Industrial Video Borescope with Working Channel IRis DVRx-WC

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Product Highlights:
  • Professional Borescope with Working Channel    
  • Durable Tungsten-Braided Probe
  • Working Length of 2.0 meters (6.56 ft) or 3.0 meters (9.84 ft)
  • Diameter: 8.0 mm (0.315”)
  • High-resolution CMOS Camera, with 90 Degree FOV 
  • 1.8mm Diameter Channel for Optional Tools: Magnet, Measuring, Alligator Jaw  
  • Capacity to Measure Problem Areas
  • Large Integrated Display (5.0“/12.7 cm)
  • Built-in Digital Zoom
  • 3-stage Adjustable Dual LED Illumination
  • 4 way Tip Articulation with 360° Rotation
  • Rechargeable 6h Battery
  • 32,000 Images or 500 Hours of Video Can be Stored on 32GB SDHC Card
  • Light, Portable, Robust

What’s Included
Video Borescope iRis DVRx-WC, Li-Lon rechargeable Battery, Charger for Li-Ion rechargeable battery, AC Adapter, SD Memory Card, User's manual, Peli Type Case, Optional Retrieval Set (magnet, measuring stick, alligator jaw).
Product Information
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The new IRIS DVRx-WC is a specially manufactured 8mm diameter DVRx video boresocpe with a built in working channel.  These videoscopes are constructed with an internal 1.8mm ID channel, to slide through retrieval devices, without exceeding an 8mm outer diameter.

The IRIS DVRx-WC has the same color CMOS camera chip as other DRVx units, 4-way tip articulation, with 360 degree rotation, a 90 degree field of view, and the same 5” LCD screen, with image and video capture to an SD memory card, digital zoom, adjustable LED brightness, text input, and a rechargeable battery for portable use. They also feature an additional kit of tools which will slide down the built in channel. These include alligator jaws for grasping, a magnet (capable of lifting a 2 lb. magnetic object) and a reference tool for measurement which exploits the comparative (scalar) measurement function built into these units. 

The measurement tool is a flat end with a width of 0.050” (1.27mm), used to calibrate or compare to problems areas in the live image. By referring to the manuals you can easily set up this feature to accurately measure cracks or scratches, or distances. This tool should be placed on the surface as close as possible to the defect needing to be measured while ensuring the image is perpendicular to the surface. This is typically highly accurate and is the well known method for accomplishing basic borescopic measurements. It was qualified by Pratt & Whitney (under another manufacturer) for the F100 a few years ago. 

The standard lengths for IRIS DVRx-WC video borescopes are 2 and 3 meters, and while custom lengths may be available, tools like the alligator jaws will lose their strength over long lengths, as the articulation wires are a small diameter, and cannot also increase.

Note: iRis DVRx-WC is a specially ordered product. Conditions apply. Call for details.


Operating Unit

  • Display Size: 5“ (12.7 cm) TFT Color
  • Display Resolution: VGA (640x480 Pixel)
  • Operating System: Realtime operating System, with On-Screen-Menu
  • User Interface: Direct Action Keys, Function-Keys, Arrow-Keys
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Turkish
  • Video interface: Composite Video-out (BNC)
  • Power Supply, primary: re-chargeable Li-Ion-Battery (Charger is provided)
  • Power Supply, secondary: 12V Adapter (optional)



  • Video Format: AVI (.avi) with time and date stamp
  • Image Format: BMP (.bmp) time and date stamp
  • Storage: SDHC Memory Card up to 32GB (FAT32) (8Gb card is included)


Camera Control

  • Image Sensor: Advanced CMOS chip
  • White Balance: yes, factory default or user defined


Image Control

  • Zoom: x3.5 (Digital)
  • Invert: horizontal and vertical Image Inversion
  • Brightness: yes, adjustable
  • Contrast: yes, adjustable
  • Color: yes, adjustable
  • Text Annotation: Built-in full screen text overlay generator



  • Type: High-Power Dual White light LEDs on the tip
  • Illumination Control: yes, 3-steps
  • Color Temperature: ca. 6500k
  • Average Lamp Lifetime: ca. 5000 hours



  • Diameter: 8.0mm (0.315")
  • Working Length: 2.0 meters (6.56 ft) or 3.0 meters (9.84 ft)
  • Integrated working channel: 1.8mm diameter
  • Retrieval Set: Magnet, Measuring Tool, Alligator Jaw 
  • Articulation: 4-way, 360° control (Control Levers)
  • Articulation Angle* L/R | U/D: 100°/100° and 130°
  • Integrated Objective Lens: 90° FOV
  • Braid: Tungsten Braid on Poly-Urethane-Jacket



  • Ergonomics: ± 90° rotatable Display Unit, alt. ±90° rotatable Scope Handle
  • System Weight: 2.97lb (1.35kg) Operating Unit
  • Dimensions: 180mm x 105mm x 45mm
  • Housing: rugged PU, with integrated rubber shock caps
  • Protection Class: IP53


Operating Environment

  • Tip Operating Temperature: -13°F to 176°F (-25°C +80°C)
  • System Operating Temperature: -13°F to 115°F (-25°C  +46°C)
  • Storage Temperature: -13°F to 140°F (-25°C  +60°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 95% max. – non-condensing
  • Waterproof: Probe and distal end up to 14,7 psi (1 bar- 10,2 m H2O)
  • Resistance: Probe to oils and 5% saline


Optic: Made in Germany

Inspection Unit: Made in USA


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