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Borescope for Engine inspection

Visual inspections of engines, automotive borescopes

Visual inspections of engines and other hard to visualize places are an important part of ongoing automotive maintenance. Rigid and flexible borescopes are a great way to visually inspect engines without having to dismantle the engine block, as they allow you to remotely visualize dark, small, and hard to reach places. Routine inspection with a borescope will allow you identify problem areas and to replace or repair parts before they are causing problem. Flexible borescopes can also be used to track through parts of a fluid or air system to find leaks or blockages in hoses. The places you can remotely inspect in an automobile are only limited by your imagination. Valves can be inspected for corrosion, integrality of the seals, and regular wear and tear. Pistons and piston rings can be inspected for wear and leakage. Welds, castings and any other seals can also be remotely inspected, all this without having to dismantle the entire engine. The insides of rocker panels and bodywork can also be inspected for rust and damage remotely. Fuel lines and tank, as well as exhaust lines can be remotely accessed with a flexible borescope also. These are just some example of the automotive components and spaces you can visualize using a flexible borescope. Borescopes with a cameras built in are called videoscopes. Videoscopesallow you to see the inspection in real time on a built in monitor, computer or TV screen, and can record still images and video of your inspection to show customers or for your own records. Visual records you can share with your customers will better allow them to have a clear understanding of the repairs or corrective action needed in maintaining their vehicle.
On you can find a wide selection of automotive borescopes to any need and budget. The most popular and attractive scope in terms of price / features relationship is the “Rigel" Articulating Video Borescope. Due to its ultimate camera tip articulation (2-way tip Articulation, 180 degrees in each direction) plus 360 degree rotation of the probe on the monitor, this scope allows to do full visual inspection of virtually any hard to access area including valves, piston head, tank etc., without taking it apart. The economy line of automotive borescopes introduced by Voyager snake cameras cost only few hundred dollars and come equipped with many valuable features to meet most needs. And finally for most advanced inspection you can choose Iris videoscope. The high-resolution Sony Hyper CCD sensors provide detailed, life like images with realistic colors. Focusable interchangeable objective lenses with different field of view (FOV), focal ranges and aperture values allow individual adjustments to any inspection environments. The Iris video borescope provides unsurpassed image quality and contrast. Additional features include 4-way tip articulation, controlled manually by knobs on the hand piece, for quick rotation in the desired direction. To work safely with gas and oil its working probe maybe built in special non conductive cover.

Some benefits of borescopes for non destructive remote visual automotive inspection:

  • Inspect engine combustion chambers including: Valves, Cylinder heads, Piston crowns, Liners
  • Inspect water pump weep holes for coolant leaks
  • Check radiators  for restrictions
  • Inspect brake pads and shoes
  • Check fuel lines and tanks
  • Decrease time spent dismantling and reassembling for inspections
  • Pinpoint sources of knocking or other noises
Car Engine Repair and Inspection with Borescope
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