HD Video Borescope VOYAGER C50
The VOYAGER C50 HD Videoscope is a high-end, easy-to-use, portable device with motorized joystick tip articulation, high definition image quality, and a large color monitor. These units are designed to offer great image resolution and longer probe lengths for a wide range of applications.



Prices are for the basic camera package and are subject to change. To find out the exact price of the set, write or call us.
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VOYAGER C50 Borescope with 6mm x 1.5M insertion probe

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Good for

Detailed, High resolution inspection
Inspecting long reach areas up to 32.8' (10.0m)
Quick navigation to a target area with precise articulation

Control Unit

VOYAGER C50 HD Video Borescope Control Base
  • 5" LCD High Definition Daylight Readable Monitor
  • Powerful Software Functions
  • Built-in 100,000 Lux LED Illumination, with 7 Stages
  • 4-way Electronic Motor Controlled Tip Articulation with Auto Reset
  • One Touch File Capture via Trigger Under the Joystick
  • HDMI High-definition Video Output
+ Full Specifications
– Display: 5 inch LCD sunlight readable display
– Image Resolution: 1280x720 / 960x720
– Video Resolution: 1280x720
– Digital zoom: Real-time 4times zoom,image can be partially enlarged at 8 times when viewing back
– Shooting and recording function: Taking image and video, ability to capture images during video recording
– System Security: Power-on password
– Image method: Color, Black-and-white, Negative film
– Assistant measuring: Tracking cross (scale)
– File edit: The document can be renamed and the enterprise logo can be added
– File format: Image: BMP, Video: MP4
– Video play: Video play fast forward, fast back function
– Image filp: 180° filp
– Image preview: Full-screen view/deletion/file name editing/note adding, time watermarking and PIP(picture in picture) display function under preview mode, two preview methods: list and squared up
– Storage: SD card
– Equipment durability protection device: Buffer protection device for connection between host and wear-resistant tube
– Emergency lighting: High light LED emergency lighting
– System weight: ≤1.35kg incl. battery
– Monitor protection: IP55
– Input/output port: HDMI
– Power supply: 1 set (3 batteries) 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, standard 2 sets
– Working time: 1 set battery ≥4 hours
– System Operating Temp: -10-50°C
– Tip Operating Temp: -20-85°C
– Storage Temperature: -20-60°C
– Relative Humidity: 15-90%

Insertion Probe

HD Video Borescope VOYAGER C50 with Articulation
  • CMOS Sensor with 1280x720 Image Quality
  • Protection Sapphire Lense
  • 120 Degree Field of View Camera
  • Articulating Probes with up to 32.8ft. Working Length
  • IP67 Waterproof, Multi Layers Tungsten Braiding
  • Laser Welded Points
+ Full Specifications
– Probe diameter: 4.8mm, 6mm, 8mm
– Camera resolution: 1,000,000 pixels
– Insertion probe material: Titanium alloy
– Direction of view: Standard 0° forward (optional 90°side view)
– Depth of view: 0° forward: 5-180mm; 10-100mm. 90°side view: 3-30mm
– View angle: 0° forward: 120°; 90°side view: 70° / 90°
– Illumination type: Front LED lights or rear-mounted LED, optical fiber light guiding
– Illumination: Rear-mounted LED, optical fiber light guiding: illumination: 100,000Lux
– Articulation: 360°all way
– Bending angle: 1-5m ≥160°, 5m+ ≥120°
– Bending speed: Adjustable, step regulation
– Step function: Step regulation between high and low speed bend under locking
– Articulation locking: Yes
– Insertion probe material: Quadruple tungsten braided insertion tube
– Insertion probe length: 1.5-10m
– Insertion probe waterproof level: IP67, oil and water corrosion proof

In the Box

Videoscope Unit
USB cable
Card Reader
SD Memory Card
User's manual
Battery Charger
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HD Video Borescope VOYAGER C50


VOYAGER C50 HD Video Borescope Footage
Introduction | VOYAGER C50 HD Videoscope

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The System Full Description

The VOYAGER C50 HD Video Borescope features a high definition (1 Million pixel) color camera sensor with a straight forward angle of view, close-up depth of focus for inspections within a few inches of the tip, and 100,000 lux LED illumination with 7 brightness settings. The borescope probes are available in either 4.8mm (0.19"), 6mm (0.24") or 8mm (0.31") diameters, with an IP67 waterproof rating, a hard durable 4-layer tungsten braiding, titanium tip, and probe lengths up to 10 meters (32.8'). The tip articulation is controlled through an easy to use motor controlled electronic joystick, which features 4-way tip articulation, with 160 degrees in each direction (120, or 90 degrees in the longest probe lengths), the ability to spin 360 degrees, and auto reset. Probes are available from 2 meters (6.5 ft.) up to 10 meters (32.8 ft.).

The live image is displayed on a great 5" color screen, with the ability to capture images and video in 1280x720 resolution. The monitor features 4 rechargeable Li-ion batteries for up to 4.5 hours of portable use, onscreen menus, speed adjustment for the articulation, and a trigger to easily capture files. Files are saved on the 8GB SD memory card via the operating systems on screen menus.

The High Resolution Video Borescope VOYAGER C50 is very robust, and extremely efficient. It does not require any additional equipment to operate, and the longer lengths and high definition image quality are great for a number of specialized applications including aviation, machinery and narrow line inspections. The motorized electronic joystick controls make operation extremely easy, while the design saves energy compared to larger units, and offers great image quality and high end performance.

Note: High Resolution VOYAGER C50 HD Video Borescope is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.