Pole Camera CYCLOPZ with Standard Definition Zoom Camera Head
These American-made industrial grade pole-mounted inspection cameras help personnel safely and effectively inspect confined areas or areas that are too dangerous for workers to physically enter. Inspections can be safely conducted in underground vaults, truck and rail tankers, manholes, and storage vessels – from outside the space, avoiding direct entry.


The CYCLOPZ Pole-mounted inspection cameras are available in two configurations: Digital HD and Analog SD. Both of these lines feature military-grade durable construction, full portability, and modular design

Good For

Confined spaces
Upright, Downward and Horizontal Insertion
Regular, Thermal, IR or Zoom Surveys

Control Unit

SD Walk About Monitor
WalkAbout Monitor for CYCLOPZ SD Pole Camera
  • 5.6" Integrated Display with Built-in DVR
  • High-Performance DSP to Enhance Picture Quality
  • Rubber Encapsulated Aluminum Body for Shock- and Weather-Resistance
  • Can be Worn on a Vest, Belt or Harness
  • Records Snapshots and Videos
+ Full Specifications
— Display Size & Weight Standard: 8.8"W x 9.3"H x 4.3"D / 3.6 lbs.
— (22.4 x 23.6 x 10.9cm / 1.65kg); Detached Base: 6.3"W x 4.3"H x 2.9"D / 1.7 lbs.
— (15.9 x 10.9 x 7.3cm / 0.8kg); LCD: 6.6"W x 7.5"H x 1.3"D / 2.5 lbs.
— (16.9 x 19.1 x 3.5cm / 1.15kg)
— Construction: Rubber encapsulated aluminum case for shock resistance and weatherproofing
— Display Size: 5.6" (14.2cm) measured diagonally
— Resolution: 640 x 480
— Operating Temperature: -14°F to 158°F (-10°C to 70°C)
— LCD Controls: Brightness, contrast, color, tint, mirror, backlight & sharpness
— Mounting Options: Display can be worn on vest, belt or harness; detached display can also be handheld
— Video Format: Auto switches between NTSC (American) or PAL (European)
— Charger: 12VDC from either power supply or vehicle adapter
— Discharge Time: 1.66 hrs. with camera LEDs off
— Batteries: NiMH, 7.2V, 2.7AH
— Charge Time: 2 hrs. when fully discharged
— Base Controls & Indicators: On/Off switch & LED; Camera illumination control & LED; Low battery LED; DVR controls
— Connections: Camera (pole), A/V output, DC input (7.2V to 12V)
— DVR: Up to 32GB SD card; 250 stills per GB; 1hr per GB for H.264 videos
— Compliance: CE, FCC

SD Telescoping Poles

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+ Full Specifications
SD Poles
– Construction: 4 Section telescoping pole with internal aluminum sections and an outer
– Carbon fiber section
– Collars: Rugged, break-proof, easy-grip, twist collars for each pole section
– Articulation: Gooseneck: 1 ft. flexible gooseneck can be flexed into any position Mechanical:
– Mechanical pull cable system operated by an easy-to-use twist handle. Camera range of ± – 90° with detents. The Twist collar allows the camera angle to be locked at any position.
– Collapsed / Extended Length: Gooseneck: 3 ft. / 12 ft. 10 in. (3.9M / .91M) / Mechanically
– Articulated: 4 ft. / 10 ft. 9 in. (1.24M / 3.3M). Longer options available on request.

Compatible Camera Heads

Standard Definition Camera heads
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In the Box

Control Unit
System Pole
Camera head
Two battery
Universal Harness
SD Card
Battery Charger
Battery Supply
Vehicle Adapter
User's manual
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Pole-mounted Inspection Camera CYCLOPZ SD Full Set


CYCLOPZ SD Manhole Camera with 40x Optical Zoom | Intro
Articulating Pole Camera CYCLOPZ SD | Intro

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The System Full Description

The American-made CYCLOPZ industrial-grade pole-mounted cameras help personnel safely and effectively inspect confined spaces which are too dangerous for workers to physically enter. Inspections can be safely conducted in underground vaults, truck and rail tankers, manholes, and storage vessels – from outside the space, avoiding direct entry. The CYCLOPZ SD units feature Standard definition, 640*480 resolution, and a wired-in 5.6" portable monitor/DVR setup.

All of the Cyclopz SD units work with the portable Walk-About 5.6" color DVR monitor, which features a 32Gb memory card that can store 7500 pictures, or 30 hours of video. Plus the memory card is WIFI enabled to quickly download files off of it. There is also a rechargeable battery for portable use, and controls for the zoom and focus functions on some of the camera heads, and image settings like brightness, contrast, etc.

The extendable solid-built telescopic pole system features either a goose-neck, flex and stay design, or manual camera head articulation. The telescopic poles extend to 9ft, 11ft, 14ft, or 20ft lengths and are manufactured to military-grade specifications. The Articulating pole design features hand-controlled 2-way articulation built into the base of the pole via a click wheel. So the operator has good control, and the ability to inspect tight areas, scan around an area to see in a full circle, or up and down.

With regards to the camera heads there are multiple interchangeable camera heads available including Color, IR, Thermal, 10x Optical, or 36x Optical zoom. These have various diameters, for different inspection areas, and all of them feature bright illumination and great low lux sensitivity for low light or completely dark inspection areas. The larger camera heads also have the option for rail lines, and additional battery-powered mag lights, or laser rangefinders.