Video Borescope RIGEL Articulating Replacement Probes

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Product Highlights:

Product highlights:

  • Narrow probe diameter 
  • Interchangeable probes of different lengths with articulation
  • Circular rotation with ultimate, 2 way articulation (1600 in each direction)
  • Excellent image of the inspected area due to innovative CMOS video camera chip (60fps@AVGA)
  • Adjustable LED lights
  • 450.000 pix Resolution
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Product Information
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These narrow interchangeable insertion probes with excellent tip articulation and circular rotation come in different lengths and offer precise visibility and great flexibility in a lot of different inspection settings. 

Choose from 1m (3.3'), 2m (6.5') and 3m (9.8') lengths and adjust your video system to any application within seconds. The probes can either be attached directly to the scope or used with a flexible extension cord.

The new fast CMOS Video Camera chip (60 fps@AVGA), located in the tip, provides an exact view of the inspection area. Four LED lights offer good illumination and even lighting in the darkest areas. Light intensity is controlled by pushing buttons on the monitor, virtually eliminating over-lighting and glare when inspecting reflective or metallic surfaces.


• Diameter: 5.5mm (0.22")

• Length: OPTIONAL 1M (3.3'), 2M (6.5'), 3M (9.8')

• Articulation: 2-way , 180 degrees in each direction. 120 degrees for 3 meter probes in each direction

• CMOS Image Sensor Resolution

• Resolution  450.000pix

• 67° Field of View (FOV)

• 0°Direction of view

• 2cm-7cm Focal range

• Waterproof insertion tube only (IP57)

• Light Source: 6 White LEDs 



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