Rigid Videoscope HERON-A Articulated Probe

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Product Highlights:
  • 6mm insertion probe diameter
  • Ultimate 3400 rotation of the probe  
  • 2-way articulating tip
  • Working Lengths: 150 mm (5.9"), 300 mm (11.8"), 450 mm (17.7") and 700 mm (27.6")
  • CMOS Video Camera Chip: 450,000 pixels, 60 fps@AVGA
  • Depth of View: 20-70mm
  • Field of View: 67°
  • Optional mirror tips available in: 35°~70° / 45°~90° / 55°~110°
  • Waterproof Probe: IP 57
What’s Included
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Product Information
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All the probes for the HERON-A rigid type videoscope with articulation feature a high-resolution CMOS Video Camera Chip (450,000 pixels) and 6 LED lights integrated at the tip, which offer crisp color still images and video of the inspection area. LED lights illumination intensity can be adjusted by pushing a button on the monitor base (sold separately). 

These probes are 3400 rotatable for a more detailed footage of the inspected object. Available optional accessories are: guide ball, magnet, 35~70 degree mirror tip, 45~90 degree mirror tip, and 55~110 degree mirror tip.

Heron-A probes feature 2-way tip articulation with an almost full, 180 degree angulation. With a 670 field of view and a 20-70mm depth of view any inspection in tight spaces will be much more efficient.

Specially ordered product. Conditions apply.


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