Small Diameter Borescopes

Some types of industrial applications may require to examine an extremely narrow passage or a bore. For this purpose we carry a few products that are able to do the job. In our inventory there are optical borescopes with flexible and semi-rigid fiberoptic and stainless steel probes, starting from as little as 0.35mm (0.013'') in diameter. Our ultra thin and super thin borescopes comes with a detachable light source of your choice. If you need to take photos or make recordings, Medit's small diameter borescopes are fully compatible with a selection of detachable video cameras. Besides, you will find small diameter videoscopes with 2-way articulation. The probe diameter starts from 3mm (0.12''). Videoscopes are equipped with waterproof tungsten braided probes for increased durability, built-in LED illumination, intelligent image enhanced control, among many other features. Inspection results may be optionally recorded onto a TV/Monitor/USB capture box in addition to the standard SD card. All our small diameter borescopes carry a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Small Diameter Borescopes and Fiberscopes
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