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Super Thin Flexible Micro Borescope

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Product Highlights:
  • High Pixel Density Flexible Micro Borescope
  • Probe Diameter Ø 1.0mm(.04in)/ 1.9mm(0.07in)/ 2.4mm(0.09in)
  • Vinyl/Teflon coated flexible insertion probes
  • Working Length: 254mm (10")/ 508mm (20")/ 635mm (25")/ 1000mm (40").
  • Fiber optic image bundle- 10,000/ 30,000 pixels
  • Field of View (FOV) - 45°
  • Direction of view (DOV) - 0°
  • 32mm universal eyepiece
  • Bend Radius of the insertion tube is 4" and more

Complimentary LED Light handle, to illuminate the inspection area. (INCLUDED)

What’s Included
Super Thin Flexible Borescope.
Product Information
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MEDIT’s Super Thin Flexible Micro Borescopes are highly demanded devices used to inspect extremely small areas and machined parts. Diameters as small as 1.0mm (0.04”)

Thanks to the refined optics and fused pixels in the image bundle, these fiberscopes create a high resolution image, which is bright and sharp in details.
The sheath of the insertion probe is strong enough for routine industrial inspections, it is water and oil proof, and can be submerged to complete some underwater inspections.

The 45° FOV (field of view) decreases image distortion.

The universal eyepiece connects easily to c-mount video cameras (for example our ImagePRO USB or ImagePRO HDTV) to document your inspections.

Light post connections include ACMI, WOLF, and Storz adaptor thread, so these units can be used with virtually any light source– portable LED light handles, halogen, metal halide (recommended for large inspection areas), or xenon.

Note: Super Thin Flexible Micro Borescope is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


• Length: 254 mm (10"), 508 mm (20"), 635 mm (25") or 1000 mm (40")
• Diameter: 1 mm (0.04"), 1.9 mm (0.075") or 2.4 mm (0.095")
• Optical system: fiber optic, 30,000 pixels
• No articulation
• Vinyl/Teflon coated flexible insertion tube
• 45° Field of View (FOV)
• 0° Direction of view (DOV)
• Complete waterproof design
• Fixed focus eyepiece
• Light post connection: STORZ, WOLF, and STORZ Adapter Thread
• 32mm standard eyepiece for rigid scopes
• Perfect for industrial inspection, though the optics are fragile and should be used with caution to protect the small opitcs


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very good

Excellent price value, good competition for established , big, expensive companies. Good communication and service, super fast delivery.

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Questions & Answers
Dear sir
I wish to buy this instrument.can you ship this item to malaysia?if yes please letme know the delivery charges.

Certainly! We ship worldwide, including Malaysia.
Please let us know if you want to place an order.

I like the small diameter. How well can you see sidewalls of small ribs or pockets? will they be out of focus?

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your question, our sales. rep. will be in contact with you shortly and he will email you some video samples taken with this fiber scope.

What is the closest distance an object can be before the lens covering and still be in focus? I need a scope that can provide a focused image of an object actually touching the lens covering.

Actually the image is in focus with 2-5 mm but within 1-2mm it may be a little bit blurry. You also need to consider an adjustable light source because when you inspect the object too close up it may be over lit with a regular light source.
Please contact our sales team back if you have further questions or if you need a formal quote.

what kind of adapter can buy to this equipment I need some thing to magnify or show the image in a big screen

You could purchase one of our borescope cameras (for instance, ImagePro TV or ImagePro USB) in order to project your image onto a larger TV or PC screen.

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