Well Inspection Camera STRAHL HDL Full Set
STRAHL HDL Well Inspection Camera is your ultimate solution for comprehensive borehole inspections. This motorized system features a high-definition, dual-view camera head rated IP68 (50 Bars) waterproof. It provides high-definition images of the inspection area and comes with features like a built-in meter counter, temperature sensor, WIFI connectivity, and a working length of up to 1,640ft. (500m). The STRAHL HDL Well Inspection Camera brings cutting-edge technology into your hands, making underground and underwater inspections efficient and straightforward.


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Good for

2" - 40" boreholes
Up to 500m (1,640ft.)
Downhole inspection
Dual: front and sideways view

Control Unit

Well Inspection Camera STRAHL HDL Control Box with Monitor
  • 10'' HD IPS LCD Color Display
  • 1280x720 Resolution (720p)
  • Image / Video capture
  • On-screen Footage Counter
+ Full Specifications
– Size of the screen: 10'' HD IPS LCD
– Display Resolution: 1280x720, 16:9
– Image / Video capture (MP4/JPEG)
– On-screen meter counter (m/ft)
– On-screen temperature of the camera surrounding
– USB memory stick to capture files
– WiFi keyboard
– WiFi image transmission
– External microphone
– Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack

Camera Head

  • 1.77" in Diameter, 16.6" Long
  • Dual Cameras, 360° Endless Panning
  • No External Moving Parts
  • Tightly Sealed Camera Head – IP68, up to 50 bar
  • Superbright LED Illumination
+ Full Specifications
– Camera Head Diameter: 45mm (1.77")
– Camera Head Length: 422mm (16.6")
– Dual Cameras: Straight View, and 90° Side View
– Pan: 360° Endless (slip ring)
– Resolution: 720p, 1.3 Million Pixels
– Sensitivity: 0.01 Lux
– Case Material: 304# Stainless steel
– Illumination: 6 Sideways LED Lights, 6 Downward LED Lights
– The brightness of the LEDs: Adjustable
– Waterproof: IP68, 50 bar in freshwater
– Focus: Manually adjustable
– Operating temperature: 5°C ~ 50°C (40°F - 120°F)

Cable Winch

Well Inspection Camera STRAHL HDL Motorized Cable Winch
  • Motorized winch
  • Up to 1,640 ft. Working Length
  • Built-in Footage Counter
  • Extension Arm with Tension Mechanism
  • Kevlar Reinforced Flexible Cable, Ø 8.0mm
  • Waterproof, IP68
+ Full Specifications
– Cable diameter: 8.0mm
– Cable material: Flexible Twisted Pair
– Cable Length: 200m (656'), 300m (984'), 500m (1,640')
– Winch Control: Motorized
– Emergency brake: Yes
– Footage counter: Yes
– Winch power: AC110V-230V
– Extension arm: Yes
– Centering Skids: Yes

In the Box

Control Box
User's manual
Power adapter
USB Flash drive
Patch cables
Motorized Winch with Cable
Camera Head
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The System Full Description

The STRAHL HDL Well Inspection Camera is an efficient and cost-effective solution in borehole inspection technology. Designed for diverse underground and underwater applications, this system allows users to extend their inspection capabilities significantly.

The HD dual-view camera head has a diameter of 45mm and a length of 422mm (1.77" x 16.6"), enabling operators to receive a complete detailed image of the inspection area. The system has two cameras: one sideways camera with 360-degree rotation to the right and left for thorough, informative footage of sidewalls and a downward camera with a fixed wide-angle lens to view the downhole. Both cameras are equipped with high-definition image sensors and high-output long-lasting LED lighting, allowing for capturing bright and detailed images even in poorly lit conditions. Constructed from 304# stainless steel and sealed to IP68 standards, the camera head can withstand pressure up to 50 bars, ensuring reliable operation in challenging environments.

The STRAHL HDL Well Inspection Camera comes equipped with a 10-inch IPS LCD screen, presenting images in stunning 1280x720 resolution. The system supports video in MP4 format, JPEG pictures, and audio comments that can be added via an external microphone. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the control box provides 5-6 hours of working time on one charge.

Enhancing flexibility, the camera connects to a motorized cable reel with a special protective connector. The Kevlar cable is available in length up to 1,640 feet (500 meters), allowing for inspections of various depths.

The STRAHL HDL Well Inspection Camera's functionality is further enhanced with a built-in meter counter, WIFI function, compass, and temperature sensor. The meter counter and compass provide the depth and camera direction on-screen, while the WIFI function allows you to use smart devices as display and recording devices. The temperature function displays the camera's environment temperature on-screen, providing crucial data for inspection tasks.

Transportable and sturdy, the STRAHL HDL Well Inspection Camera is well-suited for operators conducting on-site inspections. It operates on a conventional AC110V-230V, catering to various power supply scenarios. This borehole camera represents an excellent fusion of modern technology and cost-effectiveness, making it a valuable addition to any inspection toolkit.

Note: STRAHL HDL Well Inspection Camera is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.