New Triton Push Camera is Designed to Navigate Tight Corners in 2″ Pipe.

The New Triton Push Camera boasts the smallest diameter camera head for a push camera offered by One of the largest problems faced when using push cameras in smaller diameter pipes is navigating tight corners and the Triton has been designed to solve some of these problems. Check out the Video we have posted of this innovative push camera navigating small diameter gas pipelines. This unit is built to be small enough make 90° bends and move through p-traps in 2” inch pipe with little trouble. The 200ft Kevlar braided probe ensures ruggedness is not compromised for small size and maneuverability of the camera head through pipes. This water proof probe is designed for use in environments with up to 65 psi, and is safe for use in natural gas environments as well. This unit is built to stand up to wear and tear of heavy duty pipe inspections. For quality and small diameter in push cameras look no further than the Triton.

Triton industrial pipe camera monitor and keyboards

The triton also features a 10.4” inch monitor, that displays how much of the push rod has been inserted, to aid in locating the head, the head also comes with a built in 512Hz transmitter, so the head can be even more precisely located using a 512Hz locator. The base unit also allows you to record audio during inspections, as well as add text using the built in full QWERTY keyboard. More information about this new pipe camera is available on