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Tank & Vessel Inspection Cameras

Visual inspection solutions for man less entry and visualization of confined spaces.

The visual inspection of confined spaces is a crucially important and growing segment of many industrial processes and safety procedures. Confined spaces are common in many industrial settings and range from vaults, manholes and tunnels to tanks, vessels, cisterns, and silos. Usually, the confined spaces need to be inspected periodically in order to ensure safety, cleanliness, and the absence of foreign objects, contaminants, corrosion, or residue from previous use.

There are two aspects to confined space survey that may significantly impact the profitability, brand integrity, and the general operation of a business.

  • One of them is safety. Confined spaces are often risky by definition. Some of the common hazards one can find in confined places are an insufficient oxygen level, the presence of high voltage, poisonous or harmful substances, and the risk of falling down. This is why complex procedures have been developed to ensure inspection safety. For example, in the USA those procedures are supervised by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Many other countries have similar administrative and supervisory bodies. The OSHA regulations require at least two people with special training and equipment to inspect many types of confined spaces. Permits are also often required for people to be able to enter confined spaces to carry on inspection or maintenance work. Nevertheless, in spite of all the effort, confined space inspections remains a risky task. According to statistics, about 100 people a year die from work related injuries suffered in confined spaces in the USA alone.
  • The second aspect is cost. Hiring crews of inspectors, training them and purchasing the required equipment is expensive. Obtaining permits also costs businesses money. The safety regulations tend to become more stringent over time, which only adds to the financial burden businesses must bear in order to comply with regulations and ensure safety. The rule of thumb is that improving safety inevitably means an increase in spending.

However, there is a proven way to reverse this tendency. Using specialized tank and vessel cameras designed and built for the inspection of confined spaces is a way to solve both problems, that is, to improve safety and decrease the operation cost. Needless to say, the best way to avoid risks and costs associated with entry into confined spaces is to avoid entry. Remote visual inspection tools successfully achieve this goal. Only one operator is normally sufficient to carry out an inspection, and, if there is no physical entry, complex regulations do not apply and entry permits are not required. Moreover, even if a physical entry is absolutely necessary, using an inspection camera notably reduces the time spent in a confined space. A specialized tank and vessel camera provides a higher level of convenience while conducting inspections of confined spaces. It adds value to the inspection by delivering such capabilities as photo and video capturing of the inspection process.

We offer a comprehensive selection of inspection tools for confined spaces which cover most applications of this type. Our Inspektor Zoom Camera is an optimal tool for the check up, maintenance and repair of vaults, pipes and manholes. It features an 11ft. pole with a built-in two-way 90 degree articulation, a digital processor to enhance images, integrated brightness, contrast, color, tint, back light and sharpness controls, in addition to recording capabilities. The camera is waterproof and has an impressive x10 Optical Zoom sufficient for inspecting objects up to 200 ft. away.

The Explosion Proof Camera VIDEOSCOPE-XT is certified for use in class 1 division 2 hazardous locations (UL Certificate). It is specifically designed for hazardous environments, such as aircraft engine and tank inspections as well as law enforcement and military applications. The borescope is equipped with full 4-way articulation. Just as the rest of our confined space inspection tools, this borescope possesses recording capabilities.

Our specialized tank and vessel cameras successfully solve the problem of inspecting confined spaces risk-free, with optimal results and at a reduced cost. They provide safety, convenience and added value thanks to a wide array of functions and their sturdy, robust design.

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