RIDGID SeeSnake Alternative

Pipe Inspection Cameras that Can be an Alternative for the SeeSnake System
At the present moment products from RIDGIT are quite popular on the market. People like them for their good design, and wide selection of options. Here at Fiberscope.net we offer a very good selection of different devices for remote visual inspections. In most of cases our cameras have comparable quality, with the same or even better technical characteristics as SeeSnake tools, but at more competitive prices. We've receiving dozens of testimonials from our clients who have found great devices increasing their revenue for the best price on the market.

So, how can you find a proper camera in Medit's line that will match a SeeSnake tool?

  • First of all, you need to be aware that SeeSnake is not the name just for one product, but the name of product line which includes: SeeSnake microDrain and microReel cameras, SeeSnake Compact and Mini-SeeSnake, SeeSnake Standard and Self Leveling inspection system, SeeSnake micro inspection camera. Plus, there are some terms that are confusing and RIGID MicroExplorer videoscope and Micro Inspection Camera don't have to be mixed up with the broad spectrum of video borescopes available from other producers which are called Snake cameras.
  • Second, determine what your needs are. When you call our technical specialists to get information about our products the first thing they will ask you what type of inspections you want to do. It is well worth it to have a clear idea of what you need the product to be able to do, as it will help you to choose the proper product with desirable features and accessories.
Will this be a snake camera for basic inspection of sinks, wall cavities, or outer regions of air ducts? For this you don't need complicated system with a long working probe. Our ORION videoscopes (that can successfully substitute for SeeSnake micro and MicroExplorer) would be a good choice for you. With waterproof insertion tube, great selection of probes with different lengths and diameters, and image and video capture options, they will give you a lot of flexibility in your everyday work.

Do you want to use your camera to inspecting sewer, drains, long HVAC ducts, or chimneys?
Take a look at our pipe inspection line of products. Our basic and most popular VIPER push camera, at a better price when compared to SeeSnake, delivers all the most important and valuable features for contractors: push rod available up to 40 meters (131.2 feet) length, great illumination of inspection region due 12 bright LED lights, 1" camera head with CCD chip and scratch resistant sapphire glass lens, built-in digital video recorder with incorporated 9" TFT LCD display, image (JPEG ) /Video (AVI) file capture function, video output to a TV monitor, memory card slot and USB to transfer captured files to a PC, incorporated 512Hz sonde / transmitter for traceability. Many other options make this unit very popular and high in demand. The next step up from the Viper would be pro-level inspection system HATHORN M7, with a self leveling camera and working length up to 200 feet. The M7 camera is the perfect blend of compact and lightweight, yet extremely rugged and durable for heavy daily use.
If you are looking for something even more sophisticated than a RIDGID SeeSnake to get more information and visibility during your inspections, check out our TROGLOPROBE PRO Pan-and-Tilt camera which is equipped with all the features available on Viper, but also features a remotely rotating camera head that pans 360⁰ and tilts 180⁰ to view and capture maximum details. This push camera is available up to 80 meters in working length.
Our technical specialists are available and more than happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as help you find the product that will best suit your needs for the greatest value.
Triton Pipe Camera vs. Seesnake
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