Plumbing Inspection Camera MiniFlex

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Product Highlights:
  • All-in-One Plumbing Inspection Camera
  • Specially Designed for Extremely Tight Bends and Traps
  • Patented Flexi-tube Neck Capable of P-trap in 1¼”  pipe
  • Ø 19,5mm (0,75”) Detachable Camera Head
  • Working Length: 20 - 40 meter (65.6 - 131ft.)
  • Color CMOS Sensor with a Scratch-proof Sapphire Glass Lens
  • Built-in 512Hz Sonde
  • 5.6” TFT LCD Display
  • Image / Video Capture  
  • Video Output to a TV Monitor
  • SD Memory Card
  • Meter Counter
  • Text Generator
  • Waterproof up to 3 bars (100 ft.)
  • Portable Operation up to 7 hours
What’s Included
Camera head, Cable, Reel, DVR Unit, Camera head sleeve, SD card, SD card reader, Power Supply, Manual.
Product Information
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Innovative plumbing inspection camera MiniFlex features extreme portability and maneuverability. 

The MiniFlex all-in-one plumbing camera is the best and only device you will ever need for small diameter pipe inspections. The MiniFlex all-in-one inspection camera is the best and only device you will ever need for small diameter pipe inspections. These push cameras are ideal for plumbers, pool and spa professionals, and pipefitters. The special patented flexi-tube neck behind the camera head makes these units extremely flexible and capable of navigating multiple 90 degrees bends in 1½” pipes and P-traps in 1¼” (32mm) PVC pipes. MiniFlex can be used to inspect kitchen and bathroom drains, pools, spas, hot tubs, showers, sprinkler lines, and narrow diameter industrial machinery that other units cannot navigate.   

This plumbing inspection camera is sold as a complete all-in-one set with everything that you require included and ready to go. The camera head is 19mm (0.75 inches) in diameter. The color CMOS chip has 12 high powered LED lights, which provide excellent illumination to inspect pipes up to 4 inches (100mm) in diameter. The live image is bright and crisp, with a wide angle 105-degree field of view, 400 TV lines, and a resolution of 720x576 pixels. The camera head is also extremely durable with high-grade stainless steel, a waterproof rating of 3 bars (100 ft.), scratch-proof sapphire glass lens, and a built-in 512 Hz Sonde to locate the unit underground, behind walls or cabinets. 

The waterproof flexible push cable is 5.5mm (0.22”) in diameter and constructed of a very durable poly blend and specially designed to make tight bends in small lines. This comes in lengths from 20 meters (65.6 ft.) to 40 meters (131 feet), and between the push cable and the camera head is the special patented flexi-tube neck which allows the bullet-shaped camera to easily run through multiple 90 degrees bends in 1.5” or larger pipes, and a trap in 1.25” PVC pipe, without damaging it. 

 The MiniFlex set while extremely portable is also entirely self-contained. The entire system is one small portable unit that can be easily picked up, stored and set up anywhere. The live image is displayed on a color 5.6” LCD monitor, housed inside a metal case, with a sun shield for daylight inspections. The monitor can flip up, allowing you to position this plumbing inspection camera either vertically or horizontally depending on the job site. Live video and images are recorded via the built-in digital video recorder onto an SD memory card, and this set features a text generator, onscreen electronic foot counter, rechargeable battery that provides up to 7 hours of portable use, a skid to center the camera head in larger pipes, video output, a USB Card reader, and a 110V power adapter.  

The only accessory that you would need to add to this set is a sonde locator, to locate the camera head beacon. Everything else is already included.


Insertion Probe and Camera Head

  • Camera head housing: Stainless steel 
  • Diameter: 0.76" (19,5 mm)
  • Viewing angle: 105° diagonal 
  • Lens: f=2,1 mm / F10.0 
  • Focus: fixed 
  • Glass: sapphire glass 1 mm 
  • Camera: Color CMOS 400 TV-lines 
  • Sensitivity: 1 Lux 
  • Lighting: 12 white high power LEDs 
  • 512 Hz Sonde: Yes 
  • Water resistance: 3 bar
  • Cable: Combi cable Ø 5,5 mm diameter, 65.6' (20m) and 131' (40m) length (optional 30m length available)

Image Hub/DVR

  • Dimensions: 395 mm x 470 mm x 107 mm 
  • Weight (including DVR unit): 8.6 kg 
  • Operating on battery: up to 7 hours 
  • Power in: 110V AC 
  • Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 45 ° C 
  • Storage temperature: -10 ° C to 60 ° C 
  • Menu languages: Dutch / English / German / French  
  • DVR with Display size: 5.6 inch color 
  • Display resolution: 640x480 pixels 
  • Recording resolution: 720x576 pixels 
  • Storage: SD card (USB Adapter)

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