Plumbing Camera MiniFlex Portable Set
The MiniFlex Plumbing Camera is the best and only device you will ever need for small diameter pipe inspections. This is an all-in-one inspection system that is specially designed for extremely tight bends and traps.



Prices are for the basic camera package and are subject to change. To find out the exact price of the set, write or call us.
from $4,997

0.75" Straight-View Camera Head with a 20M(65ft) Cable Length

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1.4" Self-Leveling Camera Head with a 35M(115ft) Cable Length

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Good for

1.25"-4" pipes
Up to 131ft. (40m)
Passing through traps
Passing multiple bends

Integrated Control Unit

Integrated in Plumbing Camera Monitor with Protecting Shield
  • 8" Touchscreen Display
  • Image / Video Capture / Audio Recording
  • Text Generator
  • Portable Operation up to 7 hours
  • On-screen Meter/Footage Counter
+ Full Specifications
– Operating on battery: up to 7 hours
– Power in: 110V AC
– Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 45 ° C
– Storage temperature: -10 ° C to 60 ° C
– Menu languages: Dutch / English / German / French / Spanish
– Display size: 8 inch color
– Video-out: Yes
– Display resolution: 1024x768 pixels
– Recording resolution: 720x576 pixels
– Storage: SD card (USB Adapter)
– On-screen Text Generator: Yes
– On-screen Date and Time Stamp: Yes
– Portable Operation: up to 7 hours
– On-screen Meter/Footage Counter: Yes
– Inclination Measurement: Yes*
*for MiniFlex with 36mm self-leveling camera head

Integrated Push Cable and Camera Head

Integrated Push Cable with Flexible Neck and Camera Head to Inspect Plumbing Pipes with Multiple Bends
  • Patented Flexi-tube Neck Capable of P-trap in 1¼" pipe*
  • Ø 19,5mm (0,75") / Ø 36mm (1.4") Camera Head
  • Working Length: 20, 40 meters (65.6 - 131ft.) or 35 meters (115ft)
  • Built-in 512Hz Sonde
  • Waterproof up to 3 bars (100 ft.)
+ Full Specifications
– Camera head housing: Stainless steel
– Diameter: 0.76" (19,5 mm) / 1.14" (36mm)*
– Viewing angle: 105° diagonal / 130° diagonal*
– Lens: f=2,1 mm, F10.0 / f=2.3mm, F2.8*
– Focus: fixed
– Self-leveling Function: Yes*
– Glass: Sapphire glass 1 mm / 1.5mm*
– Camera: Color CMOS 400 TV-lines / Color CMOS 740 TV-lines*
– Lighting: 12 white high power LEDs / 6 white high power LEDs*
– 512 Hz Sonde: Yes
– Water resistance: 3 bar(100ft)
– Cable: Combi cable 5,5mm diameter, 65' (20m) and 131' (40m) length / 6.7mm diameter 115' (35m)
– Dimensions: 426 mm x 513 mm x 127 mm
– Weight (including DVR unit): ~ 10 kg

*for MiniFlex with a 36mm self-leveling camera head

In the Box

MiniFlex Plumbing Camera
SD Memory Card
SD card reader
Battery Charger
User's Manual


  • Written by Zachary1/25/2024
    It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer

    I recently purchased the Camtronics MiniFlex Inspection Camera from your company, and after a season of using it I am compelled to share my outstanding experience with both the product and the customer service I received.

    Firstly, the MiniFlex Inspection Camera has exceeded my expectations. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer. Tasks that used to take me two hours can now be completed in mere minutes, thanks to the efficiency and precision of this camera. Its performance is exactly as advertised, and it has become an indispensable asset in my toolkit. I also want to extend my deepest gratitude to Josh, who assisted me during the purchase. His approach was nothing short of stellar. His considerate nature, extensive product knowledge, and patience made all the difference. I was initially unsure about the best product for my needs, especially after having spent thousands on other products that fell short. Josh's guidance was instrumental in helping me find exactly what I needed. My experience with your product and team, especially Josh, has been remarkable. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied. I rate this experience 5 stars and 10/10 without hesitation.

    Thank you for your commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service. I look forward to future purchases and will certainly recommend your company to my peers. Best regards,
  • Written by Ron 11/23/2024
    Awesome Camera

    Camera is awesome! We knocked out 28 direct vent fireplaces in 2 hours.
    Also ran it down a couple toilets as well.
    Great purchase
  • Written by Scott 1/31/2021
    «Great performance!»

    I was having an issue inspecting galvanized lines in a house. I had a Ridgid microDrain camera but we were only able to do about 50% of our inspections. So after reviewing some information and videos on Miniflex plumbing camera, we arranged a demo.

    The sink in the bathroom we snaked and tried out, the Ridgid unit did not go into the drain, the Miniflex went right in. In the Tub, plastic line into galvanized, Miniflex went in both ways to 7, again the Ridgid did not.

    In the Kitchen both units worked fine in that drain, which was more plastic piping. Both units performed the same. In direct comparison I liked the software on the Ridgid more, but obviously, the Miniflex plumbing camera is a way better performer, especially in houses with galvanized lines.
  • Written by DS 11/17/2020
    «It's great equipment!»

    My shower drain was having clogging problems 3 to 4 times per year and each time I had to call plumbers as well as use drain snake myself to clear the clog. Finally, I wanted to check the drainpipe and see if anything inside the pipe was causing the clog. I called plumbing companies and was told that there is not a camera available that can move through a 1.5-inch pipe and the P-Trap. I decided to check online and found MiniFlex plumbing camera specifically designed for 1-1/4" drainpipes or bigger.

    I called the Fiberscope company located in Woburn MA and after talking to Terry I rented the MiniFlex and a locator which they shipped to my address in Mercer Island Washington.

    I used the camera and the locator the same day after receiving it. It was very easy to push the cable with the camera through the drainpipe and especially the P-Trap. The plumbing camera's small monitor was very clearly showing the camera moving forward until it could not move further. I saw something inside the pipe that should not have been there. The locator was also very helpful locating the camera inside the wall on the lower floor laundry room.

    Now I will involve a professional to open the wall with the problem pipe and replace the section of the pipe that had foreign object inside.

    MiniFlex camera was very helpful in finding the problem which we had for many years.
    This is the only plumbing camera on the market that can get through the shower drainpipe and with ease!
  • Steve Kokkinidis
    This camera is worth the money for the size and what it's capable of doing. Today, I inspected a 4-inch cast iron drain that was pretty dirty. The camera shocked me. I was able to see the pipe perfectly. I never expected that this tiny camera can see that clearly inside a 4-inch cast iron pipe. The only thing that's missing is a button that can change angles since there is no auto-level feature on this camera. Other than that it was easy to push and easy to carry. I'm very impressed with what it can do.Kills the rigid see snake by far.
  • John Loftus
    Vice President of Construction Excellence
    Harkins Builders, Inc
    I would like to thank Terry Peristerakis at for helping us solve a very unique situation on a project we recently completed. We were faced with a situation where we needed to inspect the plumbing piping coming from the stack to the toilet. We entertained a number of potential ways to do this (pulling 400 toilets, Cutting 400 holes in the ceiling) none were viable options or cost effective. We decided that running a camera down thru the toilet would be the best solution to the problem. We tried 2 different plumbing cameras made by Ridgid and 2 Borescopes one made by Milwaukee and one by Ridgid. None of them were able to make the tight bends in the toilet to get to the piping below. That's when we turned to Strahl and their Miniflex Camtronics camera with its very flexible camera head. Terry was very confident it could do the job and worked with us getting a Demo model to us to make sure it would work. In trials it easily slipped down thru the toilet and into the stack without any difficulty. We are so pleased with this camera solution that we purchased one and had it shipped to our location to complete the 400 inspections. We highly recommend this plumbing camera anytime you need to make very tight bends and turns. It also has the ability to take video and pictures to help with our documentation of the inspections as they were done.
  • Henry Sanchez
    I rented a mini-flex plumbing camera and locator to find over a dozen broken 1" electrical conduits in a large swimming pool build. First of all the customer service, delivery, etc. were amazing. These guys go above and beyond to take care of you. The unit was freaking amazing. Really need to purchase one of these. Would use these guys again with my eyes closed.
With many options to choose from you may find it hard to decide which is best suited for your needs. Tell us about your application and we will recommend the right tool to do the job without spending a fortune!
Portable Plumber's Camera MiniFlex from Camtronics Full Set

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MiniFlex Plumbing Camera passes bends and elbows with ease

Essential Accessories

The System Full Description

Innovative plumbing camera the MiniFlex features extreme portability and maneuverability.

The MiniFlex all-in-one inspection camera is the best and only device you will ever need for small-diameter pipe inspections. These systems are ideal for plumbers, pool and spa professionals, and pipefitters. The special patented flexi-tube neck behind the camera head makes MiniFlex extremely flexible and capable of navigating multiple 90-degree bends in 1½" pipes and P-traps in 1¼" (32mm) PVC pipes. The MiniFlex camera from Camtronics can be used to inspect kitchen and bathroom drains, pools, spas, hot tubs, showers, sprinkler lines, sewer lines, and narrow-diameter industrial machinery that other units cannot navigate. At this time, there are two models of MiniFlex Plumbing Cameras available, one with a 19mm(0.75") straight-viewing camera head and a 5.5mm (0.22") flexible push cable for inspecting pipes from 1¼" to 4" and the other version with a 36mm(1.5") self-leveling camera head and a 6.7mm(0.26") push cable for pipes from 2" to 8". Both of these units share the same control hub and have a similar design.

The camera heads are made of stainless steel and sealed tightly with a waterproof rating of 3 bars, which is submersible to 100ft. The scratch-proof sapphire lenses protect the camera chip from damage, and a 512Hz sonde beacon permits the precise location of the camera head behind walls, under the floor, and inside the pipe. The combination push cable connects to the camera head with a patented flexi-rubber neck, a feature that makes the MiniFlex plumbing camera stand out among other plumbing cameras, which makes it possible to pass multiple bends and elbows. The flexible cable is perfect for tight corners and traps; however, as field tests have shown, the cable is rigid enough to also perform in long, larger-diameter pipes as well, making it an all-in-one solution. The MiniFlex plumbing camera set from Camtronics, while extremely portable, is also entirely self-contained. It is easy and quick to carry, set up anywhere, and store the plumbing camera thanks to its compact camera system and lightweight, around 10kgs(22lbs).

During the inspections, the job of capturing images and videos, overlaying text, and playing them back right on site is made easy with the touchscreen monitor and in-reach controls. The sunshade protects the 8" touchscreen display and monitor that feature video output, audio and footage recording, and a SD card insert for memory. An on-screen footage counter tracks the amount of unspooled cable and displays it on the screen, which allows you to know approximately how long the pipe is or where pipe damage occurred. With a rechargeable battery life of up to 7hrs, this compact pipe inspection camera allows remote work to be done without headache. This plumbing camera is sold as a complete all-in-one set with everything that you need to be included and ready to go. The only thing to add for a full package is a sonde locator to locate the camera head. is an authorized reseller and a repair center for Camtronics MiniFlex Cameras.