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Plumbing Inspection Camera MiniFlex

  • All-in-One Plumbing Inspection Camera
  • Specially Designed for Extremely Tight Bends and Traps
  • Patented Flexi-tube Neck Capable of P-trap in 1¼”  pipe
  • Ø 19,5mm (0,75”) Detachable Camera Head
  • Working Length: 20 - 40 meter (65.6 - 131ft.)
  • Color CMOS Sensor with a Scratch-proof Sapphire Glass Lens
  • Built-in 512Hz Sonde
  • 5.6” TFT LCD Display
  • Image / Video Capture  
  • Video Output to a TV Monitor
  • SD Memory Card
  • Meter Counter
  • Text Generator
  • Waterproof up to 3 bars (100 ft.)
  • Portable Operation up to 7 hours
Average Rating: 5 ( based on 2 reviews )
great performance!
I was having an issue inspecting galvanized lines in a house. I had a Ridgid microDrain camera but we were only able to do about 50% of our inspections. So after reviewing some information and videos on Miniflex plumbing camera, we arranged a demo.
The sink in the bathroom we snaked and tried out, the Ridgid unit did not go into the drain, the Miniflex went right in. In the Tub, plastic line into galvanized, Miniflex went in both ways to 7, again the Ridgid did not.
In the Kitchen both units worked fine in that drain, which was more plastic piping. Both units performed the same. In direct comparison I liked the software on the Ridgid more, but obviously, the Miniflex plumbing camera is a way better performer, especially in houses with galvanized lines.
  • By Scott
It’s a great equipment!
My shower drain was having clogging problems 3 to 4 times per year and each time I had to call plumbers as well as use drain snake myself to clear the clog. Finally, I wanted to check the drainpipe and see if anything inside the pipe was causing the clog. I called plumbing companies and was told that there is not a camera available that can move through a 1.5-inch pipe and the P-Trap. I decided to check online and found MiniFlex plumbing camera specifically designed for 1-1/4" drainpipes or bigger.

I called the Fiberscope company located in Woburn MA and after talking to Terry I rented the MiniFlex and a locator which they shipped to my address in Mercer Island Washington.

I used the camera and the locator the same day after receiving it. It was very easy to push the cable with the camera through the drainpipe and especially the P-Trap. The MiniFlex small monitor was very clearly showing the camera moving forward until it could not move further. I saw something inside the pipe that should not have been there. The locator was also very helpful locating the camera inside the wall on the lower floor laundry room.

Now I will involve a professional to open the wall with the problem pipe and replace the section of the pipe that had foreign object inside.

MiniFlex camera was very helpful in finding the problem which we had for many years.

This is the only camera on the market that can get through the shower drainpipe and with ease!
  • By DS
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Advanced Pipe Crawler SIGMA HD

  • Advanced Pipe Crawler to Inspect Pipes Ranging from 200mm to 3500mm (8” to 120”)
  • Full HD 1080p Pan and Tilt Camera Head, with 10x Optical and 12x Digital Zoom  
  • Manual or Auto Focus, Range from 10mm - infinity
  • Full HD Rear-view Camera with LED lights
  • Cable Lengths from 200 meter (656 ft) to 500 meters (1,640 ft)
  • Manual or Motorized Reel
  • Laser Measurement, Image Stabilization, Pressure sensors, Inclinometer, Gyroscope 
  • Ability to Plot the Pipe and Measure Damages 
  • Onscreen Length Counter
  • Electronically Controlled Lift System
  • 4x4 Wheels, with Ultra-Powerful Dual 110 watt Motors
  • Steerable
  • Dual Monitor with 17.3” and 7” Touch-screens, Built-in Telemetry Computer
  • High Powered Built-in LEDs for Excellent Illumination (4000 LM)
  • Crawler IP68 Waterproof
  • Optional Additional LED Lighting, Wheel Sets and Sonde for Location Available  
  • Pelican Case for the Control Monitor
Average Rating: 5 ( based on 1 reviews )
glad we got it
Our SIGMA Crawler has arrived and is being fitted into its new home as we speak. It sure is a beast.
  • By NZ
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STRAHL Downhole / Well Camera

  • Borehole Camera to Inspect Oil and Water Wells, Mine Shafts, Silo Towers, etc.
  • 200m (656 ft.) Working Length
  • Camera Head – 45mm (1.77") in Diameter, 422mm (16.6") Long 
  • Well-rounded Inspections: Dual Cameras, 360° Endless Rotation
  • No External Moving Parts on Camera Head
  • Super Bright LED Illumination (6+6 LED lights)
  • Tightly Sealed Against Water Intrusion: Camera Head – IP68, up to 30 bar
  • Light, Compact, Sturdy Design
  • High-resolution 8” HD IPS LCD Display
  • On-screen depth counter
  • USB Wireless Keyboard 
  • Portable Manual Cable Reel
Average Rating: 4.7 ( based on 1 reviews )
Great inspection camera
The system that you provided for our down the hole camera inspection has worked flawlessly. The consultants have been very pleased with the difference in imaging we have been providing, they thanked us a lot for the professional high quality imaging for them to review.
Anything we can improve for our customers is what we want to do. Myself and Preset Piling have to say a huge thanks to yourself Terry and Medit Inc. for the outstanding product and services provided to date. As for Claude he can’t say enough good about how the product and how it has simplified his operations.
Another awesome part of this is we are very happy to be supporting local products and service. It’s so great to have crossed paths with Medit Inc, so again thanks for everything you have done.
  • By Todd
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Heavy Duty Push Camera TROGLOPROBE SL

  • PRO Grade Push Camera
  • ¼” Color CMOS Camera Chip with “Digital Clarity” 
  • Sensitivity Better than 0.1 lux
  • 57 Degree Field of View 
  • Interchangeable 1.9" Self-Leveling or 1" and 1.2" Straight View Camera Heads
  • Camera Head is IP68 waterproof up to 11 bars (160 psi) 
  • Full Skid Set for 3”, 4” and 6” Pipes
  • The Complete System is Waterproof to IP67 for all Weather Conditions
  • 61m/197 feet Reinforced Push Cable Length (optional up to 90m/295 feet)
  • Integral DVR with Recording on SD Memory Card
  • 9-Page Textwriter with Footage Counter, Time & Date and Various Display Mode
  • Up to 8 hour Portable Use on the Rechargeable Battery
  • Wincan Approved System
  • Light weight, Base System Only 17kg (38 pounds)
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Optional 512Hz Sonde, WiFi Module and Roller Skid Available
Average Rating: 5 ( based on 1 reviews )
I'm glad i found it!
The unit worked fine and did what we needed. Unfortunately it confirmed that we will need a new well eventually, the source of the sand we were searching for is coming in from an aquifer below the casing, so nothing that can be fixed easily. But at least we now know how deep the casing is, no one in the county had any records.
The nice thing is that camera went down the well without removing the supply pipe. When I inquired about hiring a well inspection service locally they said we had to get the pump pulled before they could inspect the well. It would be better with a rotating head to look around, but without spending $1,000 to pull and reinstall the pump, plus a day or two without water, it was a good investment to get a general view what’s going on below, answered a lot of questions in a short amount of time. The only thing to note if you do get inquiries is that the well should be disinfected after the probing (we don’t know where that camera has been, and that’s our drinking water).
  • By Michael M
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Pan-and-Tilt HD Sewer Camera ANACONDA

  • Sewer Inspection System with Pan-and-Tilt HD Camera
  • Ø 2" (50mm) Interchangeable Camera Head with Stainless Steel Housing
  • IP68 Waterproof Sewer Camera Head
  • CMOS HD Video Chip
  • Built-in Powerful LEDs to Maximize Illumination
  • 197 ft (60m) or 393.7 ft (120 m) Length Push Rod 
  • 10.0’’ LCD IPS Monitor 
  • Easy Image/Video Capturing, Processing and Storing
  • Data Capture on USB Memory Stick
  • Digital Footage Counter
  • Built in 512Hz Sonde
  • Centering Skid for Increase Visibility and Maneuverability in the Pipeline
  • Battery-Powered Operation
Average Rating: 4.7 ( based on 1 reviews )
very helpful
Recently I had a situation where I needed to figure out why an existing duct shaft was not getting enough air to pass thru it and we contacted your company for options.
Rather than opening up the walls on each of the 8 floors to gain access to this duct shaft( which would have been very costly).
Roman advised us that you had camera’s with video capability that could be rented and dropped into the ducting to look for the blockage. He was very knowledgeable about the equipment and very understanding with our situation.
I found the customer satisfaction to be very positive working with this company.
  • By Kevin McIntyre
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HATHORN Drain Scope Sewer Camera

  • Ideal to Inspect Pool, Drain and Sewer Pipes
  • 200 feet of Premium .400 push Rod
  • 512hz Sonde
  • 2.0” P-Traps and Up
  • 90 Degree Turn in 1.5" Pipe
  • 40 psi (92 feet of water) Waterproof Camera Head
  • Audio and Video Out Jacks
  • 12" Daylight Readable Monitor
  • Weather Sealed Keyboard
  • Record to USB Drive
  • Text Writing with Memory Saves
  • Footage Counter
  • Adjustable Lighting Controls
  • Voice Over Recording (Built In)
  • Low Battery Alarm
Average Rating: 5 ( based on 1 reviews )
The best option for our application
I work for a mechanical contractor and recently we ran into an issue trying to find a scope that would be able to navigate an old Rickwell steam system. 3 inch buttweld steam, and 2 inch buttweld condensate. We knew the condensate was filling up and when drained there was sediment in the red rusty water. Find the leak we needed to run a scope in either end of the 2 inch pipe with a 200 foot scope. The total length of the pipe was somewhere around 323 feet. One end consisted one elbow 70 foot in followed by a second elbow 75 foot thereafter. The other end had two immediate back to back elbows followed by a third elbow within the first 29 feet. We own our own Rigid Seesnake for 2 inch pipe and above. The Rigid was not able to navigate any of the elbows. It consisted of a metal head slightly longer in length and the spring coil behind the head was a little wider that the 1.36” Drain Scope we received from Fiberscope. With the awesome help from the service they provided us with the best option for our application. I highly suggest talking to these guys before ordering or Renting because they really know each scopes capability. The Drain Scope arrived on time and ready to go. It was easy to use and it was able to navigate all three 90 degree elbows on one end plus an addition 40 feet. On the other end it was able to navigate 70 feet and one elbow plus an additional 20 feet, which is really good considering the distance. Although we were not able to find the leak we were able to narrow it down to 40 feet that the leak was at which was fine in this application because we had quoted a customer to replace 60 feet. Given that the pipe was so rusted and rough the skid plate on the Drain Scope and the flexibility truly holds an advantage over the Rigid. We did not expect any scope to be able to navigate the entire pipe. It’s nearly impossible to reach 200 foot and still get a solid push behind a camera considering the circumstances. Truly a huge help in an area where we couldn’t even use thermal testing.
  • By Vince Corbin
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Video Borescope RIGEL 2-way Articulating


  • Ø 3mm (0.12"), 4mm (0.16") and 5.5mm (0.22") insertion probes
  • 2-way articulation tip, 180 degrees in each direction
  • 120 degrees for 3 meter(9.8ft) probes in each direction
  • Interchangeable probes in 1m (3.3’) - 10m (32.8’) working lengths
  • CMOS Video Camera Chip: 400,000/450,000 pixels, 30 fps
  • Field of View (FOV) : 67°/ 90°
  • Depth of View (DOV) 20-70mm / 10-50mm
  • Optional mirror tips for 5.5mm probes: 70°, 90°, 110°
  • Waterproof Probe: IP 57


  • 3.5” Color LCD Display: 720x640 pixels
  • Grid, mirror options
  • Zoon in/out
  • Image(JPEG) /Video (MPEG4) file capture 
  • AV output (PAL/NTSC selectable)
  • SD memory included
  • USB port (1.1/20.) to transfer data to PC
  • Build-in LED Illumination with adjustable brightness
  • Anti-slip rubber handle
  • Charger, USB cable included
Average Rating: 4.7 ( based on 2 reviews )
Works well for the application
The sales person was very good, he supported us extremely well. He helped research the proper borescope and arranged for expedited shipping. Goods arrived on time and worked well for the application, all in all excellent service.
  • By Jim Ayrheart
Good scope for less money
The videoscope was purchased based on recommendations to learn to play with it on before purchasing more advanced scope. Not disappointed with its performance.
  • By Minecrafter
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3" Pan-and-Tilt Pipe Camera GECKO 9020

  • 3" Diameter Pan-and-Tilt Camera Head
  • High Resolution ¼” Sony CCD Image Sensor
  • High-grade Aluminum Camera Head 
  • Waterproof to 1.5 bars (50 ft.)
  • Wide angle 130 degree field of view 
  • 18 High Powered SMD LEDs 
  • Pan and Tilt Functions - 360 Degree Endless Rotation, 240 Degree Tilt, and Auto Settings
  • Flexible Push Cable 7.5mm in Diameter x 60 meters (197 ft.) Long 
  • Capable of 90 Degree Bends in 4” Pipe, for Use in Pipes up to 12”
  • Color 8.4” LCD Monitor, in a Metal Case, with a Full Keyboard and Sun Shield
  • Variable Height Adjustment for the Monitor
  • Digital Video Recorder to Capture Video Files 
  • Onscreen Foot Counter, and Internal Pressure Monitor   
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack, for 4-6 Hours of Portable Use
  • 512Hz Sonde to Locate the Camera Head
  • German Made Durable High End Design and Construction
Average Rating: 5 ( based on 1 reviews )
Very satisfied
After a time of using the camera, it's completely met our demands and we feel very satisfied with your professional working.
  • By N.H.Danh
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Inspection Camera VIPER ADV

Product Highlights:

  • Great maneuverability and viewing characteristics
  • Ø 23mm (1.0”) Camera Head
  • 12 super bright white LED lights
  • High-resolution color CCD chip
  • Built-in 512Hz frequency sonde
  • Push rod diameter – 6.5mm
  • Working Length – 40 meter (131.2') and 60 meter (196.8')
  • 9” TFT LCD display in a Waterproof Case
  • Image (JPEG )/Video (AVI) file capture  
  • Video output to a TV monitor
  • Files capture to a SD memory card
Average Rating: 4.7 ( based on 1 reviews )
Totally satisfied
Thank you for your service, the product is perfect WOW!
  • By Martin
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Rigid Borescope

• stainless steel probe Ø from 2.7mm (0.1in) and up
• Working Length – up to 600mm (23.6in)
• Direction of View (DOV) - 0°, 30°, 70°,  90° or 110°
• Rod Lens optical system
• Completely waterproof design
• Light post connections - ACMI, STORZ, OLYMPUS, WOLF
• 32mm Universal Eyepiece

Complimentary  LED Light handle, to illuminate the inspection area (INCLUDED)

Average Rating: 4.8 ( based on 2 reviews )
Liked Rigid Borescope
Q: Do you like the Rigid Borescope you bought from Why?
A: We do like our Borescope. It functions just the way we want it to and at a reasonable cost.

Q: What kind of application you use it for?
A: Precision machine

Q: How product help you finish your tasks or help in job?
A: We use the borescope during manufacturing and QA functions to make sure bores are free of burrs and debris.
  • By Mark
Great value for small diameter
I use the 2.7mm OD borescope for checking the inside of solitary bee nest tunnels, which sometimes requires a very small diameter. Other borescopes of similar size I looked at ran upwards of $2,000. If you are looking for a larger borescope, there are more economical options, but the 2.7mm OD scope is about the best value out there. Excellent quality too.

Word of warning if ordering from the US though, there might be extra shipping/tax charges upon receipt of the item.
  • By Joel
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Drain Camera VIPER

  • Our Most Affordable Drain Camera
  • Ø 23mm (1.0”) Standard Camera Head (Optional)
  • Ø 23mm (1.0”) Side View Camera Head (Optional)
  • Ø 17mm (0.67") Mini Camera Head (Optional)
  • Ø 28mm (1.1”) Self-levelling Camera (Optional)
  • Working Length – 20 meter(65.6'), 30 meter (98.4 foot) and 40 meter(131.2')
  • Super White LED Lights 
  • High-resolution Color CCD Camera with a Scratch-proof Sapphire Glass Lens
  • Optional Built-in 512Hz Frequency Sonde
  • 9” TFT LCD Display in a Waterproof Case
  • Image (JPEG ) / Video (AVI) File Recording 
  • Video Output to a TV Monitor
  • SD Memory Card for File Capture
  • Data Capture on USB Memory Stick
Average Rating: 4.9 ( based on 6 reviews )
I like this cam
My work is inspecting town house, multi complexes and apartments for our property management company. I purchase this camera to inspect a verity of things. Such as sewer lines, storm lines, dryer vents, attics, wall cavities. Sometimes on my knees other times I am on a ladder doing inspection.

I found the camera to be what I expected it to do. It is a great product. The pros that I found about the camera are

The picture was clear. Lcd tv great.
The control of the lighting was good.
The cable flexibility was good going around pipe bends.
First time trying recording, I had a little issue with it, called your office and they help me figured it out, great help.
The microphone sound was good
The SD card and USB good

The cons :

On the microphone, the cord could be a lot longer at least 6 to 8 feet, or a wireless blue tooth mic.
Just working with the camera cable and talking into the mic made it a uncomfortable body position. In doing inspection and doing a voice recording at the same time, it didn’t give you much room or elbow space to work with the camera cable without bumping into case.

The case is great. If it opened just a bit more such as perhaps a 30’ degree angle, I would be able to see the screen better in a standing position. When it sits on the ground and I’m standing doing a dryer vent inspection (to see if the vent pipe is clogged or the pipe has separated in the wall) I would have to bend down or have the case leaning back on something to view the screen. I have made a platform to adapt to a step ladder so that I can see the screen as I am feeding in the camera cable.

I do like the product very much and will be ordering another one very soon.
  • By Enzo
Great Camera!
Do you like the "Viper" Portable Push Camera you bought from

I love the “Viper” Portable Push Camera. The one I own is slightly different from the Push Cam4 as mine has an orange case and the camera head looks slightly different but the overall specs look the same.

What kind of application you use it for?

This camera is almost exclusively used for inspecting the interior lining of chimneys. It offers high resolution color video of places a traditional camera or flashlight can allow me to see. Each 6 min of video uses approximately 100mb of space on a flash drive. I can watch the video on my computer and catch still frames to use in my reports.

Viper Push Camera Pros:

~ High resolution video
~ Color display
~ Easy to operate
~ Cost effective Camera
~ Can use battery only – no need for electric nearby
~ Very cost effective – best camera for the money

Viper Push Camera Cons:

~ USB only – no SD card slot
~ No autofocus
~ No light control – cannot change light intensity
~ Rigid fiber line can be cumbersome depending on application – soft line would be better for chimney inspections
  • By Steven
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Borescope Camera ImagePRO-USB

  • Variable Focal Range Couplers Available
  • 5.0 Mega Pixel, Full HD
  • 2.0 HI-Speed USB Data Transfer
  • Driver Free
  • Focusable Video Coupler Included
  • Compact, Light Weight Body
  • Windows 10 and Mac OS (macOS) compatible!
Average Rating: 5 ( based on 1 reviews )
We Liked ImagePro USB Camera
Q; Do you like the ImagePRO-USB you bought from Why?

A; We do like it. The only problem is it doesn’t stay centered and/or straight on our eyepiece, so one side of the picture/video is round. Maybe that’s just because we have a different borescope than indended for? We have a Hawkeye borescope that we use it with. Other than that, it is very easy to use, it focuses well and takes good video/pics.

Q: What kind of application you use it for?

A: We connect the camera to our borescope to record what we are seeing. Our field of work deals with automobile product liability cases. So far we have used the borescope to look inside seat belt buckles, but possibly intend to use it for seat recliners as well. It is good to record what we see to use as evidence.

Q: How product help you finish yout tasks or help in job?
A: It helps us record what we see to use in later circumstances.
  • By Jeremy
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Borescope LED Light Source SPARK

  •  Ultimate performance
  •  Best in class light intensity
  •  Great heat utilization
  •  Up to 4 hrs of continuous use
  •  Standard AAA Rechargeable batteries
  •  Light and Portable Design
Average Rating: 4.3 ( based on 1 reviews )
Great value and construction
Well built, great price, easy to use. No unnecessary bells or whistles - performs as advertised.
  • By Guest
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Snake Scope VOYAGER with Joystick Controlled Articulation

  • 4-Way, 360 Degree Joystick Controlled Manual Articulation
  • 720P HD Resolution
  • 3.2ft. - 22.9ft. (1.0m - 7.0m) Working Length
  • Ø 0.08" (2.2mm), 0.11" (2.8mm), 0.15" (3.9mm) and 0.23" (6mm) Probes Available
  • IP67 Waterproof, Tungsten Braided Insertion Probe
  • interchangeable Insertion Probes Can Be Changed in Seconds
  • Pistol Grip Design with Magnetic Stand
  • High-Output White LED Lights (Optional IR LED's Available) 
  • Adjustable Illumination
  • Integrated 3.5” Sony TFT LCD Monitor
  • USB Connection
  • micro SD Card Slot 
  • Image and Video File Capture
  • Samsung Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery for Portable Use
Average Rating: 4.9 ( based on 5 reviews )
Great Product
Works great for seeing inside hard to get areas. Battery last long enough.
  • By JJ
Likes Voyager snakescope
Q: Do you like the Voyager snake scope you bought from Why?
A: Yes. Very helpful tool. Allows investigative work with minimal effort.

Q; What kind of application you use it for?
A: Investigating conditions behind existing wall assemblies.

Q: How does this product help you finish your tasks or job?
A: Most accurate results and least invasive to existing assembly conditions.
  • By Andy
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Super Thin Flexible Micro Borescope

  • High Pixel Density Flexible Micro Borescope
  • Probe Diameter Ø 1.0mm(.04in)/ 1.9mm(0.07in)/ 2.4mm(0.09in)
  • Vinyl/Teflon coated flexible insertion probes
  • Working Length: 254mm (10")/ 508mm (20")/ 635mm (25")/ 1000mm (40").
  • Fiber optic image bundle- 10,000/ 30,000 pixels
  • Field of View (FOV) - 45°
  • Direction of view (DOV) - 0°
  • 32mm universal eyepiece
  • Bend Radius of the insertion tube is 4" and more

Complimentary LED Light handle, to illuminate the inspection area. (INCLUDED)

Average Rating: 4.7 ( based on 1 reviews )
very good
Excellent price value, good competition for established , big, expensive companies. Good communication and service, super fast delivery.
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Inspection Camera ORION - USB

  • Compatible with all Orion/Rigel/Heron video probes
  • 720x480 pixel resolution
  • Image (JPEG )/Video (MPEG4) File Capture
  • Video output (Format NTSC & PAL)
  • Mini USB 1.1/2.0
  • LED Intensity control to adjust the illumination
  • Live image can be displayed directly on your computer or laptop
Average Rating: 5 ( based on 1 reviews )
Excellent tool
Our quality department is very happy with its simplicity and usability!
  • By Reaz Ahmed
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AL-1824 Arc Lamp - metal halide lamp for MS24/MS48 light sources

AL-1824 Arc Lamp assembly is a high-intensity metal-halide bulb that fits MS24 and MS48 metal halide light sources.
Average Rating: 3 ( based on 1 reviews )
Excellent service
Pricey light, but great service. Got part day after ordered ...outstanding !
  • By phil
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Portable Flexible Fiberscope

Portable Flexible Fiberscope 4.8mm(0.19"), or 8.5mm(0.33") diameter - 460mm (18 inch) or 910mm (35.8 inches) total length.

  •     Close-up focusing-objects as close to the lens as 1.2"
  •     Ergonomically designed, non-slip handle fits comfortably in one hand
  •     One-handed operation-focusing and light activation can be achieved one handed freeing the other hand for work
  •     Integrated focus ring for smooth, continuous focusing
  •     460mm (18 inch) or 35.8" (910mm) long insertion tube will reach deep into walls, drains, vents, engine blocks, etc. and requires only a 4mm opening
  •     Flexible, cable bends in every direction to allow precise viewing
  •     Durable insertion tube is both rugged, water and oil resistant, allowing you to get in the most difficult places.
  •     Convenient, adjustable eyepiece Super Bright Xenon lamp illuminates dark locations for clear viewing
  •     Rugged ALUMINIUM carrying case, sealed lens and cable are submersible for underwater use
  •     Operates on 2 AA batteries
Average Rating: 4.7 ( based on 1 reviews )
I bought this scope for our medical practice and like it. We use it in anesthesiology (pss!) to make sure the endotracheal tube is placed correctly
  • By jacques eduardo danon
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