Borescopes for Pump and Valve Assessment

Pumps and valves are integral components in various industrial sectors, including oil and gas exploration, power generation, chemical production, and wastewater treatment. Their functionality directly impacts the efficiency and performance of numerous industrial operations.

In numerous industrial and mechanical systems, pumps and valves serve as crucial elements for the movement and stoppage of fluids, which could be either gases or liquids. However, over time, these components can suffer from mechanical wear and damage due to corrosive fluids, leading to their degradation. To be able to correctly asses their condition, our company provides a wide range of compact video scopes and boroscopes. These tools allow us to assess and maintain the integrity of pump and valve parts, thereby extending their lifespan.
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Rigid Borescope Spring Section Snapshot
Probe Ø from 2.7mm (0.1in) and up, Working length up to 600mm (23.6in), Direction of view (DOV) - 0°, 30°, 70°, 90° or 110°
ORION Rigid Video Borescope Snapshot
Working length up to 700mm (27.5"), Stainless steel insertion probe, 3.5” Colour LCD display, with 720x640 pixels
IRIS DVRx Videoscope Snapshot
Durable tungsten-braided probe, Diameter: 3mm (0.118") - 8mm (0.314"), High-resolution camera integrated in a short rigid distal end
USB Camera with Rigid Borescope | Metal Casting Inspection
IRIS DVRx Videoscope 4mm | Video Capture Sample
VIDEOSCOPE-XT Explosion Proof Camera Snapshot
Working length up to 10 meters (33 ft), Diameter: 4.0 mm (0.16”) - 8mm (0.314"), MIL STD 810G tested, UL Certified
IRIS PRO Industrial Videoscope Snapshot
Industrial Grade CCD Image Sensor, The 7-inch Touch Display, 4-way Tip Articulation, The Probe is Heat Resistant up to 140 °C
Digital Micro Borescope Image Capture
USB Micro Borescope, Outer Diameter from 1.0mm (0.04"), Working Length up to 2000mm (6.56 ft.)
IRIS PRO Industrial Videoscope | Metal Part Inspection
Digital Micro Borescope MICRON | Small Part Inspection
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Remote visual inspection of pumps and valves with inspection camera

Pump and Valve Remote Visual Inspection

Pumps and valves are essential components in various industrial systems responsible for controlling the flow of liquids and gases. They operate through mechanical pressure or suction to move or compress these substances. In industries like oil, gas, and petrochemicals, the nature of these substances can be abrasive and corrosive, highlighting the importance of regular inspection.

Quality and process engineers ensure that pumps and valves manufactured and maintained on-site are defect-free. Any defects can hinder flow or, in severe cases, lead to catastrophic system failures. These professionals check for porosity, burrs, and other manufacturing residues. Remote visual inspection of pumps and valves can be done using an inspection camera. This process involves using a specialized camera to capture images or video footage of the equipment for analysis. The camera can be placed at various locations around the pump or valve to capture different angles and perspectives. Quality inspection tools are vital for detecting and documenting these defects and signs of wear to guarantee quality and safety.

Why Inspect Pumps and Valves with a Borescope

Regular maintenance and inspection of pumps and valves often necessitate halting the entire operation and dismantling where these components are employed. This downtime incurs financial costs, making it crucial to restore the system to operation as swiftly as possible. There's no necessity to dismantle the pump or tamper with the valve assembly when using a simple borescope.

The only requirement is a small access port sufficiently large to accommodate a borescope insertion tube. This allows for a comprehensive visual examination of each component. Furthermore, you can capture images of any problematic areas or document the entire inspection process from beginning to end via video recording.

How Borescopes Can Help In Pump, Compressor and Valve Inspections

Borescopes (endoscopes) are widely employed across numerous industries, such as mechanical and electrical engineering, for examining equipment like pumps, compressors, and valves. Here's a detailed explanation of their application in these specific areas:

  • Pump Inspection. Pumps play a crucial role in many industrial operations. A boroscope can be utilized to examine the inside of a pump to identify signs of wear and tear, leaks, blockages, and other possible issues. This enables timely detection and resolution of problems, thus avoiding expensive downtime.
  • Compressor Inspection. Compressors find use in a range of applications, from HVAC systems to industrial machinery. A boroscope can be used to inspect the blades, bearings, and internal parts of a compressor. This can aid in identifying issues such as worn-out blades, misaligned bearings, or cracks in the casing.
  • Valve Inspection. Valves regulate the flow of fluids in pipelines and systems. A boroscope can be used to examine the inside of a valve to spot signs of wear and tear, leaks, blockages, and other possible issues. This enables timely detection and resolution of problems, thus preventing expensive downtime.

In all instances, the images captured by the boroscope are subsequently analyzed to detect any anomalies. The precise procedure will hinge on the specific type of borescope and software being used.

How to Choose Borescopes For Pump and Valve Inspection

Selecting the right boroscope for pump and valve inspection depends on several factors:

  1. Equipment Understanding: Know the make, model, age, and material of the pump or valve. Different materials may necessitate different boroscope types.
  2. Borehole Size: Borescopes vary in size. Larger boreholes usually require larger borescopes, but smaller boreholes can sometimes be inspected with smaller, more flexible ones.
  3. Inspection Location: Confined spaces may require portable boroscopes, while outdoor or industrial settings might need larger, more robust ones.
  4. Resolution: Higher-resolution boroscopes provide more detailed images for better defect detection.
  5. Budget: Balance the need for a thorough inspection with your budget. High-quality boroscopes are usually more expensive.

After considering these factors, choose a boroscope that best fits your needs. Write or call us, and we will find the best equipment for your tasks!

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