Through the Needle’s Eye: Super Thin Micron Videoscope

The smallest diameter video borescope MICRON has finally entered the market. Medit Inc. has launched sales of the video inspection tool with an impressively tiny 1.9mm (0.75’’) outer probe diameter. Despite its tiny size, the high resolution (160,000 pixels) distal lens at the end of the probe is equipped with a built-in fiberoptic light. Due to its CIS CMOS sensor the camera delivers clear, crisp and bright images without a grainy pattern common in fiberoptic type devices. The camera features a 90 degree field of view (FOV) with straight, or 0 degree direction of view (DOV). The inspected object has to be in the range between 3mm and 50mm (0.12 to 2’’)

Ultra Thin Video Borescope MICRON

The 2000mm long ETFE coated flexible probe is connected to the handheld camera control unit. The modular design of the videoscope makes it possible to change or replace the probe easily whenever necessary. The control unit possesses a USB output for the direct connection to a computer. The inspection results are visualized onto a computer screen. Captured photo and video files are also saved and recorded on the computer hard drive, thus placing no cap on the number and size of files.

The Micron super thin video borescope is made in the USA and comes with a one year warranty. This innovative tool is indispensable for the inspection of tiny bores and navigating through the narrowest passages. Beyond any doubt, it will place this scope among the market leaders in its segment.