Our Customer Shares Images from Pipe Inspections

We recently had a customer from Switzerland purchase a 40m Viper Portable Push Camera from our online store.  Geologische Beratungen, Schenker Korner & Partners GMBH were very happy with their purchase, and send us back some images they captured with their push camera. The Viper has a CCD camera and 8 bright LED lights in the head of the waterproof probe to capture these bright, clear, colour images of inspections.

Encrusted Pipe Example

Encrusted Pipe Example

Snapshot of Clean Pipe Taken with Viper Push Camera

Clean Pipe Example

Snapshot of Unprofessional Implantation Taken with Viper Push Camera

Unprofessional Implantation Example

Snaphot of Root Invasion into the Pipe

Root Invasion into the Pipe

Geologishe Beratungen are using the camera for quality control, inspecting underground pipes that were part of their studies dealing with pollution legacy, foundation ground and hydro geology. We would like to thank them for sharing their results with us.