Video Borescope RIGEL: Advanced Features But Maintains Affordable Price

Lately we have been witnessing a flood of innovative viewing equipment in the market that boast with advanced characteristics, enhanced software, user-friendly operation AND being extremely cheap – all at the same time. As it turns out – a lot of them are either advanced but NOT very user-friendly, or they are advanced but NOT cheap. To start out with elaborate software menus and set up instructions. You need a separate class to master just those two before you can take the device to the field and examine a pipe, or machine.
It definitely shouldn’t require half of your company’s annual income to buy a video Articulating Borescope RIGEL borescope. Equipment is supposed to minimize operation time while maximizing income. Not the other way around.
In this regards, we highly recommend new versatile RIGEL Articulating Video Borescope. And we are going to prove to you that it’s worth all the penny you invest in it:
1. It’s small, compact, light, yet extremely maneuverable due to optimal neck angulation unexpected in devices of its class – 180 degrees in 2 directions for 1m (3.3’) and 2m (6.5’) probes and 120 degrees for 3m (9.8’) probes. Use the neck lock if you want to fixate it in a specific position
2. Wide range of applications and outstanding durability – articulating necks are reinforced with tungsten and come in different lengths. Increased longevity despite the multiple cycles of inspections
3. High-quality, crisp images due to innovative high-resolution CMOS Video Camera chip (60 [email protected]) and six integrated LED lights
4. Add-on features for more informative inspections: powerful zoom, grid and mirroring function
5. The buttons on the control unit are FEW and they are easy to find and use
6. Easy data recording, processing, exchanging via SD memory card, USB or AV output jack. The integrated monitor is high definition 3.5” Color LCD display
7. Uninterrupted, free of wires operation due to a long-lasting, rechargeable LI-polymer battery