 512Hz sonde, and state of the art heavy duty inspection systems with pan-and-tilt heads and extra-long push rods.

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Video Borescope vs. Fiberscope
Fiberscopes and Video Borescopes allow workers accessing or viewing otherwise hidden niches or joints in their hardware. This in turn saves them the time and money that they would have spent in arduous disassembly procedures. But how do you determine which device or unit will benefit you the most?
Learn more about the main differences between videoscopes (video borescopes) and fiberscopes.

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