Fiber Optic Borescopes

А flexible fiber optic borescope allows for inspecting the areas that have limited or obstructed access. For this reason, these devices come in small diameters, which, however, does not compromise the overall quality of the inspection images due to a specialized video and optical technology. Our fiber optic borescopes main feature is the superior optic, which provides better image quality than most of the competitors in the class. All our portable fiber optic borescopes are designed to be operated by one hand, leaving the other hand free to insert and steer the insertion probe. They are easy-to-use and convenient even in longer inspections due to their light weight, small size and non-slip handles. The scopes feature an articulating, and non articulating insertion probe. Some models are available with flex-and-stay, or goose neck, insertion probes. These probes can be bent into a set position which they will obediently keep until physically bent back.

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