What is a Videoscope?

Video Borescope with Incorporated CMOS sensor ORION

videoscope is a borescope with a video camera at the tip of an insertion probe and a monitor to visualize the inspection. The tip contains also generally LED light source. The insertion probe contains electrical wires and special steel wires to control the tip if the device is articulated. A videoscope is an inspection tool with a flexible optical tube to insert into bores, pipes, holes and cavities for visual inspection. Nowadays they are used more often than optical rigid borescopes and fiberscopes.
The videoscopes are classified according to the following important specifications: presence of articulation, diameter of probe, working length, field of view (FOV), direction of view (DOV) and minimal focus distance. Articulation is a feature of tip bending with the help of a knob or a ring. The diameter of probe is usually between 4-10 mm. The working length is the length of the probe. The field of view is the viewing area. It is a measure of how much of the visual field is taken up by the image. The direction of view is the direction the axis of view. The minimal focus distance for the borescope is the minimum effective focusing distance.
Flexible videoscope tips may be bent back and forth using a control in the handpiece, which allows changes to view angle. A two-way articulated tip can be manipulated and implies single plane of articulation. A four-way articulated tip can be manipulated in two plane articulation.
Often articulated videoscopes include stainless steel or even tungsten braiding of insertion tube, which guards electrical wiring and control wires from damage. Tungsten braiding is twice more durable than steel braiding and often used in premium systems.
Today customers are offered with a wide range of videoscopes from simple ones with PVC covered flexible probes to highly efficient ones with stereo measuring ability, four-way articulation, a number of sensors, tungsten sheathing and high resolution video cameras.

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