Rigid Borescope

Medit's Rigid Borescopes are computer designed and manufactured to comply with up-to-date standards of multiple industrial applications. They are exceptionally robust devices that combine great price-value ratio with high performance. Rigid bore scopes provide a significantly higher resolution image than flexible fiberscopes, or even videoscopes, due to their optical system construction that transports the image directly to the eyepiece. Their all-metal construction adds extra robustness and durability even in the most challenging conditions of an industrial inspection. They are also considerably less expensive than, for example, videoscopes and cost less to repair. The coated rod lenses in the optical system provide brilliant image quality with great contrast and brightness. The construction of the rigid borescope optical system guarantees a distortion-free image of the inspection area. Micro fibers densely packed into a light channel provide excellent light delivery to the inspection area. All our rigid borescopes are dust-, water-, oil-, gasoline- and diesel-proof with all exterior elements well adjusted. These devices feature ACMI, STORZ, OLYMPUS, and WOLF light post connections and can be easily coupled with most light sources available on the market.

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