Borescope and Inspection Cameras for Electronic Inspections

As technology advances, electronic devices and their components are becoming increasingly compact, making it challenging to examine their internal workings. To address this, we provide borescopes and cameras that aid in the inspection and the condition assessment of such devices and circuits.

Our video borescopes allow visual examination of wiring, connections, or circuit boards, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming disassembly. Once within the device, you can direct the camera toward the specific area you wish to inspect using an articulating inspection camera. Furthermore, you have the option to capture images or videos during the inspection process. Our video borescopes come equipped with a range of digital tools designed to enhance consistency and efficiency in your inspections.
Borescope Inspection of Metal Casting Part
Suggested Products
Rigid Borescope Spring Section Snapshot
Probe Ø from 2.7mm (0.1in) and up, Working length up to 600mm (23.6in), Direction of view (DOV) - 0°, 30°, 70°, 90° or 110°
ORION Rigid Video Borescope Snapshot
Working length up to 700mm (27.5"), Stainless steel insertion probe, 3.5” Colour LCD display, with 720x640 pixels
IRIS DVRx Videoscope Snapshot
Durable tungsten-braided probe, Diameter: 3mm (0.118") - 8mm (0.314"), High-resolution camera integrated in a short rigid distal end
USB Camera with Rigid Borescope | Metal Casting Inspection
IRIS DVRx Videoscope 4mm | Video Capture Sample
VIDEOSCOPE-XT Explosion Proof Camera Snapshot
Working length up to 10 meters (33 ft), Diameter: 4.0 mm (0.16”) - 8mm (0.314"), MIL STD 810G tested, UL Certified
IRIS PRO Industrial Videoscope Snapshot
Industrial Grade CCD Image Sensor, The 7-inch Touch Display, 4-way Tip Articulation, The Probe is Heat Resistant up to 140 °C
Digital Micro Borescope Image Capture
USB Micro Borescope, Outer Diameter from 1.0mm (0.04"), Working Length up to 2000mm (6.56 ft.)
IRIS PRO Industrial Videoscope | Metal Part Inspection
Digital Micro Borescope MICRON | Small Part Inspection
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Borescope Inspection cameras for inspection of electronic circuits, power supply circuits and electronics

Borescope Inspection Cameras for Electronics Inspections

Borescope inspection cameras are used for remote visual inspections (RVI) of electronic assemblies. These cameras are designed to work in the shop as well as in the field.

There are different types of borescopes, including videoscopes, fiberscopes, and borescopes, each with unique features and capabilities, catering to different inspection requirements. The best borescope for specific needs depends on the field of view, maneuverability, and image quality required for the inspection.

Why Use a Borescope for Inspecting (RVI) Electronic Assemblies ?

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) with a borescope can be used for the visual inspection of electronic assemblies, especially in situations where direct access is limited or unsafe. A borescope is often used to inspect the internals of electronic devices, such as circuit boards, without the need for costly and time-consuming disassembly. RVI with a borescope can help identify issues such as wiring, connections, or circuit board problems without having to dismantle the equipment, thus saving time and money.

The borescope's ability to provide a detailed visual inspection of the internal parts of electronic devices is crucial for ensuring the quality and reliability of electronic assemblies. The importance of borescope inspections for electronic assemblies is further emphasized by the fact that modern borescope technology has made inspections easier and more effective, enabling businesses and organizations to ensure the operational safety and integrity of electronic components.

RVI with a borescope is essential for inspecting electronic assemblies, as it allows for thorough visual inspection of the internal components without the need for disassembly, thus ensuring the quality, reliability, and safety of electronic devices.

How Borescopes Can Help in Electronics Inspections

Borescopes are optical instruments used to visually inspect hidden cavities of various machines and mechanisms without disassembling them. Borescopes and inspection cameras can help in inspecting hard-to-reach places in electronics, such as printed circuit boards, electrical boards and other assemblies. They can be used to check assembly quality and assess soldering quality and reliability of chip mounting.

Video borescopes can be flexible or rigid, and they may have a built-in camera to transmit images to a computer or video monitor. This allows the operator to capture footage for later assessment and review.

How to Choose Borescopes for Electronics Inspection

There are several factors to consider when choosing a borescope to inspect electronic circuits, power circuits, and other electronics. These include the type of equipment you will be inspecting, the environment in which the inspection will be performed, the magnification required, and the price range you can afford. When choosing a borescope, you should consider the diameter and length of the cable, whether the borescope is rigid or flexible, the direction of view, and the quality of the image.

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