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Ultra Fine Micro Borescope

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Product Highlights:
  • Ø 0.37mm (0.0146"), 0.5mm (0.0197") and 0.75mm (0.0295") Probe Diameter
  • Working Length - 305mm (12") / 610mm (24") / Custom Available
  • 25mm Bend Radius in the 0.5mm Diameter
  • Black Polyimide Coated Flexible Insertion Tube
  • 60° or 70° Field of View (FOV)
  • 0° Direction of View (DOV)
  • Waterproof Design.
  • Manual Focus of the Image with Focus Ring on the Eyepiece
  • Removable Eyepiece, Makes Replacement of the Fiber Cable Easier 
  • Light Post Connection: STORZ, WOLF, and STORZ Adapter Thread
  • 32mm Standard Eyepiece
  • Perfect for Industrial Inspections, Though the Optics are Fragile and Should be Used with Caution
What’s Included
Micro Borescope.
Product Information
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Our Ultra Fine Micro Borescopes represent a Premium line of super-thin flexible fiberscopes designed to access extremely small inspection areas, with diameters of 0.37mm (0.0146"), 0.5mm (0.0197”) or 0.75mm (0.295”), and field of views of 60 and 70 degrees, respectively.  

The UF Micro Borescopes are manufactured in the US, using densely-packed Japanese Quartz fibres to compose the image bundles, 3000 fibers in 0.37mm diameter, 3000 fiberes in the 0.5mm diameter, and 10,000 fibres in the 0.75mm diameter. These are covered with a black polyimide sheath to protect the optics and the fiber light cables which illuminate the inspection area from the tip of the scope. The minimum bend radius with the 0.5mm ET Fiberscope will be 25mm, so they can make pretty tight bends. 

The eyepiece on the UF Micro Fiberscopes is focusable coupler, meaning the image through the scope can be manually focused to better see the inspection area close or further away. The focusable eyepiece is also removable if the fiber optic image bundle is damaged this one part can be replaced, instead of the entire scope, making repairs far easier and cheaper. Different diameters and lengths of fiber cables can also be used with one eyepiece. Image/video recording devices (for example the ImagePRO USB or ImagePRO HDTV camera units) can be attached to the eyepiece to document inspections, though a brighter light source like the LED Illuminator is HIGHLY recommended for video capture.

All of our Ultra Fine Micro Borescopes can be pair with a portable SPARK LED Light Handle, to illuminate the inspection area directly from the tip of the insertion probe.

Note: Ultra Fine Micro Borescope is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.

  • Working Length: 305mm (12") / 610mm (24") / Custom Available
  • Diameter: 0.37mm (0.0146") / 0.5mm (0.0197") / 0.75mm (0.0295")
  • Resolution: 3000pix / 3000pix / 10,000pix
  • No articulation
  • Coated flexible insertion tube
  • Field of View (FOV): 60° / 70°
  • Direction of view (DOV): 0°
  • Focal Range: 3mm - 25mm / 1mm-20mm / 3mm-50mm
  • Focus ring on the eyepiece
  • Light post connection: STORZ, WOLF, and STORZ Adapter Thread
  • 32mm standard eyepiece



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