Portable locator ”Detection wand” XT512 from Medit Inc.

Portable locator “Detection Wand” XT512 boasts a lightweight, yet sturdy body, compact size, and one button depth measurement. The locator operates on the popular 512Hz frequency mode. Typically, the locator permits to read depths up to 2.5 meters (8 feet) depending on the strength of signal and location of your sewer/pipe inspection camera. The XT512 is instrumental in locating blockages and obstructions in non metallic pipes.

The portable locator can be used to trace non-metallic pipes, or metallic pipes, where other modes are inapplicable or inefficient. A small sonde or “beacon transmitter” is either built into our camera head, or a separate unit can be pushed through the pipe on a cable allowing the locator to search  for the signal emitted by the sonde.  The portable locator is equipped with an LCD display panel, which produces a clear digital readout. It also features as a graphic display and an audible tone.

“Detection Wand” XT512 portable locator is faster and far more precise than analog locators. Additional accessories such as a standard headset, noise cancelling headphones and different frequencies beacon are available with the wand. All this coupled with a special extended 3-year warranty makes ”Detection Wand” XT512 portable locator a perfect choice for any pipeline or sewer inspection.

The “Detection Wand” XT512 portable locator is an ideal addition for the beacon equipped Trogloprobe or Viper-S pipe Inspection Camera System.

Portable locator ''Detection wand